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Meal Prep PLR Bundle Review With Bonuses

Meal Prep PLRWant to save time and money on meal prep? How about making sure your food is both tasty and healthy? Or are you just looking for PLR on a super hot topic? Check out Tiffany Lambert’s Meal Prep PLR Bundle!  Review with Bonuses coming up!


Right when we get busier and busier, we also come to value clean and/or healthier eating. Whether we’re into low carb (like me) or other ways of eating, it’s hard to find the time to prep everything from scratch. Yet eating out of cans is neither healthy nor as tasty as we would like. Enter the solution:

Meal Prep PLR Review With Bonuses

And here’s the coolest thing: whether or not you’re into PLR, this bundle is a sure winner because you can use it to grow your income online – or simply use them for your own personal meal prep ease. So here’s the scoop:

Tiffany has created a super bundle of 20 articles on various aspects of meal prep tips and resources. Here are just a few of the topics that are covered:

  • Meal prep lunchbox ideas
  • Meal prep dinner ideas
  • Preparing meals for the week ahead
  • Mapping out a meal prep calendar
  • Meal prep for fitness and health
  • 3 meal prep hacks to help make it easy on you
  • Meal prep for bulking
  • Meal prep for low carb dieters
  • Meal prep on a budget

Not only are they on SALE right now, but there’s even MORE. Bonuses, both from Tiff and from ME! Click on the link below for more info:


MY bonus? A special report on Brain Food! 

I’ve decided to add a special bonus report on Brain Food!  We all know that food and nutrition is important for keeping the brain in top shape, and this report will give you a great head start. Even better, it’s easy to incorporate the report’s info into your general meal prep plans, the kind you get from Tiffany’s kit! You’ll find my bonus report right on the download page, right underneath Tiff’s product delivery link.

Are there Meal Prep PLR Upgrade Offers?

Just to let you know… The answer is Yes!  Tiff also has two “one time offer” upgrades for those who want them. The first is a $17 pack of six product review reports for six meal delivery services – for those who don’t want (or don’t have time) to meal prep but still want the cost effectiveness and the time savings.

And if you’re creating a Meal Prep site, you should know that each of the meal prep delivery services in those reports has an affiliate program, so you can earn a nice big extra income just for pointing your readers in their direction…

And there’s a bonus for that too – which includes Tiff’s step-by-step ideas on putting your PLR to good use in the Meal Prep niche.

Her second one-time offer is a Total PLR Membership, where you get access to ALL past, present, and future PLR in her store. This immediately opens a ton of additional content you can use on your meal prep site, and the bonus for THAT is a more in-depth tutorial on working with the additional PLR you now have access to.

All this is on sale for just the next few days! So don’t wait too long…

==> Get Your Meal Prep PLR With Bonuses Right Here!

Marlon Sanders’ Big Ticket Dashboard Review Part 1

Marlon Sanders' Big Ticket Dashboard

Marlon Sanders’ Big Ticket Dashboard

Have you seen Marlon Sanders’ Big Ticket Dashboard yet? If so, you may wonder what it’s like… and you’ve been looking for a review. So a review is what you’ll find here.

This review will be based on my actual experience with Marlon’s Big Ticket Dashboard, so it will be a bit different from those “normal” reviews. In fact, it will go quite a way above and beyond. I also call those kinds of reviews “Implementation Reviews.”

I’ll start with the buying experience, and then talk about the dashboard as it appears in the membership site, and then record my experience as I follow the steps in the dashboard on my way to my own Big Ticket Product.

The important thing to know is that I will present the review in installments. The first one provides some of the basics, some background if applicable, and my first experiences with the product.

In subsequent installments, I’ll share my experience as I implement the product, and in this case, as I implement the various steps and create my own big ticket item.

Who is Marlon Sanders?

Marlon Sanders is a legend! And a genuinely nice guy! He was one of the first marketers I encountered in my online marketing journey about 10 years ago, and he’s become a friend and mentor over the years. I met him in person at one of Pat O’Bryan’s Unseminars, and he actually knew who I was when I told him my name! I was totally impressed!

Marlon shares some of his history right there in the video you see on the Big Ticket Dashboard sales page.

He’s an expert in sales and marketing, and has been at it for literally decades! He has created a wealth of outstanding products, most of which are STILL selling and still delivering great results!

And among his products are a series of dashboards…

What is a Marlon Sanders Dashboard?

Take a look at the image of Marlon Sanders’ Big Ticket Dashboard above. You can see the 30 icons, 5 rows of 6 icons each. Those stand for the individual tasks you’ll be doing on your way to complete (and market) your product.

The idea is that you complete a task a day and work six days a week, which means you’re done in 5 weeks. However, you can do more than one icon a day and complete the whole thing much more quickly.

What you can’t see on the image above is a little “audio” icon to the left of each row. When you click on those, you’ll get a little pep talk by Marlon himself as he cheers you on and guides you through the upcoming week.

This point & click system is at the heart of all of Marlon’s dashboards, including the Promo Dashboard, the Traffic Dashboard, the WP Dashboard, the Info Product Dashboard, and all the other ones he has created over the last several years.

Why I like the Marlon’s Dashboard system

I really like the dashboard system, and here’s why: You know how you can easily feel overwhelmed when you tackle a big project, such as “creating a product” and especially “creating a big ticket product”?

Well, Marlon has brilliantly solved this problem! By having you focus on one icon/task at a time, he removes all the other stuff from your line of vision, so you stay focused on the task at hand – until you have completed it. And therein lies the success of his dashboards! No more overwhelm!

So in the short audio preview, Marlon gives you a quick overview over the coming attractions for the “week” – i.e., the 6 icons to the right of each respective audio preview. And then you dive in as you click on the first icon, follow the instructions, until you’re done.

Then, you give yourself a quick pat on the back and move on to the second icon. And so on. And once you’ve completed the first six icons, you’ll arrive at the next audio preview, where Marlon gives you an audio pat on the back for being an action taker and completing all the previous tasks, and sends you off to the next set.

As I said, it’s brilliant. And just in case you wondered… yes, each icon leads to a set of instructions and usually any tools you might need are included as well.

Purchasing the Big Ticket Dashboard

Okay, now let’s get started with the purchase experience. You do have the option of buying the lifetime access version or the monthly payments version. Obviously, I bought the lifetime access version because there’s so much stuff inside these dashboards that I know I’ll refer back to them again and again.

Plus, Marlon updates them every now and then. So you get new stuff. If you buy the monthly plan, you’ll pay more than for the lifetime access plan by the second month! Just spring for the lifetime access plan.

Okay, so once I clicked on the buy button, I was taken to the JVZoo checkout page and paid for the item.

Note: Make sure your email address is correct in BOTH fields, because your product access will be sent there.

Are there upsells? Yes.

First, there was an opportunity to get a sales script from Marlon’s favorite go-to person for telephone sales. Tempting, but I decided to resist (at least for now). And then, there was an offer of a webinar with that same sales espert who would provide an in-depth training on how to sell big ticket trainings on the phone.

And then, I landed on the JV Zoo product access page. After clicking on “access your product,” I was taken to the membership site. I was asked to create a new password, and then I was inside, where I found a list of my products.

The Quick Start Call

Since I bought my dashboard right before Marlon’s Quick Start Call, I went to my email inbox to find his call invitation, signed up, and then clicked on the webinar link.

The call was excellent. Marlon gave us an in-depth overview, and also provided lots of detail about the specifics of Facebook advertising, which is the main method he uses for getting prospects.

He even shared where he got his images and which ones get the best results. He also shared some of the best examples of ads that we could model our own ads after.

He also spent a lot of time answering questions. One of the questions that came up was about budget versions of the various tools, and he gave us lots of resources. He also recommended a few books and resources that will be very helpful with approaching prospects – and even getting prospects.

The phone call was recorded and Marlon will add it to the membership area, so you’ll have access to it even if you missed it. The most valuable part of being there live was being able to ask questions!

Marlon did point out that if you do have questions later, you can always go to his support site and ask away. Often Marlon answers them personally!

Working with the Dashboard

The next step will be working with the actual icons, going through them one after the other.

I’ve completed the first one, which is basically a bit of an overview and a big pep talk.

This review is an implementation review, so there will be multiple installments that will follow along as I work with the dashboard. The next installment will cover what happens as I work with the next few icons. I will NOT divulge proprietary details of the dashboard, but will let you know things that will help you decide whether the dashboard is right for you.

Now you have two options:

Option 1:

You can get your own Dashboard and follow along as I work my way through the icons (and create your product right along with me). If so, just click here to get your dashboard.

Or Option 2:

Wait for the next installment where I will talk about my progress through the icons…

Personally, I would recommend Option 1! That way, you’ll have your big ticket item all set up and selling in no time!

See you in the next installment in a few days!


Unplugged And Making Money Workshop (Kevin Riley) Review

Businessman unpluggedSo many dream of making money while they sleep. But being truly unplugged for days and even weeks at a time and STILL making money is so much better than having to wake up (after having some PayPal deposits overnight) and getting back to work.

I find it interesting that I haven’t read a whole lot about this concept – until Kevin Riley told me about his new course: Unplugged And Making Money!

I’ve known Kevin for a few years now, and I know that he lives what he preaches. In fact, he’s been living the ultimate “Unplugged” lifestyle for several years now.

WITHOUT spending a ton of money on outsourcers or staff. Or any money at all, to the best of my knowledge. The only “outsourcer” he uses is his virtual mail assistant (not exactly the term he uses) who answers all my emails instantly, letting me know that the “master” is gallivanting about somewhere but will get back to me as soon as possible. And he always does.

What’s inside “Unplugged And Making Money Workshop”?

So what’s inside the box? Or the course? Kevin teaches us exactly what it takes to follow in his footsteps and create a business that will allow us to unplug ourselves for days (and eventually weeks) at a time too. How cool is that!

Let’s look at the ingredients…

First, there’s a 2-hour or so video. Unless I’ve missed a download link (or unless he has added it since I last checked) you have to watch it online, and that can be a pain.

I noticed that when I tried to rewind it a bit it went back to the beginning. Arrrrghh! So this is one thing I’m not so crazy about.

However, the PDF guide is extremely comprehensive and more than 200 pages long. Well, okay, it’s 202 pages long, so you will want to use it to study the program in depth and implement it.

In addition, he included several fill-in-the-blanks templates and other templates you can use to create your own information products.

And yes, he guides you along as you find your perfect niche and decide on the perfect product for your future customers. And then, he gives you plenty of help as you create your product.

Get Unplugged And Make Money!

And he doesn’t stop there. He also gives you the exact step-by-step instructions to create your own automated mail assistant, whom you can call anything you like. And of course, how to build and then automate all the rest of your digital empire, starting with your first product.

Who The Heck Is Kevin Riley?

Indeed. And why should you listen to him?

You mean aside from the fact that he lives what he teaches? Including living in Japan and traveling all over the world for fun (and the occasional conference)?

Kevin is an outstanding teacher – and very entertaining too. He’s particularly good at presenting information that might be intimidating and making it easy to follow… and fun.

But that alone wouldn’t be enough to seek him out. It’s WHAT he teaches that really closes the deal. He’s great at teaching you how to build a business. A successful business. And unlike certain other teachers, he doesn’t leave out the crucial info. It’s all there!

In many of his materials, he even embellishes his teachings with cartoons – which he draws himself! He’s very good at that as well!

So Kevin has made a name for himself in the Warrior Forum, where he created and sold a series of very popular products and was recruited by the owner to teach several in-depth workshops – on product creation and on video creation.

He’s also been invited to teach at a variety of international IM conferences. That’s where I first met him in person – at the Warrior Conference in Raleigh a few years back.

And he created this particular Workshop for this year’s NAMS conference, just aa few months ago. But we all can get it now, served to us on a silver platter, for a small fraction of the price the NAMS members had to pay to get it. No airline tickets, no hotel costs, and no conference fees either.

What Unplugged And Making Money Can Do For YOU?

I’m not going to promise you untold riches and financial freedom. That’s because I don’t know whether you will be taking action.

The truth is, this works ONLY if you actually do the work. If you put one foot in front of the other and follow Kevin’s very clear directions, and use the tools he gives you, then your chances will be excellent that you’ll get results.

If you do, this could really help you build a business that allows you to unplug from work.

We are so often talking about wanting to build a work from home business, or a work at home one. But do you REALLY want to be tethered to your home (and computer) all day, every day? So many of us are. And if we take some time off, our money may take some time off too from flowing into our PayPal accounts.

That’s what Kevin wants to help us get away from. As you can see in the video, he loves his freedom. And he wants the same for us too.

He wants you to build a business that allows you to get away from work – and enjoy your life. Whether that means going to the park on a beautiful day at your leisure, or going trekking in New Zealand for a few weeks.

Click HERE to get Unplugged!

Click on the link above and check out Kevin’s video where he explains what it’s all about.

How To Write Profitable Product Reviews

affiliate marketing mistakes [and success]Are you tired of writing product reviews that don’t bring you sales? Read on and find out how to write profitable product reviews.

Yes, I’ve been reading lots of guides to writing reviews, but some of them seemed to require so much work that I never really got around to using them properly. And others – didn’t get the results I was looking for.

But the other day I found a review guide that just totally blew my socks off! I LOVED it. It was fun to read, relatively concise and fluff free, and well, the approach was refreshingly different.

It promised to be a guide that teaches you how to write “kickass” reviews, and it lives up to that promise. Even better, by the time you’re through, you’ll know how to write these types of reviews for ANY product, whether they’re physical (printers, digital cameras,) or virtual (ebooks, coaching programs).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually for sale, but it does come as a bonus with the author’s NEW review guide package. It also came as a bonus with another product earlier this year. But I think you’ll want Bart’s NEW review guides, especially since they are outstanding as well and will further enhance your review writing capabilities. Click here to read more!

Affiliate Marketing Done-For-You Systems – That Work

Red cat sitting on the laptop, dollarWant to be a fat cat Affiliate Marketer who enjoys watching his money come in on autopilot? Well, it’s not quite THAT easy, but if you play your cards right, you can come close… and that’s when you use a version of an Affiliate Marketing Done-For-You System.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started in internet marketing. You won’t have to create your own product, and you won’t have to deal with customers (mostly).

But there’s still work involved… unless you opt for an affiliate marketing done-for-you system. The problem? How do you know that they work?

How do you figure out which affiliate marketing done-for-you system works – and which one is a good option for YOU?


Affiliate Marketing Basics

affiliate marketing done for youAffiliate marketing means you promote someone else’s product and will get paid a commission when someone buys it. So far so good. Ever recommend a restaurant to a friend? Now imagine you’d get a free meal every time you bring in a new person. That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

The problem? How do you get people to that affiliate offer – and how do you get them to buy?

Here are a few basic principles you should keep in mind if you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, whether you choose a done-for-you system or do it all yourself:
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Dennis Becker: From “5 Bucks A Day” to “Earn 1K A Day” – And Beyond


From 5 Bucks to 6 Figures

From 5 Bucks to 6 Figures

I first found out about Dennis Becker through his ebook “5 Bucks A Day.” I believe it was even the junior version. The book has helped thousands follow in Dennis’s footsteps, and it led eventually to his highly successful forum and membership site Earn 1k A Day.

If you’re not familiar with Dennis and his work, you may well be wondering… how the heck is 5 bucks a day going to make a difference in anyone’s financial situation?

Well, let’s see… 5 bucks a day is 150 bucks a month (approximately) and more than 1,800/year.

But of course Dennis didn’t stop there. Discover how he took 5 bucks a day to 1K a day… and beyond. And how you can do the same thing!

The 5 Bucks Secret: It’s Cumulative

As I said, it’s not about making 5 bucks a day, period. It’s about creating 5 bucks a day streams of income – a new one every week, adding to the one(s) you already have.

So the secret lies in the fact that this system is cumulative. At least if you do it right.

So what can you do?

There are lots of options…

Click here to read more!

Marlon Sanders’ WP Dashboard For Leads And Sales: A Review


Marlon Sanders WordPress DashboardMarlon Sanders’ WP (WordPress) Dashboard is finally available. Months ago, he offered some of us a pilot version to test out and provide feedback on, and I was lucky enough to get one. I provided a lengthy list of feedback, and the new version is terrific.

Is Marlon Sanders’ WP Dashboard for you?

It is, if you want to build a blog, and want to make sure you didn’t miss anything crucial.

First of all, it’s perfect for beginners. If I had had access to this, it would have saved me thousands of dollars over the last several years! I remember paying someone twice several hundred dollars to teach me what’s basically in the first row or two of Marlon’s dashboard.

Only, that person’s teachings weren’t remotely as clear – i sweated bullets trying to make it all work. I was able to build my first blog or two, but now, that I know so much more, I build them in a small fraction of the time.

What else?

If you have any ambition to gather leads and make sales with your blog, you will find Marlon’s WP Dashboard very helpful.

Is It Helpful For Advanced WP Users?

I would say that it is, at least for many of them. It definitely is for me.

One of the disadvantages is also an advantage. Sure, I already know most of the info that’s in the first few rows. In fact, just looking at the icons, I found that I was familiar with a lot of what’s in there. But…

A lot of it is in the details. Marlon shares secret tricks and how-to sequences for things I do NOT necessarily know how to do. And since I already know the majority, I can zoom right ahead to get the new (to me) stuff and incorporate it into my blogs.

I’m looking forward to digging through his suggested plugins, and how to use video effectively, and his tips on the ethical bribe, and lots more.

The Bonuses Are Golden!

And then there are the bonuses… Yowza! They are worth a multiple of the price. Also, this is a dashboard that helps you set up a WordPress site. It doesn’t go too much into how to get traffic, though if you set it up right, you’re quite a ways ahead of the game when it comes to the traffic issue.

And of course, as you may know, Marlon has a Traffic Dashboard, so it’s not necessarily in his best interest to go overboard with sharing traffic tricks.


In his bonuses, there’s a ton of incredibly valuable information on Traffic! It complements his dashboard perfectly.

I’m not entirely sure how long the bonuses will be available, but knowing Marlon, even if the fancy ones go away, there’ll be others added later, so there’ll be a bonus one way or another, and it will be helpful.

I’ll have to dig around in it more thoroughly, but I wanted to let you know about Marlon Sanders’ WordPress Dashboard right away so won’t miss out on the bonuses!

My Own Additional Bonuses!

In order to encourage you to invest in Marlon’s WP Dashboard, I’m offering some of my own bonuses in addition to Marlon’s bonuses. I bet you have a few questions, and I’ll answer them for you:

What are my WP Dashboard Bonuses?

The bonuses I’m offering may vary over time. However, if you sign up early, you will get my current bonuses AND any potential replacement bonuses I might offer within the 30 days.

But if you sign up later, you’ll only get the bonuses available at that time. So signing up earlier is better. So here are the current bonuses:

1) Social Media For Business Course

As I mentioned above, this Dashboard falls a bit short in the traffic area. In part, that makes sense because there’s a whole other dashboard just for traffic.

But if you want to get a headstart, you’ll appreciate this Social Media For Business Course. It’s delivered over a period of 4 weeks (with maybe a bonus week thrown in), and it comes with detailed instructions PLUS worksheets/assignments.

2) Pinterest for Business

The benefit of this bonus is similar to the first one – only this one will focus on Pinterest, a wildly powerful social media platform that works quite well with a blog.

3) TWO Coaching Q & A Calls

I have long offered a Blogging course, and I am just about to run another round. And YOU will get access to TWO of my own Get Started With WordPress Blogging Q&A and Coaching Calls, which will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and make the most of your new Dashboard.

How Will You Get My Bonuses?

Here’s how you’ll get your bonuses. It’s a simple 5-step process:

Step 1: Purchase the WP Dashboard through the link above.

CLICK HERE to Get Your Dashboard!

Step 2: Send an email to the following email address:

CLICK HERE to Claim Your Bonuses!

Step 3: Include “Dashboard Bonus” in the subject line.

Step 4: Look for an email from me to you with further instructions.

Step 5: Enjoy your bonuses

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s WP Dashboard

Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs” Review Part 4: Putting the Stealth Bombs to Work

Commission Stealth BombsIn my previous review parts I wrote about what stealth bombs are and how to set them up. Now, it’s time to put them to work – to send them out into cyber space and get people to read them and sign up for your list – and/or buy the product.

And as I mentioned before, Kevin Riley provides a lot of help for that step.

I’m not going to give you the exact details – that wouldn’t fair to him, but I’ll give you an approximate idea of what he has provided.

As always, he provides very detailed step-by-step instructions for each technique, so you can just follow along and set it up.

I’ve used two of the techniques so far. One that I THOUGHT I already knew, but…

Click here to read more!

Tiffany Dow’s “Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome” – Review Part 5: Implementation, Challenges & Preliminary Results

shiny objects ebookIt’s been a little while since Part 4 of my review of Tiffany Dow’s “Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome.”

Last time, I told you that I would be starting my review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs” – and so now that review series is all the way into Part 3, which is setting up those stealth bombs.

Reviewing Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs

As I said, I started with a completely fresh stealth bomb, one that appeared in the membership area just 2 days ago, and walked through the setup. Coming up next: Getting it out there, so people can find it.

As Tiffany also suggested,
Click here to read more!

Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs” Review Part 3: Setting Up The Stealth Bombs

Commission Stealth BombsWelcome to part 3 of my serial applied review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs”: Setting Up The Stealth Bombs!

All the stealth bombs Kevin Riley provides would do you no good if they just sit on your hard drive. Of course that’s no news! We all have stuff sitting on the hard drive that could make us money.

Well most of us, I should say, and with “us” I mean those in internet marketing who buy products in hopes of making money online. I suppose there might be some super disciplined people out there who actually implement everything they buy, but I have yet to meet them.

That’s not counting a few of my favorite mentors – and I suspect they may have a few skeletons in their closet too…

Anyway, most of the time, the problem is that something is missing or unclear, and so people simply get stuck. This is why I have picked this particular product to review – in the sales page video it ways that it requires no previous knowledge, no experience, and no special skills.

Really? We shall see.

Click here to read more!