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money treeOMG! Dennis has done it again, only way better!

If you’ve been following him or me, you know about his 5 bucks a day guide, and you may have thought, what the heck is 5 bucks a day going to do for me? My mortgage is due in a week, and even if things work as advertised, $35 just aren’t going to cut it.

Well, it’s true. The 5 bucks a day plan is a long-term strategy. So what are we supposed to do if we need the income FAST?

Dennis understands. And he created a big new downloadable guide that solves that problem!

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I just finished reading it, and it truly is fantastic.

What’s in it? Ten (10) ways to generate an income THIS week! Or in 7 days, to be more precise.

And not just chump change either…

Some of the methods bring in more, others not quite so much, but still…

Here’s how he structured the book:

First, he goes over the 10 methods, giving you enough information so you can tell which one might work for you, and which ones might
not be so ideal.

Then, he goes into depth.

For each of the methods, he starts by explaining it, and THEN, he lays it out, day by day, so you can just follow along, and by the end of the week, you’ve got the income you need.

The best thing… all the methods have a little (or big) twist, so you won’t get the same old techniques you’ve read before. These are good stuff.

Dennis has one condition of sorts… He asks that you work on ONE method at a time, but of course, you can do another one the next week, and continue to do the first one, now that you know how to do it.

It’s one of the coolest books I’ve come across in YEARS. And I will put it to use myself.

CLICK HERE To Check It Out!

Just click on the link to find out more. And if it feels right for you (ONLY if you want to generate a significant boost in your bank or PayPal account), consider investing in it.

It’s less than a couple of Starbucks frappuccinos.

But it’s going to go on a dime sale soon if it hasn’t
switched over already. And you know what that means, right? With every sale, the price goes up! So you may want to get it before too many others are getting there first…

I’m just so excited about this book! I’m thinking of creating a case study.

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