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My Favorite Web Stuff Is Back! Why I LOVE the Internet!

I can’t believe it’s been more than a MONTH since I last posted here.  Oh dear!

So I was out of the country.  Overseas.  Down under.  Way on the other side of the world.  And I still got my email, and I still kept up with SOME things, but not all of them.

There was the conference, and the gorgeous bayview from the place where I stayed.  And the flu.  🙁

The amazing thing though, was that if I had stayed on top of things, nobody would have been the wiser as to where I was.  And that’s the message in Tim Ferriss’s 4-hour work week, one of my favorite books.

And that’s also my goal for later.  I did learn a lesson though.  It does take quite a bit more to do that (the keeping up thing) than I had expected. And boy is it easy to get side-tracked.

I knew I had neglected things a bit, but whoa!  When I looked at my blogs, I realized that I hadn’t posted anything for more than a month on ANY of them.

So here’s my post 😉

And a little word about internet cafes.  God bless them.  I’m in San Francisco right now.  Tomorrow, I’ll fly back to Virginia.  And right now, I’m in this cool coffee place (Progressive Grounds” on Cortland Ave/St? at Bernal Heights).  Those things are great.

Earlier today, I was at another one, called Muddy Waters, (I think on 30th St.) and then there’s another one on Mission nearby that’s really cool (also includes an art gallery) that I will have to spend some quality time in next time.

BTW, that one is located right between TWO Thai restaurants, one of which is called Pad Thai (sp?) and is outstanding!  The other one has an excellent duck pineapple dish.  And right in the middle — the internet cafe.

In Wellington, I had internet access where I was staying, but there was a limit on the amount of data I could transmit, so I felt guilty every time I was downloading something.  During the conference, I was able to use the university’s wireless, but then I was hunting around for an internet cafe, and didn’t find one till I almost left (it’s along the #18 busline, at the main drag of Newtown, but I don’t remember the details.  Next time…

Now I’m thinking… is there a website that lists all the internet cafe’s in the US or the world?  Probably.  Gotta find it.  And if there isn’t……….

Another reason why I love the internet?  Connecting with people I haven’t talked to in years and years.  Just connected with an old pal from grad school.  And the person I visited in NZ was an old friend whom I met when I was still (believe it or not!) in high school!  But we had lost touch, had each moved a lot and changed continents, and yet, the internet made it possible for us to connect again.  Cool!

And when I now look at how much being online has become part of my life, I’m just amazed.  I used to gripe about it, and now it’s such an integral part of my life that I feel the need to scout around for internet cafes!  Funny, isn’t it.

Anyway, more soon.  And yes, I’m definitely back, and will post regularly. I’ve got quite a new favorite web things to write about.

Meanwhile, have a fabulous day!