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Want to Build a List at Turbo-Speed? Now You Can.

subscribers joining your listWe all know that list building is at the heart of doing just about anything on the internet. And yet…

Isn’t it a huge pain to build your business one lead or subscriber at a time?

Thought so.

Well… for a while I thought it’s not really necessary. Even though you have to be very prudent about how exactly you go about it.

After all, you definitely don’t want to do anything that could get you any Spam complaints.

So here’s the secret that the gurus use and that some of us have only discovered very recently:

There’s something called “coregistration” that helps you build an impressive list surprisingly fast.

And there are a number of them out there, some of which are VERY expensive and some of them provide you with endless lists of unusable names.


And that’s why I no longer recommend them. I spent a fortune on those “leads” and nothing much came of the thousands of leads I “bought.”

Heck, some of them didn’t even speak English and kept complaining why I didn’t write my newsletters in [insert language here]!

But there’s a very inexpensive resource that will help you grow your list with REAL subscribers who’ll be happy to hear from you:


How does it work? A quick 4-step process:

1. You create a special report or another kind of lead magnet.

2. Then you create a signup form where people can sign up.

3. And then, you write a series of emails

4. And here’s the best part: people will sign up.

They want your freebie, and if you continue to provide value, they’ll become part of your fan club.

And you’re off to the races.


What if you’re too busy for writing your own newsletter, squeeze page, and follow-up emails?

I actually provide that service, at least for the time being. You can find information about it here:


I’m an ace copywriter and creating these lead magnet packages is one of my specialties.

Questions? Send me an email and let me know what kind of list you’d like to build…

How to Build an Email List? Fast and Legal? Here’s the Secret ;-)

Yup. That “secret” technique is not something you hear a lot about in all those “how to build a list” books and workshops. Why? Maybe they want to keep it all to themselves?

When I first found out about it, I was a bit concerned. Was this legit? Would it work? It sounded almost too good to be true. I mean, the last thing you want is a spam complaint, so it’s generally a good idea to be very careful about services that promise tons of subscribers overnight, especially if those subscribers come in the millions for just a few bucks. That’s a spam disaster waiting to happen.

But in this particular case, the answer to both of the above questions turned out to be a resounding YES! It is possible to accelerate your list building process and there are legitimate ways to do so. And yes, those legitimate ways are considerably more expensive, but, well, you won’t have to worry. And I found a service that meets both criteria and works really well.

I tried it, and now I’m a convert and my lists (note the plural!) are growing at the sort of brisk clip I had been hoping for all along.

Is it free? No. Is it expensive? Not very, especially not when you think of building your list as an investment and consider what it will help you earn over time…

Okay what the heck am I talking about? I’m talking about an organization, owned and run by a major authority in list building, where you can advertise your newsletter and people will sign up for it. Yes, really. They will. It’s a process called co-registration. And it’s totally legit.

Every day you’ve had sign-ups, they’ll send you a file with your new subscribers and you then add them to your autoresponder service.

And there’s the rub… Aweber, the most-used autoresponder service won’t allow what they call “purchased leads.” Technically, these leads are indeed purchased insofar as that you pay for them, but what you really purchase is the advertising and the logistic arrangement of having them gather up the leads, making them confirm their subscription and then passing them on to you. That’s very different from those other offers floating about on the internet (you know, the millions of email addresses for ten bucks kinds of offers).

So where CAN you import those links? Fortunately, my favorite shoppingcart system does allow you to import them. And yes, they’ll make them confirm AGAIN and only about a third or so of them will do so, so you’ll lose a few.

But hey, those people probably would have unsubscribed sooner or later anyway and probably wouldn’t have ever bought anything. So it’s not THAT big of a loss. And on the bright side, that extra layer of protection will protect YOU — from spam complaints — so I’m not complaining.

How much does this cost then? Thirty-seven cents a lead, counting those they send you by email. Eventually, every lead I’m getting out of that co-registration system (i.e., every lead that actually confirms again and makes it onto my personal list) costs me about a dollar, maybe a little more.

And with expert opinion being that every subscriber on your list eventually averages you a buck a month in income (and potentially considerably more if you treat your subscribers well, which includes providing them with quality information and building a relationship with them), investing in leads through a co-reg service sounds pretty good.

So that’s the secret. Obviously, I’m using the other list-building strategies too — I publish articles, and post on forums, and yes, I’m getting subscribers that way too.

And that is important because I’m going to start launching my first teleseminar very soon (stay tuned), and I do want some people to show up!


One thing you may want to know is how good those leads are. Do they buy stuff? Are they responsive.

Unfortunately, not very. So after investing a huge amount of money, I finally decided to drop my subscription and focus on the “old-fashioned” ways to build my lists.

But then I made some mistakes when I used co-reg leads. If you want to give it a try, at least IMMEDIATELY offer them a very enticing gift and make them opt into your autoresponder instead of importing them. That way, they won’t necessarily have to confirm, and you’re sure to get the more interested ones.

And then follow up with them, OFTEN, preferably daily or at least a couple of times a week, and provide them with valuable and relevant info in addition to the occasional relevant and enticing offer.

And if you need a shoppingcart system to go with it, get a FREE 1-month trial at the best integrated shoppingcart system around, which also happens to be the one that allows you to import your shiny new subscribers if you chose to go that route.

Happy list building!