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Twitter News: Connie Green’s Power Blogging Challenge

It’s a great opportunity and my Favorite Web Stuff Blog is participating in the Connie’s Blogging Challenge.  I knew I had to do SOMETHING to get my behind in gear, and realized that this would be it.  I simply HAD to get myself to start posting here regularly.

Considering that I’m now doing consulting on how to set up stuff and people pay me good money for it and appreciate my help, I figured I better start doing what I preach on my own blogs too.

Especially this one.

My Self-Help Blog has been going a bit stronger — and feel free to go check that out:


But it’s time to share tips and informaiton as well as recommendations RIGHT HERE.

By way of update: A LOT has changed. I’ve got a bunch of websites and products in the funnel that are getting ready to come online.

One of them, my http://www.IMTimeMastery.com time management course (licensed from my favorite internet marketing/personal growth guru) is up now.

While I’ve still got a tiny challenge with a couple of the (many) video files, I’m sorting it o out now, and if you buy it anyway you’ll get all sorts of bonuses because I’m trying to make up for my bad conscience and your inconvenience.

And because Connie’s challenge wants that we post every day and make up for days we’ve missed, I’ll leave it at that and will tell you more about my newest discoveries and learning lessons in my next post.


P.S.:  If you aren’t already, please follow me on Twitter, and you may want to follow Connie too!

Improve Time Management, Improve Stress Levels…

Improved Time Management, especially for Internet Marketers, can be a real productivity boost.  Why do I make it sound like Internet Marketers are epecially challenged by bad time management?

Two reasons:

1: Internet marketing is filled with time-sucks.  Let me count the ways:

a) inbox overflowing with solicitations. Unless you can ignore them, you’re going to be wasting a TON of time.

b) Openended trouble-shooting sessions.  ‘Nuff said.

c) Twitter & Co.  Ditto.

d) Warrior Forum & Co.

e) Perfectionism.

f) A never-ending to-do list.

And so on.  And then, there’s another factor:

2) Internet Marketing is full of people with ADD or ADHD. And they’re especially time managemnt challenged.   Imagine what it could do for them if they could improve their time management skills, techniques, and habits.

There’s no end to what they could achieve.

But how to do it?  Well, worry no more. Fortunately, Jason Fladlien has created the Ultimate course in Time Management — especially for Internet Marketers.  And Jason understands the problem. And he addresses all the most common ones, including the one about what to do if you still have a day job.

And as a reader of my blog, you’ll get a special series of secret delayed-release bonuses if you get the time management course now:

Click Here To Check Out The Time Management Course!

Dont think you need it?  Keep track of your hours and productivity for a week and see how it checks out.  Then, check back with me again…

Have a VERY productive day,


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WAHM Masters Course