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Traffic Dashboard Insider Secrets — How to Get Started FAST

UPDATE: Kim’s Traffic Dashboard is no longer available, but Marlon’s dashboard IS.  And because Kim’s tips are really good, I’m keeping the article, but now, all the links will point you to Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard…

Do you have a Traffic Dashboard yet? If so, you may wonder where to get started. I mean lots of choices is great, but it also makes it tough to decide where to begin.

Of course, if you don’t have it yet, CLICK HERE and get in on the bonus deal too (check out my last post for a review and details).

So here are a few of my own personal tips…

At least this is what I did, and it worked like a charm:

1) Zero in on Kim’s 10X method!

What is that? It starts with articles. But it doesn’t stop there. And if you’ve been trying to get traffic, you probably have a ton of articles already published in various article directories or maybe on your blog.

And now, follow the next four steps to make the most of them — fast.

2) Find your winners

The first step is to find your winners. What do I mean by that? It’s not necessarily the articles that got the most views, though that will help too. Instead, find the ones that got the most click-throughs!

That means that they get a good response, and that’s what you want. There’s little point in spending a lot of time and energy in spreading around your losers all over the web.

But if you do that with the winners, watch out.

Case in point… my own article with the review of Kim’s Traffic Dashboard had my highest click-through rate ever, more than 50%! So obviously, I started right there 😉

3) Optimize for your keywords

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to optimize your keywords. Yes, it helps to be in a lot of places, but it helps a whole lot more when people will find you in all those places on Google.

Oh, and just in case you’re prone to overdoing things… Don’t! Keyword stuffing is NOT going to get you where you want to go. Use those keywords about once or twice per hundred words at MOST. No more than that. But make sure they’re at the beginning and the end…

4) Work your way down Kim’s list

Kim lists a number of great strategies for getting your info out there. Pick one that is easiest for you to do, and start with that.

The principle behind Kim’s 10X method is to take your articles and turn them into a variety of different formats and then spread them around for the world to find.

She gives some excellent suggestions as to where exactly are the best places to publish them are, and I have to say that the results have been impressive — even though I barely scratched the surface of just this one module!

5) Decide: One at a time or several at once?

Should you focus on circulating one article at a time or should you do several at once?

How many articles do you have that really bring in the money. If it’s just one, get that one out there as fast as possible. But if you have several cash cow articles, why not get several of them ready and then publish them all while you are at each site, especially if they fall into different categories. That way, you’ll get more mileage for less effort.

Meanwhile, I wish you Happy Holidays and LOTS of traffic!




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How To Get Traffic (and Links) To Your Website? Three Power Techniques

get traffic carsIt’s kind of funny — usually traffic is something we would prefer less of.  But when it comes to your websites, blogs, and other online offerings, it’s the more the merrier.

But how do you get traffic?  There are so many different ways, it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.  Especially since they don’t all work equally well… and some are much more work or cost more money than others…

Maybe you’ve been working your fingers to stubs on the keyboard and still… the results aren’t always what we wish they were, especially once we consider all the work we’ve put into it.

Here are three power strategies on how to go about building that traffic the smart way along with resources that can help:

1)  Links bring traffic, and they help with Google rankings.  They help people find you out in the wild and wooly world of the World Wide Web, two ways: If people come across a link, they click on it, and presto: there’s your site. And if you have lots of links, Google will take notice and believe that your site is important, and it will start giving it higher and higher priority when it comes on where it’ll show up in search results. And the result of that: You knew it. Even more visitors.

[Update: It doesn’t quite work that way anymore. Those links have to be HIGH QUALITY links!]

So how do you get links?  You can build them yourself by way of publishing articles, podcasts, and by guest posting on blogs and such — a slow and tedious process. Or you could take an accelerated path by learning from the master: Marlon Sanders and his traffic dashboard.

2)  Too busy to do all the work yourself?  Wish you had some help?  You can, and it’s not expensive at all (or rather, it doesn’t HAVE to be expensive).  Learn about how to get help with your traffic building projects right here, and yes, there’s some training available as well.

3)  If you have heard about viral marketing — the ultimate in getting the word out about you — but never quite knew how to go about it, I’m going to add an updated reference here soon.

But you shouldn’t stop with these three: link building, i.e., getting more links that will bring visitors to your site both directly and by way of Google once the links have started to propel you up to the front pages of Google, outsourcing some of the grunt work so you can spend your own time on more valuable activities that only YOU can do, and viral marketing — the ultimate power tool, you’ll find that your traffic can increase substantially in a very short time.

Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard will give you LOTS more ideas and the detailed step-by-step strategies that will help you actually put them in action. It’s an excellent resource that will help get newbies off the ground but also has plenty of advanced techniques to help experienced marketers boost their traffic as well.

Want more info on Marlon’s Traffic Dashboard? I’ve created a whole blog dedicated to it. Go find my Marlon Sanders Traffic Dashboard blog HERE!