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UnSeminar5 Continues: Great Info, Great People, And I Discovered (and Fixed) A Snafu!

The second day of Pat O’Bryan’s UnSeminar5 is almost over, but not just yet. At the moment, there’s the blues show featuring Pat O’Bryan and Joe Vitale and others. They rock, and I’ll be back there in just a minute.

But I just wanted to tell you about a little embarrassing snafu. Turns out, some of the opt-in forms here seemed to miss the “submit” button, and I hadn’t noticed (just wondered why so few people signed up!).

I fixed it now, though, and unless this blog messes with my forms, it’ll stay fixed too!

So if you want to get on my Internet Marketing Step-By-Step Newsletter, here’s where you can sign up:


And yes, I will respect your privacy completely. Your name and email address will be neither sold nor otherwise shared. And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time with the handy-dandy unsubscribe button at the bottom of every single email.

Now back to the show!


UnSeminar5 (by Pat O’Bryan) and Building “My Portable Empire”

I’m here at UnSeminar5 where I learn to build and expand my portable empire 😉

You know about Pat O’Bryan’s “Portable Empire,” don’t you? One of my favorite books (sitting right next to Tim Ferriss’ “4-Hour Work Week” and, like that book, inspired me to take my economic fortune into my own hands.

Arrived late last night (lots of delays due to assorted “weather” across the country). In fact, I almost didn’t come because I was so worried about the hurricane (I’m a chicken!), but there wasn’t any hurricane there when I got here!

Just had breakfast in the very nice Drury Hotel in San Antonio and getting ready for the first session. Can hardly wait for it to start. Will report back!

P.S.: Why the long delay between the last post and this one? Relapse of the flu! Details on my self-help blog.