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Marlon Sanders’ WP Dashboard For Leads And Sales: A Review


Marlon Sanders WordPress DashboardMarlon Sanders’ WP (WordPress) Dashboard is finally available. Months ago, he offered some of us a pilot version to test out and provide feedback on, and I was lucky enough to get one. I provided a lengthy list of feedback, and the new version is terrific.

Is Marlon Sanders’ WP Dashboard for you?

It is, if you want to build a blog, and want to make sure you didn’t miss anything crucial.

First of all, it’s perfect for beginners. If I had had access to this, it would have saved me thousands of dollars over the last several years! I remember paying someone twice several hundred dollars to teach me what’s basically in the first row or two of Marlon’s dashboard.

Only, that person’s teachings weren’t remotely as clear – i sweated bullets trying to make it all work. I was able to build my first blog or two, but now, that I know so much more, I build them in a small fraction of the time.

What else?

If you have any ambition to gather leads and make sales with your blog, you will find Marlon’s WP Dashboard very helpful.

Is It Helpful For Advanced WP Users?

I would say that it is, at least for many of them. It definitely is for me.

One of the disadvantages is also an advantage. Sure, I already know most of the info that’s in the first few rows. In fact, just looking at the icons, I found that I was familiar with a lot of what’s in there. But…

A lot of it is in the details. Marlon shares secret tricks and how-to sequences for things I do NOT necessarily know how to do. And since I already know the majority, I can zoom right ahead to get the new (to me) stuff and incorporate it into my blogs.

I’m looking forward to digging through his suggested plugins, and how to use video effectively, and his tips on the ethical bribe, and lots more.

The Bonuses Are Golden!

And then there are the bonuses… Yowza! They are worth a multiple of the price. Also, this is a dashboard that helps you set up a WordPress site. It doesn’t go too much into how to get traffic, though if you set it up right, you’re quite a ways ahead of the game when it comes to the traffic issue.

And of course, as you may know, Marlon has a Traffic Dashboard, so it’s not necessarily in his best interest to go overboard with sharing traffic tricks.


In his bonuses, there’s a ton of incredibly valuable information on Traffic! It complements his dashboard perfectly.

I’m not entirely sure how long the bonuses will be available, but knowing Marlon, even if the fancy ones go away, there’ll be others added later, so there’ll be a bonus one way or another, and it will be helpful.

I’ll have to dig around in it more thoroughly, but I wanted to let you know about Marlon Sanders’ WordPress Dashboard right away so won’t miss out on the bonuses!

My Own Additional Bonuses!

In order to encourage you to invest in Marlon’s WP Dashboard, I’m offering some of my own bonuses in addition to Marlon’s bonuses. I bet you have a few questions, and I’ll answer them for you:

What are my WP Dashboard Bonuses?

The bonuses I’m offering may vary over time. However, if you sign up early, you will get my current bonuses AND any potential replacement bonuses I might offer within the 30 days.

But if you sign up later, you’ll only get the bonuses available at that time. So signing up earlier is better. So here are the current bonuses:

1) Social Media For Business Course

As I mentioned above, this Dashboard falls a bit short in the traffic area. In part, that makes sense because there’s a whole other dashboard just for traffic.

But if you want to get a headstart, you’ll appreciate this Social Media For Business Course. It’s delivered over a period of 4 weeks (with maybe a bonus week thrown in), and it comes with detailed instructions PLUS worksheets/assignments.

2) Pinterest for Business

The benefit of this bonus is similar to the first one – only this one will focus on Pinterest, a wildly powerful social media platform that works quite well with a blog.

3) TWO Coaching Q & A Calls

I have long offered a Blogging course, and I am just about to run another round. And YOU will get access to TWO of my own Get Started With WordPress Blogging Q&A and Coaching Calls, which will give you the opportunity to get your questions answered and make the most of your new Dashboard.

How Will You Get My Bonuses?

Here’s how you’ll get your bonuses. It’s a simple 5-step process:

Step 1: Purchase the WP Dashboard through the link above.

CLICK HERE to Get Your Dashboard!

Step 2: Send an email to the following email address:

CLICK HERE to Claim Your Bonuses!

Step 3: Include “Dashboard Bonus” in the subject line.

Step 4: Look for an email from me to you with further instructions.

Step 5: Enjoy your bonuses

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s WP Dashboard