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Welcome to my Reviews!

Are you frustrated with those reviews that are thinly disguised sales letters? So is Tilly. Check out my new YouTube video… and then read on to find out about my DIFFERENT reviews…

When you read my reviews you’ll discover that I like to call them “Applied Serial Reviews” and you may be asking yourself…

What the heck are “Applied Serial Reviews?

They’re Applied because I’m actually using each product I review and will share in DETAIL, honestly, what happens. If it works, I’ll let you know. If it doesn’t, you’ll find out about it here. And if it’s more difficult than I would have liked, you’ll get all the gory details!

And they are Serial because they will appear in a series. I start with sharing why I picked the product, what I thought about the sales page, and what happens after the sale.

Then, I use the product and let you know how it goes along the way. Finally, you’ll find out about the results (or lack thereof!).

Obviously, this is going to take a bit of time, and so I’ll blog about it as I go along, numbering the reviews Part 1, Part 2, and so on.

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Meanwhile, I’ll post the links for the FIRST installments of each of my review series below.

Review Series 1: Tiffany Dow’s “Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome”

shiny objects ebookThe first one is my review of Tiffany Dow’s “Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome.” That’s the product that started my serial review writing, so it should be logical that it should be the first one I’ll review.

Tiffany has been doing this kind of reviewing for years, and she convinced me that I should do it too.

So what is her product about? Well, if you’re in internet marketing, chances are you suffer from Shiny New Object Syndrome. I sure do. My hard drive is full of the shiny evidence. The problem is that it costs a ton of money and it keeps getting me distracted, and the same is true for many fellow SNO sufferers.

Tiff’s guide is NOT trying to cure us from this affliction, which is actually kind of fun, but it promises to remedy the unwanted side effects and actually turn our obsession with acquiring shiny new objects into an asset, just as long as we follow her instructions.

If you want to know more, just check out the review…

CLICK HERE for Part 1 of my review of Tiffany Down’s Shiny New Objects Guide

To check out Tiffany’s Guide, CLICK HERE!

Review Series 2: Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs”

Commission Stealth BombsThe second review series covers Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs.” It’s a done-for-you system for affiliate marketing, providing ready-made lead generation or pre-seller reports for popular affiliate products. The program provides two of them each month, i.e., one about every other week, with time in between to set them up and drive traffic to them.

The “Enhanced” level also provides a squeeze page, a thank you page, and pre-written autoresponder follow-up emails for each product. For details and to find out how well it works, check out the review…

CLICK HERE for Part 1 of my review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs”

To check out Kevin’s Stealth Bombs, CLICK HERE!

Review Series 3: Erica Stone’s “Squidazon”

Squidazon ReviewThe third review series covers Erica Stone’s “Squidazon” which uses the power of Squidoo and Amazon to generate passive income. It’s not just a comprehensive guide (PDF guide with videos where appropriate) that provides step-by-step instructions for building Squidoo lenses that sell, and for how to set them up and promote them so they’ll bring results.

Erica also provides plenty of done-for-you templates as well as worksheets. The question remains: How hard is it to set up all those lenses, and will they perform as well as Erica’s? Follow along with my review and find out…

CLICK HERE for Part 1 of my review of “Squidazon”

To check out Erica’s Squidazon, CLICK HERE!

Review Series 4: Work From NO Home System

work from no homeThe fourth review series covers the “Work From No Home” system. It’s a system for putting affiliate marketing on steroids. Not only that, but it promises to allow you to do it with just a laptop and an internet connection, so you can do it from anywhere, even from a cushy spot on the beach, just so long as you have internet access.

I loved the promo video (see for yourself below), and so, ever hopeful, I decided to review it – and use it, of course. And you can follow right along if you want to know if it works as advertised…

CLICK HERE for Part 1 of my review of Work From NO Home

To check out Work From No Home and implement it right along with me, CLICK HERE!

Additional Reviews will be posted below as I write them.

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