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growing your businessAre you ready to grow an online marketing business that really works! If you’re looking for bright, shiny objects, click away now. But if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions that guide you through an online marketing business strategy that works, read on!

It’s not that there is just ONE strategy, but the most reliable approaches all combine list building and product creation, possibly with some affiliate marketing thrown in. And so does this almost kind of boring but highly effective system: The Rinse & Repeat System.

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How To Write Profitable Product Reviews

affiliate marketing mistakes [and success]Are you tired of writing product reviews that don’t bring you sales? Read on and find out how to write profitable product reviews.

Yes, I’ve been reading lots of guides to writing reviews, but some of them seemed to require so much work that I never really got around to using them properly. And others – didn’t get the results I was looking for.

But the other day I found a review guide that just totally blew my socks off! I LOVED it. It was fun to read, relatively concise and fluff free, and well, the approach was refreshingly different.

It promised to be a guide that teaches you how to write “kickass” reviews, and it lives up to that promise. Even better, by the time you’re through, you’ll know how to write these types of reviews for ANY product, whether they’re physical (printers, digital cameras,) or virtual (ebooks, coaching programs).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually for sale, but it does come as a bonus with the author’s NEW review guide package. It also came as a bonus with another product earlier this year. But I think you’ll want Bart’s NEW review guides, especially since they are outstanding as well and will further enhance your review writing capabilities. Click here to read more!

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy… And Effective

make money with affiliate marketingAre you doing affiliate marketing? Are you making things too difficult for yourself? Here are a few tips on how to make affiliate marketing EASY… and effective.

The thing is that EASY alone won’t do it. You also have to approach it effectively, or else you won’t be earning any commissions. So how can you do that?

Start by following the five tips you find right below, starting with taking action (because without action nothing will be happening), using effective affiliate marketing strategies involving presell reports and listbuilding, and finally protecting your links and your affiliate sites. Let’s get started…

1) Take Consistent Action

The first and most important step is to take action. Obviously, you’ll also want to take the RIGHT action. But still… the best strategies aren’t going to work if you don’t actually apply them.

So whatever you do, come up with a plan that you can implement, and then do it.

Obviously, the easier the plan, the more likely you are to actually apply it – and the more likely you are to earn commissions. So I highly recommend some kind of “done-for-you” plan, at least as part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

You’ll see what I mean further down on the page. Click here to read more!

How To Build A Money-Making Funnel System Part 2 [Case Study]

sales funnelWelcome to Part 2 of my Money Making Funnel System mini tutorial. I hope you found the first part useful. If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to do so. You can either scroll down, or simply CLICK HERE to go to Part 1!

In the first part, we assembled some of the key ingredients, including getting one of Tiff’s complete funnel PLR packs.

Now it’s time to start building a squeeze page – also known as opt-in page. That’s the VERY important page where you get your visitors to give up their email address (and probably their name as well) in exchange for an enticing gift!

What you need before you can build a squeeze page

Let’s just review what we need in order to create a squeeze page:

1) A domain name – Get yours for a discount at Choose Domain Name

2) A hosting account – Get yours at my favorite web host use coupon code HOSTING711

3) An autoresponder I recommend my favorite autoresponder (free trial for 30 days) OR, if you want an integrated autoresponder/shopping cart package, go to my favorite shopping cart and try it free for up to 4 weeks.

4) Decide if you want to use a blog or an HTML page

5) An ethical bribe (a special report or something else that your audience will find very enticing)

6) A very attention-getting and/or intriguing headline that promises something your audience will want

7) A few strong bullets

In addition, you may also want to write up some emails and add them to your autoresponder.

You could also add your (friendly) mug shot so people associate you with the report and will remember you better when they’re getting your emails.

And you might also want an appealing ecover, preferably 3-D.

That’s all! LOL. Click here to read more!

Review of “Commission Stealth Bombs” Part 1: A Very Enthusiastic Sales Letter

Commission Stealth BombsPlease note: This product is no longer available! 

However, I will recommend a product that will provide a similar service very shortly…

Welcome to my Review of Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs! In full disclosure, this is a product I’ve been using for a couple of months, and yes, I’ve been implementing it, though not as thoroughly ad I will this time. In spite of that, I HAVE made more than my money back, and then some.

And I am sure that if I’d been doing everything Kevin tells me to, I’d be making a lot more. So here’s my chance to find out if this is in fact true! I’ll be implementing the heck out of this next new bomb, which should appear in my inbox by the time I get up.

Click here to read more!

Shiny New Object Syndrome – Surprising Solutions

money buddha - shiny objectsAre you suffering from shiny new object syndrome, also known as shiny bright object syndrome? Or maybe you’re actually enjoying the affliction. I often do 😉

Sttill, there are a few drawbacks, and they are what has given Shiny New Object Syndrome (or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome) a bad name.

You see, the essence of that syndrome is that every time a new shiny bright object zooms into your inbox, you immediately think you MUST have it – because it will FINALLY be the solution, the missing link, that will help you pull everyhing together and help you make money online.

Ha! I know that thought process because I’ve been thinking it too. A lot. And I have a hard drive full of stuff I can’t even remember what it does.

Just today, I acquired a cool new WordPress Plugin that makes a quiz – and I have the feeling I already have software that does just that. But where is it?

The problem with Shiny New Object Syndrome:

There are primarily two problems with Shiny New Object Syndrome. It makes you spend too much money because none of those shiny objects comes free of charge.

And then it distracts you from whatever it was you were doing, and gets you confused. The result – projects remain undone, and you’re on to another project, one involving the bright shiny object.

Until… the NEXT shiny object comes along…

The solution to the Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome

There are a number of solutions, and they address the two problems to varying degrees…

Solution 1: Tough Love

That’s the traditional method. Tough love! No more shiny objects! Unsubscribe from the “offending” email lists so your inbox remains shiny objects free.

Funny how mostly coaches tell you that – so you’ll buy THEIR shiny objects… Interesting…

Anyway, you already knew the tough love solution, and it’s no fun. So I am going to suggest two solutions that are a whole lot more fun.

Besides, some of those shiny objects have helped me tremendously and increased my income a great deal, so I definitely don’t want to ban them from my inbox.

Still, there’s the money issue – and the distraction issue. And they HAVE to be addressed.

Let’s start with the money issue…

Solutions 2: Make them fit your budget

The second solution solves the exploding budget problem. Here’s how it works…
Click here to read more!

More Online Business How-to Info: My New Year’s Resolution for my Favorite Web Stuff Blog

Happy New Year!  The first month is already half over, and I’m still getting caught up with all the new stuff I want to do.

For starters, I’m going to rejuvenate this blog.

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting it. And maybe I did because I wasn’t sure what to write and whether anyone actually wanted to read what I had to say.  So I mostly focused on my http://www.MyFavoriteSelfHelpStuff.com blog instead.

And that blog is coming along nicely.  This one…  I guess part of it was that I needed to build up my confidence that I really had something worthwhile to offer.

And guess what?  I finally have that confidence.

Thanks to my Mastermind group especially, and my new clients whom I’ve been helping with their online needs.  I’ve been setting up shopping carts, autoresponders, creating products, affiliate programs, and more.  Whoa!  I can do this!  I even edited web pages and changed payment buttons and links, and uploaded them back to the server, and my clients were thrilled.

I’ve grown about 8 inches in the last month or two. At least in spirit.

But seriously, I know a heck of a lot, and unless you’re a veteran marketer, some or most of the information I will share over the next weeks and months will be useful to you.

So here goes.  What I’ll do is go back to what I REALLY meant to do with this blog: share my favorite web stuff:  info, resources, how-to information, and a heck of a lot more.  It’ll be especially useful for newbies, but also for intermediate level internet marketers.  Because I know a whole lot about some areas, including article marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and WordPress blogs.

And in order not to make this too long and leave plenty of info for the next post, I’ll start with this on my next post, which will appear… in a day or two (if I remember, which I’m sure I will — because I’ll put a note in my calendar!).

Happy New Year!  And much success!

Elisabeth, also known as Dr. K to her fans and clients 😉