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Self Defense for Survival PLR Review & Bonuses

self defense for survivalThe headlines are getting scarier by the day, and I keep wondering what I would do when I found myself in a jam where I could use SERIOUS self defense information. Fortunately for us, Tiffany Lambert has created an amazing pack with just the information we need: Self Defense for Survival PLR. Review & Bonuses are added by me to add even more value to this package.

I am personally very interested in self defense, and in fact started taking a few years of karate back when I was still in college. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with it, so now I really have to start from scratch. Fortunately, Tiffany’s self defense for survival moves don’t really require karate or other heavy martial arts skills. It’s all about smart defense, not serious martial arts skills. Not that they would hurt, but you won’t need them.

What’s Inside Self Defense for Survival PLR

This package is especially designed for “Preppers” – people who want to be prepared when the shit hits the fan. And it’s also great for anyone else who is worried about what could happen. The pack includes 20 articles, and here are just some of the topics that are covered:

  • How to use the Run, Hide, Fight System correctly
  • Learn the laws before engaging in self defense tactics [Very important!]
  • Martial arts options for hand to hand combat [yes, martial arts help, but most of the other strategies don’t involve martial arts]
  • Protecting your home from intruders
  • Psychological measures to keep you safe as a captive
  • Safe ways to escape a riot in civil unrest
  • Self defense for senior citizens
  • Stealth tactical defense equipment
  • Teaching your kids self defense survival

Want to see all the rest of the covered topics? CLICK HERE to check them out!

What are the articles like?

The topics certainly give you a pretty good idea of what’s covered inside. And Tiff’s articles definitely deliver on the promise – in spades! My jaw literally dropped when I started reading.

Whoa! This is serious (and some scary) stuff, and just what you want to know BEFORE you need it.

What about the quality of the writing and information? In case you don’t know yet, Tiffany used to be Ghostwriter to the online marketing stars, and wrote many of the bestselling product that were (and in some cases still are) sold on Clickbank! She provides outstanding information, and she is an excellent writer. And Self Defense for Survival is no exception.

What about PLR?

Yes, you get PLR (Private Label Rights) with these articles. This means you can use them for blogs, emails, and articles, and you can even create ebooks from them. And you KNOW this is a hot topic, so you can see how useful all this material is.

But what if you don’t really want to use the PLR? Well, the info inside these articles is so valuable (and low-priced during this launch period) that it’s more than worth it just to buy these articles for your information. You can read it yourself and share it with friends and family. Tiff had no problem with that.

Is there an OTO (i.e., a one-time offer after you purchase the main offer)?

Yes, there is. It offers MORE in-depth reports on various aspects of the subject: self defense for survival. Some of the topics include self-defense, protecting your supplies from thieves, protecting your home from invasion, and much more. Also at a steep discount. Personally, I think they’re a no-brainer.

What about the Self Defense for Survival Bonuses

Yes, there is a bonus, actually, there are two bonuses, and you’ll be able to benefit especially if you want to take advantage of your PLR rights. One of the bonuses teaches you how to customize your PLR for best effects.

And the OTHER bonus is a complete tutorial on how to find and use images without getting in trouble with the law. You need images if you want to attract and keep an audience, and you also need them even if you just want to post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or whatever. And this report shows you where to find them either for free or for cheap, easily, without having to hunt down rights and follow complicated instructions for giving credit etc.

In addition, you’ll also find out how to resize, reformat, and even add writing to your images. This is highly useful for just about anyone at this time. And yes, no Photoshop required, and the tools are all free.

Oh, and you’ll find the bonuses right on your download page, underneath the product access link.

Get Self Defense for Survival (& Bonuses) Now!

So go ahead and get your self defense for survival articles now, while they’re still on sale – and get those bonuses before they run out!

CLICK HERE For Self Defense and Survival PLR!

39 Ways To Make Money With PLR Content & BIG PLR SALE!

Make Money with PLRDid you know that there are at LEAST 39 ways to make money with PLR? Of course you may wonder, what in the world IS PLR?

It’s content that you get to use as your own. It’s a HUGE timesaver and yes, a great big money maker! How? Well, time is money, and when you get ready-made content that you just have to modify and personalize, you’re saving lots of time. And money too.

If you pay someone to write all your content, it’ll cost you. It’s MUCH less when you get your content as PLR. Sure, you’re not the only one who gets to use it, but then again, you can modify it, and you save BIG.

And your timing is great, because Tiffany has reopened her great, big 1-buck PLR sale for just a few days. So you can save a ton! Take a look here:


So what will you find there? More than 800 packs of PLR on a huge range of niches.  You can download her complete (current) catalog right here:


Then take a look, print it out, check all the items you would like, and then…  count them up. Each one of them will cost just a buck, no matter whether it’s a bunch of articles or a huge ebook, or even a big course.  There is just ONE category that’s not included – the Complete Funnels, though you can get a deal on those in the special offer you’ll see once you’ve made a purchase.


Then, you’ll go to the download page, where you’ll get BONUSES (see below) and also a document with instructions on how to get all your goodies. This part involves making a list of all the items you want. For 10 of them you need to get the $10 offer, for 50 you need the $50 offer.

And then you’ll see the FULL MEMBERSHIP offer, which means you get EVERYTHING, past, present, and future. Yes, more than 800 items – every single thing in the catalog, and growing!

I’m a FULL MEMBER, and I LOVE it! I go shopping in her store all the time. And of course the first thing I got was all her Full Funnels.

1 Buck Sale BONUSES

Not only will you get a tremendous deal, but there are bonuses too!

a) You’ll get a bonus from Tiff – a pack on DRONES, including a shortish ebook and a bunch of great review articles.

b) Then you get a guide from ME on how to source images that you won’t have to worry about using. They’ll all be legit! No worries about copyright. And you also get instructions on how to edit them, adjust size and shape, and add text to them. No photoshop needed.

c) If you invest in a package of $50 or more, you’ll also get a coaching session on how to turn your PLR into money, preferably quickly.

d) And if you invest in the Total Package, you’ll also get a high class press release to help you promote whatever product you want (within the restrictions of the press release outfit). You’ll get lots of backlinks for quick Google juice.

So what’s the advantage of buying PLR – and the 1 Buck Sale?

If you have someone write your content, you’d be paying a minimum of $10 to $20 a page – and up, depending on your niche. That’s if you want content that’s going to do you some good.

But if you buy PLR, you pay around a dollar a page! You may want to personalize it a bit, but if you choose your PLR providers wisely, the quality is generally very high.

Here’s a link for Tiff’s website, who is one of the most prolific PLR writers – and the best. A former journalist and ghostwriter to the gurus, she knows her stuff and and she’s a terrific writer. What’s more, she LOVES to do research and so she writes about a LOT of different niches…

Well, hold your horses. Get the catalog above, and then go to her 1 buck sale, while it lasts:


Once the sale is over, you may want to check the following resources, but not just yet…


And here’s another one of my favorite PLR suppliers. She generally creates very nice packages on hot topics:


Yes, I could recommend MORE fantastic PLR and I will, but not just this minute… Take a look at the two examples above and see the wide variety of PLR that’s available – and it’s great stuff. Then consider shopping…

But what are you going to do with it? Here’s what:


FREE Guide: 39 Ways To Grow Your Income With PLR

Fill in the form below to get access to our PLR guide!



Get Immediate Access!

Important: The link to your guide will be sent to your email INBOX. If you can’t find it, please check your spam folder.


Please note that your special guide will arrive in your INBOX within a few minutes (give it at least about 10 or 15 minutes). If you can’t find it, look for it in your spam folder.

And then read it and take action! 🙂

And keep checking your inbox regularly – because I’ll send you freebies and info on special deals from some of my favorite PLR suppliers as well as my own. I’ll even send you more tips about how to turn all that PLR into money!

How To Make Money With PLR Content

Angel Winged PencilAre you trying to increase your income? Why not add PLR to your arsenal of resources and strategies? There are so many ways to earn an income online, but PLR is one that is only going to grow, so read on to find out How to make money with PLR Content!

For starters, you have two major options, and you may want to use both to some degree. Here they are:

1) USE PLR To Grow Your Business and Your Income

The second main strategy is to USE PLR in your business. PLR is content that you purchase the rights to so you can use it for your own products and your online content needs. And yes, you can even put your name on it, though I’d be a bit careful with that.

When I use PLR and turn it into an ebook or a special report, I either change it around significantly, or use it to expand my own content, OR I use the phrase “Brought to you by…”

That way, I’m not claiming to have written it. After all, it could get mighty embarrassing if someone comes across “my” book elsewhere and it has someone else’s name on it. That’s not so good.

Still, if you put in a bit of effort to personalize the PLR you purchase, or use it in a way that won’t let issues like the above come up, PLR is a terrific gold mine.

In fact, I’ve put together a special resource (with the help of some PLR, I hasten to admit) that shows you about 40 different ways how to make money with PLR content.


FREE Guide: 39 Ways To Grow Your Income With PLR

Fill in the form below to get access to our PLR guide!



Yes, I Want My PLR Guide

Important: The link to your guide will be sent to your email INBOX. If you can’t find it, please check your spam folder.

Please note that the guide to how to make money with PLR will be sent to your email INBOX, so you’ll have to go there to download it.

Give it a few minutes though.

Where to find Quality PLR

So you may have decided to look into quality PLR to get started. And you wonder just where to start looking, so I’ll help you out.

Right now, through tomorrow morning, there’s a HUGE SALE going on, where you can buy some of the best PLR around for pennies on the dollar.

It’s Tiffany Lambert’s 1 Buck sale, where each one PLR Packs, which normally range from $5 to $103 dollars are for sale for just one buck each.

And her content ROCKS! She’s trained as a journalist and used to be the ghostwriter of some of the biggest internet marketing gurus.

And the best thing? She offers content on so many subjects that you are likely to find whatever you’re looking for. In fact, during her 1 buck sales (which only happen about once or twice a year). people have been known to buy stuff just for the content. I’ve been known to do that too.

So where can you find that sale? You can’t. It won’t happen for many months, but if you request my PLR report and sign up for my list, I’ll let you know about it.

In the meantime, take a look at Tiff’s site. You may well find something you like, or you can make a list of things you can buy next time she has a sale 😉

CLICK HERE for Tiff’s PLR!

For the cost of a lunch or two, or maybe a couple of movie tickets with popcorn, you could buy enough PLR to get enough content that’ll keep you busy for weeks to come, provided you use it to grow your business.

2) Create and sell PLR yourself

Maybe you’re more interested in the OTHER side of the PLR business. Yes, this means you can write it, or hire someone to write it for you, and then sell it online, in one of several online marketplaces.

It’s something you can start easily, without much of an investment in time and/or money. It’s up to you how quickly you want to grow it.

However, if you’re ready to really go for it, you’re going to love the course by Alice Seba and Ron Douglas. It’s a soup to nuts course on how to get started and grow your business, complete with resources that’ll help you sell your creations.

CLICK HERE To Grow Your Own PLR Business!

I’m a member, and the training material is outstanding!  You basically start with your first product, and you build from there…

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with PLR content. I’ll be writing more posts on the subject, so stay tuned!

What Are Private Label Rights Products (PLR) And How They Can Make You Money

PLR Money in the bagI bet you’ve come across the term ‘Private Label Rights” or “PLR Products” and you were wondering what the heck that means… and why you should care.

The truth is, you’re already very familiar with the concept – even if you don’t know it. Have you ever bought store brand products in your local grocery store? Well, those are private label right products. The store bought them so they can brand and sell them as their own.

And they make WAY more money on them than on the brand name products! That’s why you see more and more of them. Basically, the company that makes the products for the “big guys” also makes products that they sell to the various chains directly – and put THEIR names on them.

And you can do the same thing…

How YOU Can Get Private Label or PLR Products

There are MANY ways you can get private label rights products. I’m now only going to talk about content type products, i.e., articles, ebooks special reports, autoresponder emails and more.

To be honest, they can be a gold mine! So go ahead and read on…

Exactly what you can do with them depends on which ones you get. Let’s just use the ebooks as an example, or complete funnel systems.

My favorite PLR provider Tiffany Lambert for example creates a whole range of them, including the complete funnel system or complete ebooks (and supporting materials including autoresponder emails and more).

Those are perfect if you want to create your own product.

So basically you can get private label rights products or PLR products by simply going to your favorite provider and buying them. They come with the rights to turn them into your own products, change them any way you like, and selling them as your own. Pretty cool, right?

So instead of having to work for weeks or longer to create your very own product, you can simply get some from Tiff or another provider, do some editing, maybe adding something personal, and voila! You’ve got your very own product!

How To Select PLR Products

With all those PLR products out there, how should you select the right ones?


First of all, be sure to get the ones your audience would be interested in. Pick the right niche. If they’re interested in marketing, pick products that provide cutting edge or solid evergreen information about marketing. If they’re interested in weight loss, pick products on popular approaches to weight loss. And so on.

But just as importantly, be sure to get HIGH QUALITY PLR! There’s nothing worse than getting really poor quality PLR and trying to fix it. It’s not worth it. In fact, it’s easier to simply write your stuff from scratch than attempting to fix up crappy PLR.

But if you use high quality PLR, you can be confident that people will be pleased. Of course you have to make sure you describe it correctly in your sales copy.

So how do you find the best PLR out there? You get to know some of the key providers who cover the niches you want, and buy some. If they are good, put them on your go-to list. Easy peasy!

And yes, Tiff’s PLR definitely fits the bill.

And if you hurry, you can get ALL of her PLR for a one-time low price. Literally thousands of dollars worth of PLR content with many saleable products, all done-for-you. For a one-time payment too small to believe:


And yes, this includes everything she has ever added to her site AND everything she’ll add in the future.

With that deal, you’ll be set for YEARS!

Do PLR Products Come With Ready-Made Graphics?

You may be wondering… should I get graphics with my PLR products?

One thing you’ll notice is that most of Tiff’s products do not have graphics attached. You may think this is a disadvantage. Not so.

Imagine you HAD the graphics! Wouldn’t you be tempted to use them? Heck yeah! Me too. But if you don’t have any you have to go out and order up some of them on Fiverr or elsewhere, and you get graphics that are uniquely yours.

And having your own graphics gives you a huge advantage in the marketplace.

Because… if you use the ones that everyone else is using, the value of the package will soon go down… and down… But if you have your own, they’re not competition and your offer’s value stays intact. Much better.

Check out Tiff’s products here:


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If you are ready for a premium host and are looking for the BEST, check out Liquid Web below:

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List Building Course With Insider Secrets

Watering a potplant shaped like a graphDo you have a list already? Or are you starting from scratch? Either way, this list building course with insider secrets could be what finally helps you get those subscribers opting into your list in droves! And you could get all the info at a big discount!

How so? Because Tiff is selling it right now complete with PLR, which means, it’s done-for-you info you can set up as YOUR course! Right now, it’s a pre-launch special at less than half the eventual price, and I would recommend you get it now because a) you’ll save money and b) this course rocks and has tons of info that’ll help YOU too.

I purchased my copy and am working my way through it right now, so I’ll give you a bit of a review of what’s inside…

But first – why Tiffany Lambert? She’s my favorite PLR provider – she is incredibly productive, writes on a huge range of subjects, most of which I can use right away. And she provides excellent information – and excellent writing.

For years, she was the ghostwriter to the gurus (some of the biggest names) – until she realized she would do much better creating those products for herself! Yay Tiff! And now that’s exactly what she’s been doing ever since.

What’s Inside the List Building Course?

The course has 7 parts. And if you read the titles, you’ll think, oh yeah, those are all important things you need to do and/or have in place to build your list. But you’d be missing most of the really good stuff.

You see, it’s easy enough to write an article about those topics, but here we don’t have just articles but entire fleshed-out reports that go above and beyond what you’d expect in each one.

Here’s an example…

Let’s just start with the first one: Have an unbeatable opt-in offer.

Sounds easy enough. But Tiff provides actual examples and some very much out-of-the-box tips to REALLY help you make your offer rock – and irresistible.

Next, she offers a whole report on how to get peeps to your opt-in form so they won’t miss it.

Again, tons of great information.

And it keeps on going like that.

I would write a lot more about it but time’s running out, so I’d rather send you over to Tiff’s page so you can check it all out for yourself before she takes her half-off offer down:

CLICK HERE for Tiff’s Listbuilding PLR offer!

NOTE: The offer is gone. I’m looking for a replacement!

Oh, yes, did I mention that she not only hands you all this cool info for less than a movie ticket with popcorn and soda, but you even get PLR rights to it. This means you can turn it into your very own products.

Anyway, I might add some more info tonight, but don’t wait too long or you’ll pay a LOT more… or, rather, you’ll get it without the PLR rights because I bought it and I WILL turn it into my own product (and use the info too!).