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Let’s Celebrate Labor Day The Internet Marketing Way

It’s Labor Day! And I want to reflect on what it means, especially for us in Internet Marketing or Online Marketing.

Labor Day Barbecue Chicken WingsOriginally, Labor Day was meant to celebrate organized labor – that’s unions who have helped workers to earn decent wages and work under humane working conditions. And because of all the Labor Day parades, people got the day off.

The day off is what’s the primary focus these days, along with BBQ with family and/or friends. So yes, I hope you’re enjoying some great BBQ today. I enjoyed mine last night.

Let’s not stop with BBQ though… Let’s reflect on what it means to us Internet Marketers, i.e., those of us who have liberated ourselves from our jobs and make a living online. And those of us who would like to do just that.

Labor Day should remind us of our WHY! Why is it that we chose to go against society’s rules that everybody has to have a J-O-B?

Maybe you hated your job. Maybe you were sick and tired of not getting paid enough for all the hard work you did. And maybe you lost it.

Either way, consider the alternatives…

Labor Day For Entrepreneurs

If you own your own business now, whether it’s a big one or a teeny tiny one, you’re an entrepreneur. You make your own living. You’re your own boss.

What are the advantages?

You get to make your own hours.
You get to keep the money you make (well, except the part that goes to the IRS and the part that you need to reinvest in your business to keep it humming along).
You’re in charge.

And hey, you may even be able to sell your business one of these days.

One of my friends and mentors was able to do just that – for a

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