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Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard — A Review

It’s time for a new review of Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard!

That’s because he’s promoting it with a 1 buck special. I kid you not. Here’s the video (and believe it or not, it has my smiling mug shot in it! Yay:

CLICK HERE for Your Promo Dashboard

I’m in the video because I gave Marlon a well-deserved glowing testimonial — and i wrote a review on the Promo Dashboard.

Here’s a shortish version of it:

Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard Review

Stress Relief for Internet Marketers

nternet marketing and stress relief don’t often occur in the same sentence. And what in the world does Marlon’s Promo Dashboard have to do with stress relief anyway? Or with teaching us about stress relief. Read on and find out.

Imagine yourself in a situation where you’re stressing over a huge big project, or way too long a to do list. Anyone, online or offline, probably knows that just about anything big enough to matter usually includes both of these elements.

There’s an easy way to relieve that kind of stress though. Stop multi-tasking. Stop even thinking about what you’ll have to do later. Just take things one task at a time, and while you work at whichever one it is you’re working on at the moment, keep your focus right there.

I’ve been teaching this to my students for years: The key to being less stressed while taking a test: Approach it one question at a time. And that’s exactly what Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard makes you do too.

Promoting a new product launch can be a challenging project with lots and lots of details to keep track of, and when any of the steps are missing, it all grinds to a halt.

And things seem to get ever more complex. In fact, just getting people to hand over their first name and email address is quite a project these days.

So what did Marlon Sanders do about those daunting tasks? He took that prime stress management approach of “one task at a time” and applied it to online promotion. The result: The Promo Dashboard, which makes product promotion, well, not entirely stress free, but much less stressful and overwhelming than I would have expected it to be.

Like all of Marlon’s dashboards, the Promo Dashboard has 6 rows of 6 icons each, every one of which represents a step in the process. Within each icon, there is a detailed tutorial that explains what to do. If tools are needed, they are either provided, or a link to a free trial of the tool is given instead. And here’s something for Mac users: for the first time, he has included instructions for Mac users as well!

Of course just looking all those icons – and seeing that once you click, there are multiple tasks to complete under each one of them, can feel pretty daunting too. Yes, that dashboard has got a heck of a lot of stuff on it.

But imagine what all that stuff would feel like without the dashboard. At least here it’s all organized and served up in bite-sized pieces, thoroughly explained. There are even videos and audios, as well as graphics and screen shots.

CLICK HERE to check out the Promo Dashboard

So you can just focus on each of the thirty-six tasks one at a time and not worry about anything else until the one you’re doing is done, and then you go on to the next one, and so on.

Once you click on an icon, you get immersed in the little world of that particular task – and the other stuff is temporarily out of sight – and no longer clogging up your mind.

Now here’s how I came up with the idea for this article: not only does the Promo Dashboard work as intended, but it’s also a great model for other kinds of projects.

Marlon knows that of course. After all, he has applied the dashboard principle successfully to a whole range of internet marketing tasks:

He created the Info Product Dashboard, the Marketing Dashboard, the Affiliate Dashboard, and the Design Dashboard, not necessarily in that order, before he even got near the Promo Dashboard.

And they’re gold mines for learning all sorts of things. For example, there was this one major task I knew I really needed to do (tracking), but I just never quite figured out how. Then I found the appropriate tab on the Promo Dashboard, and voila! Turns out it’s actually easy.

CLICK HERE for Marlon’s Video!

Which means, the Promo Dashboard makes me feel like I have a personal tutor at my beck and call. It walks me right through things, step by step. I also found similarly easy explanations for tasks I had only recently learned the very hard and sometimes expensive way. I really wish I had had that dashboard sooner.

Would you like to create promotions that help you sell like crazy? You can — with Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard And the best thing: the dashboard turns it into an (almost) fool-proof paint-by-the-numbers process.

CLICK HERE for your Bonuses!

So click on that link already. Marlon has a cool video (he’s quite the character, of course, but also brilliant, and a really nice guy!).

And for a buck? Okay, after 3 days, you’ll have to pay more, and Marlon thinks you’ll be hooked by the time you’ve had it for 3 days, and if you’re a marketer and actually use it, I think you will be.

And the bonuses — they include a Facebook Marketing product and lots of other cool stuff.

Anyway, I’m going to have to go back and post my review of Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard in a couple of other places too…

Marlon’s Promo Dashboard


Marlon’s Promo Dashboard Finally Available, and Guess What! I’m On The Sales Page!!! For Real!

The Promo Dashboard is finally available. Marlon Sanders has done it again! It looks GREAT (no surprise here — I love all his other dashboards too).

But here’s the thing that was a HUGE surprise:

When I looked at the sales page, I almost spilled my coffee:

I was on it. As a testimonial! Wow! I feel so honored!

Marlon is my all-time favorite internet marketer and you may remember that I was really excited to have had the chance to meet him in person and chat with him at UnSeminar 5 in San Antonio only about a couple of weeks or so ago.

So please go take a look:

Please Click Here: Promo Dashboard

I just bought it, and have had a VERY quick look, and it looks great. I’ll take a closer look once I’ve written emails to all my friends and family about my picture appearing on Marlon’s sales page, and then I’ll write a review.

So if you’d like to know more detail, please come back here a little later. Of course, you may want to get your very own (be among the very first) before Marlon runs out of the first print run 😉

BTW, here’s a cool (REALLY COOL!) surprise opportunity. If you buy the dashboard, you’ll get a chance to get into Marlon’s inner circle with twice a month interactive phone calls for a ridiculously low price ($1 for two weeks, and after that it’s still as real steal!).

I practically left skidmarks as I lurched for my credit card to get in on this one. No idea if he limits this opportunity to only so many members, but I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Promo Dashboard

Anyway, I’m going to write more later. For now, I have to tell everybody about the news of the day, and then go play with my shiny new promo dashboard 😉

Have an amazing day!


Promo Dashboard