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How To Build A Money-Making Funnel System Part 2 [Case Study]

sales funnelWelcome to Part 2 of my Money Making Funnel System mini tutorial. I hope you found the first part useful. If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to do so. You can either scroll down, or simply CLICK HERE to go to Part 1!

In the first part, we assembled some of the key ingredients, including getting one of Tiff’s complete funnel PLR packs.

Now it’s time to start building a squeeze page – also known as opt-in page. That’s the VERY important page where you get your visitors to give up their email address (and probably their name as well) in exchange for an enticing gift!

What you need before you can build a squeeze page

Let’s just review what we need in order to create a squeeze page:

1) A domain name – Get yours for a discount at Choose Domain Name

2) A hosting account – Get yours at my favorite web host use coupon code HOSTING711

3) An autoresponder I recommend my favorite autoresponder (free trial for 30 days) OR, if you want an integrated autoresponder/shopping cart package, go to my favorite shopping cart and try it free for up to 4 weeks.

4) Decide if you want to use a blog or an HTML page

5) An ethical bribe (a special report or something else that your audience will find very enticing)

6) A very attention-getting and/or intriguing headline that promises something your audience will want

7) A few strong bullets

In addition, you may also want to write up some emails and add them to your autoresponder.

You could also add your (friendly) mug shot so people associate you with the report and will remember you better when they’re getting your emails.

And you might also want an appealing ecover, preferably 3-D.

That’s all! LOL. Click here to read more!

Tiffany Dow’s “Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome” – Review Part 5: Implementation, Challenges & Preliminary Results

shiny objects ebookIt’s been a little while since Part 4 of my review of Tiffany Dow’s “Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome.”

Last time, I told you that I would be starting my review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs” – and so now that review series is all the way into Part 3, which is setting up those stealth bombs.

Reviewing Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs

As I said, I started with a completely fresh stealth bomb, one that appeared in the membership area just 2 days ago, and walked through the setup. Coming up next: Getting it out there, so people can find it.

As Tiffany also suggested,
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Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs” Review Part 3: Setting Up The Stealth Bombs

Commission Stealth BombsWelcome to part 3 of my serial applied review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs”: Setting Up The Stealth Bombs!

All the stealth bombs Kevin Riley provides would do you no good if they just sit on your hard drive. Of course that’s no news! We all have stuff sitting on the hard drive that could make us money.

Well most of us, I should say, and with “us” I mean those in internet marketing who buy products in hopes of making money online. I suppose there might be some super disciplined people out there who actually implement everything they buy, but I have yet to meet them.

That’s not counting a few of my favorite mentors – and I suspect they may have a few skeletons in their closet too…

Anyway, most of the time, the problem is that something is missing or unclear, and so people simply get stuck. This is why I have picked this particular product to review – in the sales page video it ways that it requires no previous knowledge, no experience, and no special skills.

Really? We shall see.

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Review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs” Part 2: Beyond the Buy Button & First Project

Commission Stealth BombsWelcome to part 2 of my serial applied review of Kevin Riley’s “Commission Stealth Bombs”: What happens after you click the Buy Button?

Once you’ve made your payment, you’ll be taken to a page where you create a login ID and password, and then you’ll be taken to the login page where you can… log in!

What’s Inside Commission Stealth Bombs

Once inside, you’ll find yourself in the “Command Center” of the Commission Stealth Bombs membership site with a welcome or rather orientation video where Kevin explains…

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Review of “Commission Stealth Bombs” Part 1: A Very Enthusiastic Sales Letter

Commission Stealth BombsPlease note: This product is no longer available! 

However, I will recommend a product that will provide a similar service very shortly…

Welcome to my Review of Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs! In full disclosure, this is a product I’ve been using for a couple of months, and yes, I’ve been implementing it, though not as thoroughly ad I will this time. In spite of that, I HAVE made more than my money back, and then some.

And I am sure that if I’d been doing everything Kevin tells me to, I’d be making a lot more. So here’s my chance to find out if this is in fact true! I’ll be implementing the heck out of this next new bomb, which should appear in my inbox by the time I get up.

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