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What Are Private Label Rights Products (PLR) And How They Can Make You Money

PLR Money in the bagI bet you’ve come across the term ‘Private Label Rights” or “PLR Products” and you were wondering what the heck that means… and why you should care.

The truth is, you’re already very familiar with the concept – even if you don’t know it. Have you ever bought store brand products in your local grocery store? Well, those are private label right products. The store bought them so they can brand and sell them as their own.

And they make WAY more money on them than on the brand name products! That’s why you see more and more of them. Basically, the company that makes the products for the “big guys” also makes products that they sell to the various chains directly – and put THEIR names on them.

And you can do the same thing…

How YOU Can Get Private Label or PLR Products

There are MANY ways you can get private label rights products. I’m now only going to talk about content type products, i.e., articles, ebooks special reports, autoresponder emails and more.

To be honest, they can be a gold mine! So go ahead and read on…

Exactly what you can do with them depends on which ones you get. Let’s just use the ebooks as an example, or complete funnel systems.

My favorite PLR provider Tiffany Lambert for example creates a whole range of them, including the complete funnel system or complete ebooks (and supporting materials including autoresponder emails and more).

Those are perfect if you want to create your own product.

So basically you can get private label rights products or PLR products by simply going to your favorite provider and buying them. They come with the rights to turn them into your own products, change them any way you like, and selling them as your own. Pretty cool, right?

So instead of having to work for weeks or longer to create your very own product, you can simply get some from Tiff or another provider, do some editing, maybe adding something personal, and voila! You’ve got your very own product!

How To Select PLR Products

With all those PLR products out there, how should you select the right ones?


First of all, be sure to get the ones your audience would be interested in. Pick the right niche. If they’re interested in marketing, pick products that provide cutting edge or solid evergreen information about marketing. If they’re interested in weight loss, pick products on popular approaches to weight loss. And so on.

But just as importantly, be sure to get HIGH QUALITY PLR! There’s nothing worse than getting really poor quality PLR and trying to fix it. It’s not worth it. In fact, it’s easier to simply write your stuff from scratch than attempting to fix up crappy PLR.

But if you use high quality PLR, you can be confident that people will be pleased. Of course you have to make sure you describe it correctly in your sales copy.

So how do you find the best PLR out there? You get to know some of the key providers who cover the niches you want, and buy some. If they are good, put them on your go-to list. Easy peasy!

And yes, Tiff’s PLR definitely fits the bill.

And if you hurry, you can get ALL of her PLR for a one-time low price. Literally thousands of dollars worth of PLR content with many saleable products, all done-for-you. For a one-time payment too small to believe:


And yes, this includes everything she has ever added to her site AND everything she’ll add in the future.

With that deal, you’ll be set for YEARS!

Do PLR Products Come With Ready-Made Graphics?

You may be wondering… should I get graphics with my PLR products?

One thing you’ll notice is that most of Tiff’s products do not have graphics attached. You may think this is a disadvantage. Not so.

Imagine you HAD the graphics! Wouldn’t you be tempted to use them? Heck yeah! Me too. But if you don’t have any you have to go out and order up some of them on Fiverr or elsewhere, and you get graphics that are uniquely yours.

And having your own graphics gives you a huge advantage in the marketplace.

Because… if you use the ones that everyone else is using, the value of the package will soon go down… and down… But if you have your own, they’re not competition and your offer’s value stays intact. Much better.

Check out Tiff’s products here:


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List Building Course With Insider Secrets

Watering a potplant shaped like a graphDo you have a list already? Or are you starting from scratch? Either way, this list building course with insider secrets could be what finally helps you get those subscribers opting into your list in droves! And you could get all the info at a big discount!

How so? Because Tiff is selling it right now complete with PLR, which means, it’s done-for-you info you can set up as YOUR course! Right now, it’s a pre-launch special at less than half the eventual price, and I would recommend you get it now because a) you’ll save money and b) this course rocks and has tons of info that’ll help YOU too.

I purchased my copy and am working my way through it right now, so I’ll give you a bit of a review of what’s inside…

But first – why Tiffany Lambert? She’s my favorite PLR provider – she is incredibly productive, writes on a huge range of subjects, most of which I can use right away. And she provides excellent information – and excellent writing.

For years, she was the ghostwriter to the gurus (some of the biggest names) – until she realized she would do much better creating those products for herself! Yay Tiff! And now that’s exactly what she’s been doing ever since.

What’s Inside the List Building Course?

The course has 7 parts. And if you read the titles, you’ll think, oh yeah, those are all important things you need to do and/or have in place to build your list. But you’d be missing most of the really good stuff.

You see, it’s easy enough to write an article about those topics, but here we don’t have just articles but entire fleshed-out reports that go above and beyond what you’d expect in each one.

Here’s an example…

Let’s just start with the first one: Have an unbeatable opt-in offer.

Sounds easy enough. But Tiff provides actual examples and some very much out-of-the-box tips to REALLY help you make your offer rock – and irresistible.

Next, she offers a whole report on how to get peeps to your opt-in form so they won’t miss it.

Again, tons of great information.

And it keeps on going like that.

I would write a lot more about it but time’s running out, so I’d rather send you over to Tiff’s page so you can check it all out for yourself before she takes her half-off offer down:

CLICK HERE for Tiff’s Listbuilding PLR offer!

NOTE: The offer is gone. I’m looking for a replacement!

Oh, yes, did I mention that she not only hands you all this cool info for less than a movie ticket with popcorn and soda, but you even get PLR rights to it. This means you can turn it into your very own products.

Anyway, I might add some more info tonight, but don’t wait too long or you’ll pay a LOT more… or, rather, you’ll get it without the PLR rights because I bought it and I WILL turn it into my own product (and use the info too!).

5 Ways to Use PLR

What can you do with PLR?

Let me count the ways….

PLR means Private label rights and that means that you can rewrite it and own it and put your own name on it.



You do have to keep in mind that you’re not the only person who has rights to that content. If you want exclusive, you’ve got to pay an exclusive price to a ghostwriter (or write it yourself).

But PLR is a highly useful addendum to your exclusive stuff.

Here are just some of the ways you can make use of PLR content without breaking the bank (or working yourself half to death):

1) Building Niches Sites by Using PLR Content

Using PLR by adding it to a niche site in the form of a blog post or article is probably the easiest way to turn your PLR into money.. Search engines like lots of content, and so adding a few extra PLR articles can help your site rank better for the keywords you are targeting.

Crazy PLR Sale

A Tip:

Avoid using PLR articles just as they are. As I mentioned, others will have the same content, so make sure your site doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

Then again, don’t get too worried. 90% of people who buy PLR let it rot on their hard drives. So yes, there’s competition and yes, you need to rewrite it, but there’s no reason to be paranoid.

There’s ONE thing you should NOT do with PLR: Do NOT post it in article directories. First of all, it’s against many directories’ terms of service and it can get you banned. And then… you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism, now, do you?

2) Turn it into ebooks

That’s right. You can combine those articles, with each other and with your own material, and turn it into ebooks.

How cool is that! Half the writing, twice the content. And of course, you do need to rewrite it.

3) Turn it into bonuses

Got a resell rights ebook and it looks like everyone else’s? Why not offer a bonus with it. That will help you sweeten the deal, and increase sales. Everything said above applies of course.

4) Turn it into audio programs

Once again, after working your magic and personalizing your PLR stuff, you can also turn it into audio programs, and, well, videos, webinars, and more.

There’s really no limit.

5) Shorten your own learning curve

Here’s something very sneaky I’ve been doing with PLR:

I’ve read it myself to learn about stuff.

That’s right. It’s perfectly fine to use PLR for the information that’s in it, whether or not you plan to turn around and sell it later.

Here’s something to watch out for, whether you’re planning to sell it or to enhance your own information base:

Be sure to get high quality content!

And how can you be sure?

Here are three tips:

1) Check out the reputation of the seller

There are a number of sellers that have a great reputation. Many of them are marketers as well as PLR sellers. Their content is generally outstanding because they do have a good name they would lose if they sold low-quality stuff.

On the other hand, if you get thousands of articles for a few bucks, you should probably walk the other way. Chances are that either that PLR is uhm, inferior, or that it has been sold so many times that it’s essentially worthless. Probably both.

2) Buy a couple of things and read them before investing in more

That’s a very smart move. Just buy a few things and see how you like them. If you’re impressed, chances are that you like the rest as well.

3) Take advantage of free samples or sales

Many of the reputable PLR sellers (those that are also marketers) often give away some samples, or run great sales that are promoted by other PLR sellers.

You can usually count on those sellers to provide high quality.

And in my previous post, I mentioned Tiffany Dow’s sale:

CLICK HERE to Check it Out

The sale is good for another few hours, so you can buy a couple of things, read them, and then stock up.

Tiff is also one of the most respected Writers out there – she’s known as Ghostwriter to the Stars, although she stopped writing for others quite a while ago.

She also has a degree in journalism, so if I need quality content to know how something works, whether for my info or to help out my readers and customers, Tiff is one of my favorite sources.


And bingo! You’ve got some great PLR you know you can use for your own purposes or to make money, preferably both.

Have fun!


CLICK HERE to Check it Out