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Tiffany Lambert 1 Buck PLR Sale Bonuses Review – LAST CHANCE!

Tiffany Lambert PLR Sale BonusesTiffany Lambert, the former ghostwriter to the stars, is doing her 1 buck sale again, and there are BONUSES and a REVIEW! Here’s the link, in case you’re in a hurry:

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/1buck

And you should be! It’s an incredible deal, and it will CLOSE DOWN TONIGHT (Sunday)!.

Tiffany Lambert is a fabulous writer who has created a HUGE amount of outstanding Private Label Rights products, more than 800 “packages” at last count. This includes articles, ebooks, entire funnels, and mega packages.

Right now, she is doing her annual sale, where she offers every product for just 1 buck! That’s 1 buck per product, some of which normally sell for $50 or more, up to more than $100! Normally, they are $1 per PAGE!

The smallest option is $5, which buys you 5 of her packages, and depending on what you choose, you could get hundreds of dollars’ worth of PLR!

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/1buck


And not only that, but there are bonuses: One of them courtesy of Tiffany – a special package on DRONES, including special report and product reviews! That’s a very hot topic right now as you surely know, and she provides some very cool must-know info for anyone interested in drones!

Plus there are BIG BONUSES from ME:

I love Tiff’s materials and find them so valuable (both personally and professionally) that I decided to go all out in my bonus offers to introduce you to her work.

  1. The first bonus you will get no matter which package you get:  a tutorial on how to find legit images (i.e., ones that won’t get you in trouble) that you can use with your PLR (or on Facebook etc). It also shows you how to edit them for free so they’re the right size/format, and even how to add writing to them so you can make those cool quotes images. If you’ve been paying someone to do that for you, you can save quite a bit by doing it yourself in minutes.
  2. FOUR additional Guides: on Getting More Website Traffic, on Getting Affiliates, on Customizing Your PLR, and on Email Marketing.
  3. And there’s Tiff’s bonus too: a free 21-page bonus, whether you get a $5 voucher or $50 – all amounts get it. It’s an 11 page drone buyer’s guide with 10 drone product reviews.

Yes, you get all that even if you just invest in a $5 pack (and if you choose well, you can get a few hundred dollar’s worth of material for your investment! Just go for the mega packs if the topic interests you. Check the catalogue:

==> http://plrformarketers.com/1dollarsale.pdf

And if you’d like more details, you can check them out on her site (but don’t order there – unless you like to pay full price:

==> http://tiffplr.info

Instead, go to the following link for the BIG Sale:

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/1buck

My BIG Tiffany Lambert PLR Sale Bonuses:

And if you invest in bigger packages…

With $50 or more you also get coaching, a “Turn Your PLR Into Income Fast” coaching call (though I can be flexible on the topic).

AND with $100 OR the Total PLR Membership OR if you get all five of the Full Funnels (each of them a literal business in a box) that pop up after you purchase anything, you’ll also get a custom-written Pre-Sell report and follow-up emails for the product of your choice. If you prefer to buy the Full Funnels offered as a One-Time-Offer after you get your pack, you can also get the BIG Bonus IF you get at least 5 of them.

If you qualify for those extra bonuses, just forward your receipt to me at elisabethhelp@gmail.com and we’ll make the arrangements!

Here’s how this PLR Deal works:

1) Get Tiff’s catalog with all her products:

==> http://plrformarketers.com/1dollarsale.pdf

2) Find all the products that interest you and make a list. And then go to Tiff’s big Sale:

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/1buck

Then click on the appropriate order button for the number of products you want, i.e., 10 products = $10, 50 products, $50, etc.  Everything in the catalog is included EXCEPT her full funnels. They’re normally $65 a piece, and right now you can get them for a LOT less in the offer that pops up AFTER you’ve made a purchase! Those are basically products in a box and outstanding.

You can even get a deal on ALL her products, past, present, and future! Yes, that includes the Full Funnels too! She’ll give you $200 off her Lifetime Membership!

I can tell you from experience what a deal that is – I’m a Lifetime Member and I LOVE it! Whenever I need some PLR, I go “shopping” in her store, and it’s all free to me! The first thing I did after joining is download all her Full Funnels 😉  And every few days, Tiff sends me updates with new products she’s just added!

3) Follow the instructions you get on the dowload page (and don’t forget to download my bonus, which is on the same page!

This means, send her an email to the address on the file inside and include a list of the exact titles of the products you want. She will send them to you within 24 hours, but usually sooner. Still, she gets swamped sometimes, so please be patient.

And then, enjoy your goodies.

A Question: What is PLR, and why do you want it? 

PLR means it’s Private Label, meaning you can use it as your own. You can post it on your blog, or turn it into emails or even products that you can sell to your customers.

AND even if you have no interest in using it for those purposes, you’ll get huge benefits just from the info inside. I know of quite a few people who get Tiff’s ebooks and articles just for the information she packs inside.  In fact, I get a lot of them just for the info, though I also use them for PLR purposes.

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/1buck

Important: The sale ends in late morning EST (give and take an hour or two).

So if you want an insane deal on Tiffany Lambert’s PLR Sale, with BONUSES, better act fast!


5 Ways to Use PLR

What can you do with PLR?

Let me count the ways….

PLR means Private label rights and that means that you can rewrite it and own it and put your own name on it.



You do have to keep in mind that you’re not the only person who has rights to that content. If you want exclusive, you’ve got to pay an exclusive price to a ghostwriter (or write it yourself).

But PLR is a highly useful addendum to your exclusive stuff.

Here are just some of the ways you can make use of PLR content without breaking the bank (or working yourself half to death):

1) Building Niches Sites by Using PLR Content

Using PLR by adding it to a niche site in the form of a blog post or article is probably the easiest way to turn your PLR into money.. Search engines like lots of content, and so adding a few extra PLR articles can help your site rank better for the keywords you are targeting.

Crazy PLR Sale

A Tip:

Avoid using PLR articles just as they are. As I mentioned, others will have the same content, so make sure your site doesn’t look like everyone else’s.

Then again, don’t get too worried. 90% of people who buy PLR let it rot on their hard drives. So yes, there’s competition and yes, you need to rewrite it, but there’s no reason to be paranoid.

There’s ONE thing you should NOT do with PLR: Do NOT post it in article directories. First of all, it’s against many directories’ terms of service and it can get you banned. And then… you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism, now, do you?

2) Turn it into ebooks

That’s right. You can combine those articles, with each other and with your own material, and turn it into ebooks.

How cool is that! Half the writing, twice the content. And of course, you do need to rewrite it.

3) Turn it into bonuses

Got a resell rights ebook and it looks like everyone else’s? Why not offer a bonus with it. That will help you sweeten the deal, and increase sales. Everything said above applies of course.

4) Turn it into audio programs

Once again, after working your magic and personalizing your PLR stuff, you can also turn it into audio programs, and, well, videos, webinars, and more.

There’s really no limit.

5) Shorten your own learning curve

Here’s something very sneaky I’ve been doing with PLR:

I’ve read it myself to learn about stuff.

That’s right. It’s perfectly fine to use PLR for the information that’s in it, whether or not you plan to turn around and sell it later.

Here’s something to watch out for, whether you’re planning to sell it or to enhance your own information base:

Be sure to get high quality content!

And how can you be sure?

Here are three tips:

1) Check out the reputation of the seller

There are a number of sellers that have a great reputation. Many of them are marketers as well as PLR sellers. Their content is generally outstanding because they do have a good name they would lose if they sold low-quality stuff.

On the other hand, if you get thousands of articles for a few bucks, you should probably walk the other way. Chances are that either that PLR is uhm, inferior, or that it has been sold so many times that it’s essentially worthless. Probably both.

2) Buy a couple of things and read them before investing in more

That’s a very smart move. Just buy a few things and see how you like them. If you’re impressed, chances are that you like the rest as well.

3) Take advantage of free samples or sales

Many of the reputable PLR sellers (those that are also marketers) often give away some samples, or run great sales that are promoted by other PLR sellers.

You can usually count on those sellers to provide high quality.

And in my previous post, I mentioned Tiffany Dow’s sale:

CLICK HERE to Check it Out

The sale is good for another few hours, so you can buy a couple of things, read them, and then stock up.

Tiff is also one of the most respected Writers out there – she’s known as Ghostwriter to the Stars, although she stopped writing for others quite a while ago.

She also has a degree in journalism, so if I need quality content to know how something works, whether for my info or to help out my readers and customers, Tiff is one of my favorite sources.


And bingo! You’ve got some great PLR you know you can use for your own purposes or to make money, preferably both.

Have fun!


CLICK HERE to Check it Out