Review of “Commission Stealth Bombs” Part 1: A Very Enthusiastic Sales Letter

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Commission Stealth BombsPlease note: This product is no longer available! 

However, I will recommend a product that will provide a similar service very shortly…

Welcome to my Review of Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs! In full disclosure, this is a product I’ve been using for a couple of months, and yes, I’ve been implementing it, though not as thoroughly ad I will this time. In spite of that, I HAVE made more than my money back, and then some.

And I am sure that if I’d been doing everything Kevin tells me to, I’d be making a lot more. So here’s my chance to find out if this is in fact true! I’ll be implementing the heck out of this next new bomb, which should appear in my inbox by the time I get up.

If you want to follow along with my review, you’ll want to be able to look at the sales page:

CLICK HERE for Affiliate Stealth Bombs

In order to live up to the full disclosure mandate – I am an affiliate for this product (after all, I’m an affiliate marketers, which is part of how I earn my living), and yes, I bought my own copy, which is actually a subscription, so I’m paying for it every month.

What is Affiliate Stealth Bombs

Affiliate Stealth Bombs reminds me of some earlier products, only it’s MUCH better. The products it reminds me of are Affiliate Silver Bullets and that Pirate product.

How is it better? The products themselves are better, and you get total control over what you do, at least you do if you upgrade… More about that later.

But actually, you don’t even need to upgrade to do your own thing – except you’d REALLY have to do your own thing. The upgrade stands for “done for you.”

So each month, you’ll get TWO “stealth Bombs” that will help you promote and make money from affiliate products. The affiliate programs include Clickbank and also a couple of other programs.

Review of the Sales Letter for Commission Stealth Bombs

Before we go over all the info cold, why don’t we look at the sales page:

CLICK HERE for Affiliate Stealth Bombs

The first thing you’ll see are three “bombs” on the left side of the page, and the words “Commission Stealth Bombs” in big red letters to the right of the bombs.

And immediately, you hear a sort of mystery movie sound-track intro sound as the movie starts. Oh no, I thought, not another one of those no-control videos!

But actually, if I click on the video, it stops. It’s also not “endless” – just 14 minutes long.

The video starts with promising multiple streams of income from the internet, and promises that you won’t need any special experience, knowledge, or technical skills. This sounds awfully familiar, and if I hadn’t know Kevin for several years, I might have shut it off right there. But instead, I watched…

If you can spare 20 or 30 minutes a day, he says, you can do this. Can you really? We’ll find out.

He the speaker introduces himself. He’s Kevin Riley, and he’s living that online lifestyle. And the easiest and quickest method, he explains in the video, is affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it looks. Most beginners do it wrong. Kevin did too. And I did too.

He explains why HIS method works so well. He pre-sells his prospects.

1) Picks a product that’s selling well (and has the potential to keep selling well)

2) Creates a pre-sell report

3) It has a call to action that sends them to the sales page

4) The sales page only has to close the deal.

In Commission Stealth Bombs, Kevin provides his customers with a new pre-selling report every other week, with a rebrander so you can insert your affiliate link, plus tactics to use to get the pre-selling report into the hands of target prospects.

My thoughts – sure, sounds great, but do they really sell? Does it work? Will it really take just 20 minutes a day?

I’m no slouch and have been doing this for at leaat a couple of years now. But I haven’t gotten quite the same sales figures he claims. I figured, why not get some extra reports to bring me money – and see if I can learn something from how Kevin does this. And who knows, maybe my sales will go up.

What’s in the box?

The basic model comes with just the reports and suggestions for marketing.

The enhanced program allows you to capture names and email addresses, and it comes with a pre-built squeeze page AND autoresponder messages, which allows you to build a list.

The question: which one should I go with.

He goes over what you get in detail:

2 original reports per month, for well-selling products.
detailed training that covers every task in step-by-step (question: does it really?)
numerous strategies for distributing the reports

In the enhanced program, you also get a squeeze page and an autoresponder sequence.

There’s also a premium level, with group coaching.

He promises that we’ll get his email address no matter which option we’ll sign up for, and that he will answer our questions fast, often within minutes.

How much can we make? Really???

There’s a second video that shows how much I could make…

I’m going to keep careful tabs on how well this actually works… My reaction is Yeah, right!

I also suspect that Kevin’s projections are overly optimistic. I do expect them to work, but I’m not so sure about the actual conversions, yes, even with the pre-sell report.

Of course, at the end of the video is an earnings disclaimer…

What to expect in this “Applied” Review

But here’s the thing. This is an “applied” review, so I’m going to put in my half hour a day or so and see what happens. And I’ll keep you informed.

Personally, I liked the sales page enough to invest in the product. I also have made money with it already – it more than pays for itself. But I also know Kevin and have a lot of his other products, so I was biased and pre-sold in the way not very many others are.

Stay tuned for the next section, where I’ll explain what the new product is all about, and begin the process.

Summary: My verdict about the sales letter…

I like it. It’s clear, describes what the buyer will get, and provides the info in both video format as well as written format – you can review everything in the actual sales letter before you decide whether or not the product is for you. Oh, and it’s very enthusiastic and optimistic about the potential of the product – without being hype-y. The question to be answered is… Will it deliver?

So once again, here’s the sales letter…

CLICK HERE for Affiliate Stealth Bombs

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