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More Online Business How-to Info: My New Year’s Resolution for my Favorite Web Stuff Blog

Happy New Year!  The first month is already half over, and I’m still getting caught up with all the new stuff I want to do.

For starters, I’m going to rejuvenate this blog.

I know, I know, I’ve been neglecting it. And maybe I did because I wasn’t sure what to write and whether anyone actually wanted to read what I had to say.  So I mostly focused on my http://www.MyFavoriteSelfHelpStuff.com blog instead.

And that blog is coming along nicely.  This one…  I guess part of it was that I needed to build up my confidence that I really had something worthwhile to offer.

And guess what?  I finally have that confidence.

Thanks to my Mastermind group especially, and my new clients whom I’ve been helping with their online needs.  I’ve been setting up shopping carts, autoresponders, creating products, affiliate programs, and more.  Whoa!  I can do this!  I even edited web pages and changed payment buttons and links, and uploaded them back to the server, and my clients were thrilled.

I’ve grown about 8 inches in the last month or two. At least in spirit.

But seriously, I know a heck of a lot, and unless you’re a veteran marketer, some or most of the information I will share over the next weeks and months will be useful to you.

So here goes.  What I’ll do is go back to what I REALLY meant to do with this blog: share my favorite web stuff:  info, resources, how-to information, and a heck of a lot more.  It’ll be especially useful for newbies, but also for intermediate level internet marketers.  Because I know a whole lot about some areas, including article marketing, affiliate marketing, copywriting, and WordPress blogs.

And in order not to make this too long and leave plenty of info for the next post, I’ll start with this on my next post, which will appear… in a day or two (if I remember, which I’m sure I will — because I’ll put a note in my calendar!).

Happy New Year!  And much success!

Elisabeth, also known as Dr. K to her fans and clients 😉

Article Marketing: My Favorite Ezine Article Directories and Article Submission Strategies

If you’re serious about article marketing, you probably wonder where best to submit your articles to give them the most advantageous distribution.  Which one is my favorite ezine articles directory?  You get three guesses.

Yes, I know you knew that one:  http://www.ezinearticles.com 😉

But which one do you think is my next favorite one?  For efficiency in submission and having my article widely distributed, iSnare is really hard to beat.

In terms of numbers/views, it is very close to ezinearticles.com, plus it sends out articles to hundreds of other places.  Where’s the catch?  It costs money.  But not much.  Prices start at $2/article and go down from there when you order multiple articles.  Unless you write articles in bulk, this is not a prohibitive price.

I know that some article marketers, including my favorite article gurus recommend submitting LOTS of articles, and in that case, I suppose it can really add up.  But you don’t have to submit ALL your articles to iSnare either.  Be selective…

For example, consider picking one or two more from one of the other top-ten lists if you like and experiment.  Be sure to read everybody’s guidelines and follow them to the letter.

And then there are niche sites…  And what I’d suggest is this:  Go find out which niche article sites there are in your niche, read their guidelines, and start submitting some articles there as well.

Good luck!