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Review of Tiffany Dow’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome, Part 4: Putting It Into Practice

Alright. This is where the rubber hits the road, i.e., the part where I’m finally putting Tiffany’s teachings on how to DO the cashing in into practice. This right here, is part four of the blog about Tiffany’s Guide. BUT the other part of the review is implementation, and that means, picking another product and putting THAT into practice and writing a detailed review about THAT.

And so this is where I’m going to tell you what I’ll do my review on.

As I mentioned before, the product I’ll review is

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Review of Tiffany Dow’s “Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome”, Part 3 – On The OTHER Side Of The BUY Button

shiny objects ebookThis is part 3 of my review of Tiffany Dow’s “Guide to Cashing In on Shiny New Object Syndrome.” Last time, in part 2, I wrote about the sales letter. This post will be on what happens after you hit the “BUY” button.

What Happens Next…

Okay, so you hit the “BUY” button. What happens next?

You’re taken to a secure order form, where you have the choice of paying with your credit card or PayPal. I like having that choice! Paying with PayPal may be faster, but paying with a credit card gives you more options…

And once you click on the Pay Now button, you’re taken to a payment confirmation page, with a link to click on to complete your order.

And what comes after THAT is the key. You will go to…

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Review of Tiffany Dow’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome, Part 2 (Skid Marks)

shiny objects ebookTiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome may change how we make purchasing decisions – or at least help us make less guilty about what we buy.

Reviewing the sales page

Just looking at the sales page made me kind of giddy. You see, I’m a bona fide example of someone with Shiny New Object Syndrome. And so when I was reading the sales page, I went, Woo Hoo! And I could hardly make my way through the page fast enough to hit the “BUY” button!
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Shiny New Object Syndrome – Surprising Solutions

money buddha - shiny objectsAre you suffering from shiny new object syndrome, also known as shiny bright object syndrome? Or maybe you’re actually enjoying the affliction. I often do 😉

Sttill, there are a few drawbacks, and they are what has given Shiny New Object Syndrome (or Bright Shiny Object Syndrome) a bad name.

You see, the essence of that syndrome is that every time a new shiny bright object zooms into your inbox, you immediately think you MUST have it – because it will FINALLY be the solution, the missing link, that will help you pull everyhing together and help you make money online.

Ha! I know that thought process because I’ve been thinking it too. A lot. And I have a hard drive full of stuff I can’t even remember what it does.

Just today, I acquired a cool new WordPress Plugin that makes a quiz – and I have the feeling I already have software that does just that. But where is it?

The problem with Shiny New Object Syndrome:

There are primarily two problems with Shiny New Object Syndrome. It makes you spend too much money because none of those shiny objects comes free of charge.

And then it distracts you from whatever it was you were doing, and gets you confused. The result – projects remain undone, and you’re on to another project, one involving the bright shiny object.

Until… the NEXT shiny object comes along…

The solution to the Bright Shiny New Object Syndrome

There are a number of solutions, and they address the two problems to varying degrees…

Solution 1: Tough Love

That’s the traditional method. Tough love! No more shiny objects! Unsubscribe from the “offending” email lists so your inbox remains shiny objects free.

Funny how mostly coaches tell you that – so you’ll buy THEIR shiny objects… Interesting…

Anyway, you already knew the tough love solution, and it’s no fun. So I am going to suggest two solutions that are a whole lot more fun.

Besides, some of those shiny objects have helped me tremendously and increased my income a great deal, so I definitely don’t want to ban them from my inbox.

Still, there’s the money issue – and the distraction issue. And they HAVE to be addressed.

Let’s start with the money issue…

Solutions 2: Make them fit your budget

The second solution solves the exploding budget problem. Here’s how it works…
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