Commission Stealth Bombs Update – Easy Commissions For Beginners And Advanced Marketers

Commission Stealth Bombs Review ImageIt’s been more than a year and a half since I first signed up for Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs, and it’s time for an update…

What do you get – and does it work?

I noticed that after a year and a half, the special reports and the products that were plugged in them started to repeat. So I checked with Kevin, and he said, that yes, indeed, they did, and he suggested that it was time for me to drop my subscription.

I thought that was very fair. And it means that I now have the entire collection of his reports, so I’m definitely in a position to give a more complete review…

What Do You Get In Commission Stealth Bombs?

Twice monthly, you’ll get a special report that pre-sells a product. They’re nice looking and well-done. Some of them are a bit short, I think, but generally, they have great info and lead straight to the sales page. And the sales pages do all the selling for you, especially when people have been warmed up by the pre-sell report.

The recommended products are also generally excellent. I don’t have ALL of them, but I do have a lot of them, and those are indeed outstanding. That means that I can feel good about recommending any of those products, and of course the whole Commission Stealth Bombs membership site.

There are three levels of membership, basic, enhanced, and a third level that offers a coaching call as well.

With the basic membership, you get just the pre-sell reports. They’re brandable, so you can add your affiliate links and then give them away. When someone buys, you get a commission. As I mentioned above, you get two new ones each month.

With the enhanced membership, you also get a squeeze page, a thank you page/download page, and seven follow-up emails. This allows you to build lists in the various niches…

The web pages are basically completely done-for-you. All you have to do is add your opt-in form code, and upload them to your server. Easy peasy!

In fact, you can see an example right here on the opt-in page for the pre-sell report for Commissions Stealth Bombs:

CLICK HERE for your Special Report!

Personally, I had subscribed to the Enhanced Stealth version, and I highly recommend that you do the same. It’s an incredible value. For just $10 extra a month, you get not just several web pages (Opt-in page, Thank You page, and a Confirmation page too), but also the follow-up emails. And not just one set but TWO sets of all of these each month. That’s an excellent value!

The reports are also excellent, and easy enough to rebrand. You do need access to a PC to use the rebrander though. Since I use a Mac, that was a bit of a hassle, but eventually I had figured out a system where I would simply email myself the PDF reports, rebrand them on a PC I have use of, and then email them back.

I have to admit that I didn’t always set the reports up right away because of this hassle factor. Sometimes I’d wait until I have several reports that I would brand together and then set up with their websites.

Do you need a new domain name for each of the reports? Not really. You can get a more generic domains and set them all up on that one.

And you also have a choice when it comes to redirects… You can brand your reports with your affiliate link, or you can purchase a domain name that you use to redirect to the affiliate links. Kevin has set up the rebrander to allow for both options.

The latter is more effective, but you may still get results with the basic redirect. Personally, however, I would highly recommend to go with the extra domain names, at least for the Clickbank products.

What Kind Of Products Are Being Promoted?

Since I just mentioned the redirect function and Clickbank, I should start by talking about which affiliate programs are being used. The majority of the programs go through Clickbank. And that’s where you would do well to redirect the link to a domain name. So instead of you have a domain name that says or whatever you pick.

There are also products that go through and, two other affiliate programs. Each of the packages always comes with a special document that provides detailed instructions on how to sign up for the respective affiliate program. Plus once you’re a member of all three, you’re covered, though you still have to apply to the individual vendors’ affiliate programs in the case of Digiresults and JVZoo.

As for the products…

About half of them are products that help you with making money online. The other half fall into several different niches, mostly the dating niche and the weight loss niche. A few products fall into the health niche or the parenting niche.

Overall, it’s a good mix of niches. Kevin also does a great job with picking out excellent products that you can feel good about promoting. A few of the products are Kevin’s own products, by the way, and they are excellent. I have them all and love them.

What Else Is In The Membership Site

So what else do you get? You also get everything you need to actually put the pre-sell reports to use:

1) Detailed instructions on the rebranding and distribution of the reports.
2) Detailed instructions on how to sign up for the affiliate programs
3) Detailed instructions on how to set up your own web pages and autoresponders (important if you have signed up for Enhanced Stealth)

Detailed Traffic Getting Mini Courses Included

And then, you need traffic. So Kevin includes detailed mini courses on how to use some of the key traffic generating sites, which includes Pinterest, Facebook groups, forum marketing, making videos, and more. And since Kevin is a master teacher, these mini courses are really good. In fact, they’re better than some I have bought as traffic courses!

So if you follow the instructions and put each report to use as soon as you get it, and if you follow my advice and get the Enhanced Stealth version so you get the opt-in pages (or squeeze pages) and build a list, you’ll be able to set up well over thirty streams of income that can make you money all year long.

If you’re a beginner, this is a great way to get started. And if you’re an advanced marketer, this is a super easy extra income stream you can add to your line-up of money makers.

So if you’re ready to check it out, simply get your no-cost special report:

CLICK HERE for Easy Commissions

If you want to check out Kevin’s product directly, you can do that here:

CLICK HERE for Commission Stealth Bombs

Blogging For Money – Special Deal For Christmas

money treeHave you been reading about blogging for money and are wondering how to go about it? Sure, you can set up a blog very quickly, and spend some time typing up your posts, maybe even daily. But blogging for money involves a lot more than that.

If you just do the basics, very little is likely to happen. Depending on your subject and whether you tell people about your blog, you may get a few visitors, or you may not get any.

But even IF you get visitors, you may not make money, unless you know how to properly monetize your blog.

How To Build A Blog That Makes Money

So how DO you build a blog that makes money. And I mean not just any money, but a solid passive income that keeps arriving in your PayPal or bank account for years to come?

That’s quite a bit harder. In fact, you need to spend quite a bit of quality time planning and researching your blog before you even buy the domain name for it. Didn’t expect that now, did you?

But it’s the truth. And that’s why I love Kevin Riley’s BlogPreneur Training. He lays it all out for you. And not only that, he also teaches you how to do the actual blogging so you’ll earn a real passive income.

Free Special Report On Blogging For A Passive Income

I have two things for you today. A Special Report by Kevin on how to blog for a passive income. He lays out the principles, and has a cool illustration about what exactly passive income really means…

You can get it right here:

blogging for passive income

Inside the special report, you’ll find not just helpful information but also a link to a deeply discounted special deal for Kevin’s blogging course. But don’t use it just yet…

Kevin’s Special Christmas Deal

That’s because Kevin has a yearly Holiday Deal where he discounts one of his products to a totally crazy level. And this year, he has decided to create a totally crazy deal for his BlogPreneur Training.

It’s on a dime sale though, which means that the investment will keep going up with every sale. But if you act quickly, you’ll get it for an amazing price and save more than 85% on it.

CLICK HERE for your BlogPreneur Training Christmas Special

This deal is only good for a very limited time, obviously. After it’s over, you can use the link inside your special report…

So why not make 2014 the year you’ll finally build a blog that earns YOU money?

Happy Holidays!


Marlon Sanders Book Of Secrets Review – Part 1

marlon sanders book of secretsFull disclosure! I love Marlon Sanders. He’s my favorite online marketing expert and has been for years. I’ve learned a ton from him (and his products) and have an almost complete set of his famous dashboards! They all totally rock.

I also believe I received my very first affiliate commissions from Marlon way back when I first started. That was after his very patient assistant Tim had helped me figure out how to set up the promo pages. In fact, these pages were just about my very first web pages on my own domain names. I was so excited!

The best part was when I got to meet Marlon in person at a conference in San Antonio. He was not on the schedule, and I didn’t realize he lived nearby, so it was a total surprise to run into him there. I was especially surprised that he actually knew who I was! Wow!

We’ve even had several phone conversations since then, and he’s given me some excellent tips on how to make more money as an affiliate and with my own products. So I’m biased and I thought I’d mention that right up front.

Then again, I’m not the only one. Marlon has a stellar reputation for the quality of his products and for his integrity – and for being a top notch expert in sales, copywriting, and marketing, and more. Oh, and for being a really nice guy too.

Marlon Sanders’ Book Of Secrets

So whenever a new product appears, I buy it immediately, check it out, and tell all my friends about it. Obviously, I did the same when his newest product came out.

CLICK HERE to Discover Marlon’s Secrets!

I bought it immediately! And I’m still devouring it and can’t put it down. I’m about two-thirds through, and it’s getting better and better by the page. Marlon definitely knew how to arrange all his secrets. The first ones were interesting and had some pretty good stuff, but now – they’re blowing my socks off. And I can’t wait what else he has in store. No peeking!

I make myself read things in order. So do I recommend that you get it too? You betcha! Or more seriously… Only if you plan to make money in your business, now or in the future.

What’s in Marlon’s Book of Secrets?

The book is divided into sections – with the secrets. First, there’s the teaser blurb (and he has quite a few of them on his sales page)!. Then, he has three sections for each secret:

a) Why is this important?
b) What’s the secret?
c) Application

Brilliant! He teases us, and then he tells us why we MUST know what the secret is.

Then he tells us the secret, in detail. And finally he tells us how we can apply it in our business. And by the way, these secrets are not all about internet marketing either, and can be used by lots of different people, from business owners of various kinds to insurance sales people and many more.

There are lots of insider secrets in there about people I actually know – or in some cases know of. How cool is that. But the best parts are all about how I could make WAY more money. I started getting really excited about 50 pages into the book (the other stuff was good too, but it didn’t feel quite as applicable to me personally, at least not during the first reading – so this could change).

Should You Buy Marlon’s Book of Secrets?

Well duh! Of course, you should definitely buy it…

CLICK HERE to Discover Marlon’s Secrets!

But seriously, only if you want to make MUCH more money in your business, online or offline. This stuff is pure gold!

And I realize I need to tell you more about it, and I will. Right now, though, it’s way past my bedtime…

About My Book Of Secrets Bonus

Tomorrow, I’ll write more, and I’ll also tell you what my bonus will be. I’m working on assembling something really special that will enhance what’s in Marlon’s product and give you an extra edge.

How To Get Your Bonus

a) First buy his Book of Secrets here:

CLICK HERE to Discover Marlon’s Secrets!

b) And then send your receipt to my Help email here:

CLICK HERE to send me an email!

c) Make sure to include Book of Secrets Bonus in your subject line.

Speaking of Bonuses… there are some majorly cool bonuses available from Marlon too right now. You’ll find the info on the sales page.

For now, just go check it out. And get the competitive edge by getting your hands on that priceless info first!

To Your Success!

Elisabeth Kuhn

Blog Defense – How To Protect Your Blog From Getting Hacked

virusghostieDo you have a blog? If you do, you need to protect it too.

But what if you just have an itty bitty little blog? Who would want to hack it?

Unfortunately, you may get a nasty surprise! There are oodles of hacker bots out there, scouring the web, looking for blogs to invade. Should you protect yours?

Well, I’ve got a question for you:

Would you be upset if your blog were destroyed?

Would you be upset if your blog were to be corrupted and it turned into some spam factory that would spew spam all over the internet (and yes, there could be legal consequences if that were to happen to your blog!).

If you don’t care either way, I guess you won’t have to do anything. But I suspect you wouldn’t like either of these things one bit.

And, of course, if you have spent weeks and months building your blog, writing content for it, and attracting an audience, you would definitely not want to lose the fruits of your hard work.

And if you have a BIG blog, you don’t want to lose it either, right?


Blog Defense – Why It’s Important

Yes, blog defense is an important part of blogging. There are lots of things you can do to protect your blog, but most of them leave lots of holes for the bad guys to get through. So you really need to do things right.

Sure, you can create a safe password, and I highly recommend that.

You can also add a plugin that limits login attempts. I highly recommend that as well.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you keep your blog updated. This is a no-brainer.

And finally, you should back up your blog regularly.

And how do you do that? There’s a very cool plugin that allows you to literally clone your blog. And if anything should ever happen to your blog, whether it’s a hack attack or whether you just tried to upgrade it and it broke, you can get it back! Yay!

I learned that the hard way when my blog disappeared. Actually much later, after recreating it from scratch from Google cache, and spending literally weeks to make it halfway as good as it was before I lost it – I figured out what happened…

I had somehow managed to drag the blog’s folder into some other folder in my hosting account, and I could not find it anywhere anymore. Grrrr.

So where can you get the blog cloning plugin? Here:

CLICK HERE FOR Your Blog Cloning Plugin!

But if you really want to protect your blog, I recommend getting a complete system, like this one, which is an excellent one, and very reasonably priced, at least right now…

CLICK HERE For your Blog Defense System

And if you want to find out a bit more about what this business about hacked blogs is all about, check out this free special report…

Hack Alert Protect Your Blog

CLICK HERE For Your Free Hack Attack Alert Special Report!

Whatever you decide, do something, and protect your blog from the bad guys. At the very least, take the steps above, and get your free special report.

Remember… Better Safe Thank Sorry!

free reports mmo

P.S.: Please note that some of the products I recommend on this blog have affiliate links, and I will get a commission if you purchase through my links. However, be assured that I only recommend products I know and trust, and generally use myself. Of course, you should always do your own due diligence before making any purchases.

Let’s Celebrate Labor Day The Internet Marketing Way

It’s Labor Day! And I want to reflect on what it means, especially for us in Internet Marketing or Online Marketing.

Labor Day Barbecue Chicken WingsOriginally, Labor Day was meant to celebrate organized labor – that’s unions who have helped workers to earn decent wages and work under humane working conditions. And because of all the Labor Day parades, people got the day off.

The day off is what’s the primary focus these days, along with BBQ with family and/or friends. So yes, I hope you’re enjoying some great BBQ today. I enjoyed mine last night.

Let’s not stop with BBQ though… Let’s reflect on what it means to us Internet Marketers, i.e., those of us who have liberated ourselves from our jobs and make a living online. And those of us who would like to do just that.

Labor Day should remind us of our WHY! Why is it that we chose to go against society’s rules that everybody has to have a J-O-B?

Maybe you hated your job. Maybe you were sick and tired of not getting paid enough for all the hard work you did. And maybe you lost it.

Either way, consider the alternatives…

Labor Day For Entrepreneurs

If you own your own business now, whether it’s a big one or a teeny tiny one, you’re an entrepreneur. You make your own living. You’re your own boss.

What are the advantages?

You get to make your own hours.
You get to keep the money you make (well, except the part that goes to the IRS and the part that you need to reinvest in your business to keep it humming along).
You’re in charge.

And hey, you may even be able to sell your business one of these days.

One of my friends and mentors was able to do just that – for a

Click here to read more!

How To Get Paid More For Your Writing

Woman writing on laptopAre you wondering how to make money from your writing? There are so many ways, I hardly know where to start.

The happy looking young woman in the image to the left seems to have figured it out. She’s happily typing away on her laptop – and you could too.

So for this post, I’m going to focus on getting you to follow in her footsteps – and start writing – fast and faster.

Of course, writing fast and getting paid more for your writing is a huge topic, and I won’t be able to do much more than crack the surface with this one blog post – but I plan to provide more information, starting with the key to the puzzle – helping you write more and faster.

So here’s a fabulous resource that I’ll write more about further down, but just in case you’re impatient or in a hurry, here it is:

Turbo Writing

First, I’m going to cover some of the basics… and provide a few very cool resources that will help you take it to the next level.

So the first thing you need to do to make money from your writing is… write more – and one of the key ways to writing more is writing faster! That’s right! If your writing speed is really slow and it takes you days to compose an article, you’re not going to make much money, no matter how fabulous your article may be. So that’s the first thing I’ll cover.

Next, you’re surely aware of just how little certain writing jobs pay. And so I’ll give you some info and resources on how to boost that income pronto. No 5 bucks articles for you! Let’s get started…

How To Write Faster

The first thing you need to learn if you want to make serious money with your writing is to write faster. And one of the key factors of writing speed is how long it takes you to put that writing on paper – or your screen. And that means, you need a decent writing speed… So what’s your speed right now? Click here to read more!

Xplocial Review – Does It Really Work?

Click Here For Free Stuff

man working on beachYou’ve heard about Xplocial, right? And you’re wondering… could this be for real?

You’ve been told about the 100% commissions – recurring commissions! So as you continue to recruit more members, the commissions would grow and grow, and you can easily make a comfortable income within just a few months. Unless you REALLY get into it, and then it could go even faster.

It sounds surreal. It sounds too good to be true. Can you trust it?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent hundreds or even thousands on getting in on “opportunities” and then you made pennies, if anything at all. You also had your space cluttered up with endless autoship products that no one wanted.

So you’re more than skeptical, and you’ve got reason to be.

But what about Xplocial?

Let me tell you MY story…

How I Found Out About Xplocial

I’m a copywriter and online marketing expert, and one of the things I do is write special reports and email follow-up series… and someone named Miles bought my special report packet – and the assignment was to write one about… you guessed it! Xplocial!

Let’s just say I was pretty skeptical. I had lots of questions, and I suspected all sorts of tricks and stuff. So I studied the product in depth, and kept asking questions, until I was SURE I fully understood how the program worked.

And once I did, I started thinking…

Hmmmm. This sounds pretty darn good. Actually quite amazing.

I too had lost lots of money in several MLM projects, in part because I could never get myself to sell stuff that I thought was crap. I just should have figured out it was crap before I even joined.

But with Xplocial…

I’m really excited about it. The commissions really do work. You don’t get 100% right away though. You “only” get 100% for your second, fourth, and fifth person who joins under you, and then for every single one from the seventh person onward.

What happens to the first, third, and sixth? Their payments go to the person above you. This may sound bad, but it’s actually good. Because…

YOU will get the money for the first, third, and sixth from the person under you, and from the person under that person, and so on.

This is not a lesson about the compensation plan. I just wanted to give you an approximate idea of how it works. Let’s just say, it really works.

So for once, you won’t have to split the commission with 16 other people, and this means you won’t be left with peanuts. You’ll get real money. And lots of it, provided you put in the work.

As I said, I liked what I found out.

But what about the product, you may ask. Well, the product is the right to give away cool incentive discount certificates.

And, to be honest, there’s a catch.

There are fees for using these certificates, sometimes very modest processing fees, but sometimes they’re quite substantial. Especially when it comes to the exotic travel certificates. It’s not free travel. It’s discount travel.

Although it can become almost free if you follow a few strategies that are in the special report…

Also, some of the discounts for groceries, movies, and others are really fantastic deals.

And if you want to take your significant other on a cruise or a week at a fancy resort, you will definitely pay just a small fraction of what this would normally cost. And, well, note what I just said about the next to nothing bit.

Anyway, so after I had completed my assignment and mulled this over in my head, I joined!

And already have made commissions within just a couple of days. Pretty cool!

Do I want you to join? Absolutely!

But seriously, what I really want you to do is request a copy of that exact same special report I wrote. Yep, everyone who joins my team will get that report and can use it as an “ethical bribe.”

Even me! He He!

There are lots more bonuses if you join my team, but I’d rather tell you about that later. Right now, I’d like you to…

1) Read the report

2) Watch the video I’ll send you to after you have requested the report!

The video? It’s about the ugly truth of MLM and how Xplocial is different.

What’s in my special report and how can you get it?

Okay, so what IS in that special report?

Here’s what you’ll discover…

* Why MLM usually doesn’t work as well as you’d like

* How our strategy will help you build a real business that pays very well – and quickly too

* How to earn 100% recurring commissions

* How you can travel for next to nothing – and save on your taxes too

* Plus lots more…

And how do you get it?

Just type your info into this form below, and I’ll send it straight to your inbox:


I look forward to seeing you on the other side!

One Week Profits – How To Make Money From Home Online FAST!

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money clip

money clip

I’ve been finding that life as an online entrepreneur can be a real catch-22! I know because I’ve been doing it for several years now…

On the one hand, I’m supposed to work on building a business in a slow and steady fashion. I have a hard drive full of How to write for Kindle books, but the thing is, it will take time, and the pay-off may or may not come, and if it does, it will be months into the future.

The same is true with a lot of other projects, whether it’s sites right here on Squidoo where Amazon or royalty payments take a couple of months to arrive, and the real payoff, if it comes, will also take months to accumulate. Sure, in a best-case scenario, this also means that there will be income flowing in my direction for a long time.

On the other hands, the bills won’t wait. I can’t tell the phone company or my bank that I’ll pay them when I get paid my commissions in two months. And I’m not alone with this challenge.

And fortunately, there’s a solution:

The One Week Profit System to Start Earning Money From Home Online In Seven Days

A lot of the money making strategies you’ve probably heard about are either the slow and steady variety, or they’re highly suspect. Chances are you’ve tried a lot of things that didn’t work. But the One Week Profit System is different.

As the name indicates, it’s designed to help you make real money fast, within seven days. That’s faster than you’d get paid in most jobs.

But what do you have to do for that? And can you do it? There are ten different methods, and while you may not feel comfortable with all of them, there should be several you could do, and do well with.

So take a look and find out what’s up in One Week Profits.

CLICK HERE to Get One Week Profits!

One Week Profits – Start Your Online Business One Day At A Time And One Week At A Time

So what to do? Mostly, I’m just focused on providing services where I get paid quickly. But between providing those and finding new clients, there’s not much time left for writing Kindle books and other long-term projects. It’s easy to feel guilty for not doing it all…

But one of my favorite mentors just came out with a new guide that makes generating an income that helps with the bills much easier and more systematic. It’s the One Week Profits guide, by Dennis Becker. It offers a great way to bring in a (relatively modest) income while you’re working on the longterm goals.

It’s definitely not a get rich quick plan, but it will help with the bills if you really go for it. One thing I find most helpful is that it will keep me from spending too much time trying to find business. I just follow his step-by-step and day-by-day directions instead.

In the various sections on this page, I’m going to write more about how to navigate this tricky dilemma, plus provide an example for how you can get started with building an income source within just a week (or so) legitimately, based loosely on Dennis’s guide.


From 5 Bucks A Day To One Week Profits

Remember Dennis Becker, the 5 bucks guy? He developed the system that famously took you from 5 bucks a day to 1k a day, eventually. Slow and steady was the name of the game.

And for the most part, he was sticking to it. Except…

So many people kept asking him for advice because they needed money NOW! Some people needed to come up with the money for mortgage payments and other urgent bills long before that 5 bucks system would bear fruit.

And in any case, most online marketers want and need money NOW. Especially in this economy.

So Dennis came up with a very different book, One Week Profits. This book is designed to help you actually make significant money in a week. This means, if you start on a Saturday, you should have money in your account by Friday.

CLICK HERE to Check Out One Week Profits!

And obviously, you won’t have to stop there. You can do more than one project at a time, and you can wash, rinse, and repeat. And not only that, but after you’ve done your first week, you can add a second project from the other 9 he has included in his book, and diversify.

So now Dennis has a system for a slowly and steadily growing system that builds up significant residual or passive income over time, and he has a system that’s designed to bring in the cash so you have some wiggle room to build your passive income sources. Very cool.

In fact, you may want to get your hands on his 5 bucks system too – or at least learn more about it. And you can do that by requesting my FREE Special Report:

CLICK HERE to Get Your FREE Report On Five Bucks Secrets!

Are You Trapped In That Same Catch-22?

Here’s the dilemma that a lot of people who are working on making an income online are facing…

And yes, that includes me too. I too try to balance doing the work I owe my clients, getting more clients, and somehow building some kind of value (for example products or affiliate sites) that will generate income over the long haul. It’s exhausting, and it can be a real struggle sometimes.

And I bet you know only too well what I’m talking about. You know building long-term income is important, but in the meantime, there are more pressing priorities right now.

Still, if you need money now, you can work for it, usually by offering services or selling stuff you have lying around your house. But it doesn’t do much for you in the long run. And it might keep you so busy that… you can’t get to the next step:

Making money for the long run.

And of course, many models, including Squidoo, help you earn money for the long run. For example, if you build lenses and you sell some Amazon products, you’ll get paid about two months later. And if you keep building lenses, you MAY build up a stable of lenses that may hopefully result in an improved income over time.

But for someone who has bills that are due now, money in two months is not very appealing.

Here’s the key, one that Dennis is all in favor of and even talked about in his earlier “5 bucks a day” guide:

Ideally, you’ll want to do both. Yes, offer up your services for a quick income, but also set aside a bit of time to build Squidoo lenses, or websites, or a blog to bring you a growing income over the long haul.

CLICK HERE to Check Out One Week Profits!

Read on for an example for generating quick income by offering your services below…

So How CAN You Make Money In A Week?

Enough talking about Catch-22 and other such depressing stuff. Let’s get going with the solutions. How can you make some money that starts making a difference – all within about a week or so?

How Can You Make A Difference In A Week

The key to success with a project like this is to be organized, and to approach the project in a systematic manner. Basically, you have to divide the necessary tasks into several different parts that build on each other, and then do them, one day at a time.

I’m going to use the example of offering article writing services to show how it would work:

Make a Plan

The first thing you need to do is to make a plan. Decide what you want to do, for example offer an article writing service, and then decide how you want to promote it and to whom.

Create Your Website

Next, create your promotional website or offer page, where people can get more information and take you up on your offer.

Set Up Your Payment System

You also have to set up a way to take payments. PayPal will work just fine. Also set up an autoresponder with a thank you message if possible.

Promote Your Offer

Next, you need to promote your offer. Go to the various places where your potential customers hang out, and either advertise or add a signature line that directs them to your website.

There are also places where you can run special offers that could get quick results.

Ask Your Friends

Next, you can ask for help. You can contact your friends and other acquaintances and ask them if they would be willing to tell their friends and subscribers. This is also known as getting referrals…

Start Taking Orders

Finally, you can start taking orders, and then you need to hustle to fulfil them in a timely manner. After all, you want glowing reviews that you can post on your website.

If the orders are slow in coming, go ahead and offer a discount for the first few takers in exchange for a review (provided they like your work). You should be in business very quickly.

Does It Work For Everybody?

I wish I could say yes. However, your mileage may vary. No one can guarantee that you make a specific amount of income, no matter how hard you work on it.

Your writing skills need to be up to speed. And you need to be able to create a compelling order page and a good offer. However, there’s a huge need for writers, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble if your work is good.

Just make sure you stick with the plan, and move ahead briskly, and then deliver the goods…

Can’t write? Not a problem. There are lots of other in-demand services people need, from article submission services to design services and much more.

And that’s the basic approach you’ll find in One Week Profits, only in much more detail. Plus there are several other methods, so you’ll have more options. If you’re curious and want to find out more about it, just take a look:

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One Week Profits: Find Out More About It

so you already know who’s behind it: Dennis Becker, the same guy who came up with the total opposite of that plan, the 5 Bucks A Day Plan.

That’s what he used to use when he finally wanted to turn his less than stellar internet marketing career around, and it worked! It was definitely a slow and steady method though. The idea was that each week he would work on a project that would bring in 5 bucks a day for the long haul.

And the next week, he did another one, and yet another one the week after that. It was slow going, but he did get a few breaks, so that some of his little projects brought in way more than their expected share. Then again, a few didn’t work at all.

The key behind this system was to avoid the biggest problem that most marketers face: The shiny object syndrome. They never get anything done because every time they start with something, another shiny object appears in their inbox and off they go… in pursuit.

With the 5 bucks system, the key was to work on ONE project per week, and finish it. Then you’d work on a second project and finish THAT.

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And it’s a fantastic plan. Lots of people have used it and gone from 5 bucks a day to 1k a day! I bet you’d like that too.

The problem was that many people simply don’t have the cash flow to wait this long. They need something that works a whole lot more quickly. And so finally, Dennis went ahead and created his NEW comprehensive guide, which you’re just reading about, and which you can get here:

CLICK HERE to Get One Week Profits!

The Interesting Thing About One Week Profits

Now that I think about it, I find it’s actually more similar than different from Dennis’s 5 bucks plan. The similarities are that in both system, the emphasis is on focusing on ONE project at a time and completing it.

However, there’s a huge difference as well. In the new guide, the emphasis is on making an income within a week. Most of the projects are designed to bring in fast money without much regard for long-term growth. And that’s okay, if that’s what’s needed right now, to put the fire out, so to speak.

In fact, Dennis wrote it because so many people have approached him with questions about how to generate an income quickly.

Just don’t expect big riches. These are very down-to-earth projects. Yes, they can bring in some money relatively quickly, but that’s because you’re mostly providing services, and for very competitive rates.

What services? That’s where the choices come in…

You can offer your writing services, or build websites for people, or build websites and then sell them to people. There’s even a section about building websites or providing writing or marketing services to local businesses.

You see, there’s no magic wizardry and no funny business. It’s all very much down-to-earth good business practices.

The “magic” lies in how Dennis presents it:

He gives you 10 different ways to generate that income, and each of them comes with a detailed, day-to-day action plan! But from there, it’s up to you to actually put it into practice.

Want to find more about it? Just Visit My Previous One Week Profits Blog Entry!

Or go here:

CLICK HERE to learn more!


Affiliate Disclosure: Please note that I am an affiliate for a number of the products mentioned on these pages. This means that I may earn a commission if you make a purchase through my links. However, you should also know that I only recommend products I know and trust and generally use myself, and that you will never pay more (and sometimes less) when you purchase through my links. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you’ll find my information helpful.

Dennis Becker: From “5 Bucks A Day” to “Earn 1K A Day” – And Beyond

free reports mmo

From 5 Bucks to 6 Figures

From 5 Bucks to 6 Figures

I first found out about Dennis Becker through his ebook “5 Bucks A Day.” I believe it was even the junior version. The book has helped thousands follow in Dennis’s footsteps, and it led eventually to his highly successful forum and membership site Earn 1k A Day.

If you’re not familiar with Dennis and his work, you may well be wondering… how the heck is 5 bucks a day going to make a difference in anyone’s financial situation?

Well, let’s see… 5 bucks a day is 150 bucks a month (approximately) and more than 1,800/year.

But of course Dennis didn’t stop there. Discover how he took 5 bucks a day to 1K a day… and beyond. And how you can do the same thing!

The 5 Bucks Secret: It’s Cumulative

As I said, it’s not about making 5 bucks a day, period. It’s about creating 5 bucks a day streams of income – a new one every week, adding to the one(s) you already have.

So the secret lies in the fact that this system is cumulative. At least if you do it right.

So what can you do?

There are lots of options…

Click here to read more!

5 Figure Day Review And Bonus

free reports mmo

Woman under a money rainHave you seen the ads for 5 Figure Day? And have you been reading the 5 Figure Day reviews?

The ads are pretty compelling. And the story about Bryan’s divorce that made him lose “everything” and how he rebuilt his business can push a few buttons too. About the reviews? Can you trust them? Some of them, yes. Others? Hmmmm.

Still, I bet you’re tempted, and maybe you’ve already signed up. Then again, you may be wondering… Should I get it?

When I saw it, I had the same thoughts. I’ve had those before, but with this one, the offer was just too compelling. So I did a little research to find out whether this was legit.

As it turned out, I already bought a product from this same person, and it was very good, though I never really made much use of it. In spite of that, I got some leads.

From what I heard, 5 Figure Day is a bit like that old product put on big steroids. It’s much more effective, much easier to use, and, well, I have more experience under my belt too.

But as you can see, it’s so easy to use and so well organized that even a newbie can handle it.

Get all the details below…

Is 5 Figure Day Really Free?

I decided to investigate what’s behind the hype about 5 Figure Day.

For starters, I wanted to find out if there really is a way to get it for free!

Well, yes and no.

I made a little whiteboard video on 5 Figure Day Review…

You don’t get the whole system for free, but you CAN get your viral website for free (and a new one each month too!). And that can gather you lots of leads for just the “price” of getting some traffic to that site.

Want to see what it looks like? Want to find out what happens if you sign up? Just click below to get your FREE site:

I’m serious. You WILL get a free site!


How Can I Get 5 Figure Day For One Dollar?

When you get your free website, you’ll also have an opportunity to sign up for Bryan’s ONE DOLLAR OFFER!

Is he for real?
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