How To Write Profitable Product Reviews

affiliate marketing mistakes [and success]Are you tired of writing product reviews that don’t bring you sales? Read on and find out how to write profitable product reviews.

Yes, I’ve been reading lots of guides to writing reviews, but some of them seemed to require so much work that I never really got around to using them properly. And others – didn’t get the results I was looking for.

But the other day I found a review guide that just totally blew my socks off! I LOVED it. It was fun to read, relatively concise and fluff free, and well, the approach was refreshingly different.

It promised to be a guide that teaches you how to write “kickass” reviews, and it lives up to that promise. Even better, by the time you’re through, you’ll know how to write these types of reviews for ANY product, whether they’re physical (printers, digital cameras,) or virtual (ebooks, coaching programs).

Unfortunately, it wasn’t actually for sale, but it does come as a bonus with the author’s NEW review guide package. It also came as a bonus with another product earlier this year. But I think you’ll want Bart’s NEW review guides, especially since they are outstanding as well and will further enhance your review-capabilities.

Click here to find out more about the whole review guide pack!

It’s on a dime sale, so don’t wait too long or you’ll have to pay more.

Anyway… here’s the scoop:

How To Write REALLY Profitable Product Reviews

You know that writing reviews can be a great approach to affiliate marketing. That’s why so many people write reviews. Unfortunately, most of those “reviews” are thinly disguised sales pitches.

And not surprisingly, most people find this pretty frustrating. Which is why they will be very happy to find YOUR reviews if you follow the system in Bart’s review guide.

Worried it gets complicated? Well, there IS more work involved. You do have to write reviews that are genuinely useful to people, which means you have to include the crucial facts, and then some.

On the other hand, Bart gives such excellent instructions and examples that you’ll find it a lot less daunting than you might expect from some of the other how-to-review guides.

What’s In Bart’s Review Guide?

First, he gives you the scoop on how to structure and write reviews. It’s not totally revolutionary stuff, though he does point out and give excellent examples, including features vs. benefits.

But the real Gold lies in his “Advanced” section. That’s when I got REALLY excited!

That section starts on page 9 of the guide, where he basically turns the traditional approach to product reviews on its head. And of course he includes excellent examples too.

I love his McDonalds example in particular. It really makes the concept come alive. And that in turn makes his system easy to follow, especially since he then walks us through a whole example where he applies those same principles.

Well, actually, he does it even better. First, he presents a “traditional” (though excellent) product review. THEN he rewrites that review using his Advanced technique! And it’s just amazing.

And THEN he adds MORE examples with different “angles” – I don’t want to give away the whole scoop here…

Another Example With The Highly Effective Approach to Reviews

That alone would have been fantastic, but Bart doesn’t stop there. He walks us through his system again with a different example.

And finally, he sums up his system with cheat sheet precision.

Why do I love it so much? Because it works for my learning style. I love to see real step-by-step examples, and cheat sheets for easy reference. And I know I’m not the only one who likes this approach.

His guide actually includes some other cool tips as well… including how to get those reviews FOUND online, and in which forms they’re most easily found.

The guide is relatively short, but like I used to tell my students – I don’t grade by the pound. In fact, I consider the conciseness of the guide a big plus.

So what do you have to do to get your hands on this cool guide?

I recommend getting Bart’s NEW review pack – where he adds LOTS more meaty info – in two guides plus some bonuses, one of which is the guide I’m discussing right here.

Click here to check out Bart’s NEW product!

What’s In Bart’s NEW Review Manual?

Well, for starters, it’s actually TWO manuals! Yes, it’s divided into two major parts, and I think this makes it a lot more effective.

The first guide focuses on how to differentiate yourself from the masses (i.e., all your competitors who also write reviews).

And he has some very cool tips that I haven’t really seen elsewhere before.

The second part is filled with lots of excellent tips that will help you make your reviews even MORE effective.

Once again, he delivers excellent examples, so you can SEE how to approach those reviews and make yours just as effective.

And finally, he has a bonus chapter where he gives you an easy and effective way to create … a bonus you can give people who buy the product through your link.

I bet you’ve seen that product reviews often include bonuses, but you also know that not any old bonus will do. Well, Bart has his bonus system nailed, and he generously shares it with us.

Uh-oh. I sound like a big fan of Bart’s. And, well, I AM. I don’t discover products I get this excited about very often, and I’m very happy to have discovered this one (and his NEW products).

By now, you probably see that if you write reviews to make money, you’d really miss out if you don’t get your hands on Bart’s techniques…

Click here to get Bart’s NEW product!

Is there a bonus? Yes, of course. I’ll get it all sorted by tomorrow, and will update this post with more detailed info. However, in the meantime, you can also simply forward your receipt to ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com, and I’ll send it to you, along with a special Early Bird Extra Bonus.

What will it be? Something you’ll find very helpful as an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate Marketing Done-For-You Systems – That Work

Red cat sitting on the laptop, dollarWant to be a fat cat Affiliate Marketer who enjoys watching his money come in on autopilot? Well, it’s not quite THAT easy, but if you play your cards right, you can come close… and that’s when you use a version of an Affiliate Marketing Done-For-You System.

Affiliate marketing is a great way to get started in internet marketing. You won’t have to create your own product, and you won’t have to deal with customers (mostly).

But there’s still work involved… unless you opt for an affiliate marketing done-for-you system. The problem? How do you know that they work?

How do you figure out which affiliate marketing done-for-you system works – and which one is a good option for YOU?


Affiliate Marketing Basics

affiliate marketing done for youAffiliate marketing means you promote someone else’s product and will get paid a commission when someone buys it. So far so good. Ever recommend a restaurant to a friend? Now imagine you’d get a free meal every time you bring in a new person. That’s affiliate marketing in a nutshell.

The problem? How do you get people to that affiliate offer – and how do you get them to buy?

Here are a few basic principles you should keep in mind if you want to succeed at affiliate marketing, whether you choose a done-for-you system or do it all yourself:

1) Quality of product

Only ever promote products that are excellent. If they’re on Clickbank, the Warrior Forum, or JV Zoo, you can check the refund rate. If the refund rate is high, just say “No!”

2) Quality of the sales page

Also take a very close look at the sales pages of the products you’ll be promoting. Are they compelling? Would YOU buy? In fact, DID you buy?

Personally, I think it’s a very good idea to actually purchase the products you promote, or, maybe vice versa, promote products you have purchased and that you like… and that get results.

3) Quality of the promotional materials you get -
How “Done-for-you” do you want them?

This is where the done-for-you comes in, and we actually have a bit of a conflict of interest here…

If something is completely done for you, it’ll be easy to set up, but yours will look exactly like other people’s product.

If something is just “mostly” done-for-you, you have the option to change the title and make your presell product unique. This way you can place it on lots of sites and draw attention to it.

So the thing is – the more the promo materials are “all” done-for-you, the harder it will be to stand out and get attention to your promotion. If they’re less “done” you have more options for creating your own unique content.

Your Affiliate Marketing Done-For-You Options

There are several options for done-for-you materials that I recommend. Here they are, in order of completeness:

1) Commission Stealth Bombs

Kevin Riley has created an exceptional program where he provides you basically with a copy-and-paste done-for-you system. I know Kevin from his other products and from meeting him personally at a conference, and I have also purchased more than three dozen of Kevin’s Done for you Commission Presell Packs.

The packs are outstanding, and the products they promote are excellent as well. Some of them are Clickbank products, and some of them go through other affiliate marketplaces that pay literally instantly.

What do you get with each package? You get TWO packages per month, each of which includes an excellent brandable pre-sell report, a nice looking squeeze page and thank you page, complete with easy set-up instructions, and a set of 7 autoresponder follow-up emails that you can set up for easy follow-up.

Kevin also provides some excellent training to help you send people to his website.

Best of all, right now Kevin’s Done for you Commission Presell Packs are on SALE, and you can test-drive two months’ worth of his affiliate marketing pre-sell system for only $7!

The normal monthly price is $37, which is still a complete steal for the value you get.

Does it work? Yes it does.

Special bonus:

Kevin not only allows you to rebrand your reports with your Clickbank ID or other affiliate ID, but he also provides an option where you can brand it with a domain name you bought. This means, you can redirect your affiliate ID through this domain name – which can substantially increase your commissions.

2) My own Affiliate Marketing Promo Packs

I started these several years ago, quite a while before Kevin started his system (and before I even KNEW Kevin!). They’re a bit different, and not nearly as nice looking as Kevin’s. But they rock, if I may say so myself. Read on to find out why.

Right now, I’ve started updating some of them and selling them on the Warrior Forum. You can find my pre-sell packs here

And you can also find a free package in the private forum section, which is a paid area that offers lots of free stuff.

What’s inside?

Essentially the same general stuff that Kevin’s has, but mine don’t have fancy graphics (yet). The report is delivered in Word so the buyers can edit it to insert their preferred affiliate link (and image) and also to adjust it to related products. They can’t do that with Kevin’s.

They can also rename the report and do a little rewriting, so it won’t look like everybody else’s report. And THAT allows you to promote it in many more places.

The squeeze page is simple yet effective, and so is the thank you page. The follow-up emails are longer and quite a bit more detailed than Kevin’s. His emails mostly continue to sell the product. Mine do too, but they also provide some additional helpful information.

How do I choose the programs? I choose popular products that pay great commissions, and do so mostly either quickly, or with lifetime commissions (until your leads click on someone else’s link), or even both.

How much?

You can get the War Room version for free IF you are a member.

And you can currently get TWO of my packages for $5.95 (soon to go up though).

Personally, I’d get both of them, i.e., Kevin’s AND mine. They will provide you with some nice pre-written promotional material, and both are easy to set up.

3) Tiffany’s Pre-sell Reports

Here’s yet another option. Tiffany Lambert, formerly Tiffany Dow and former ghostwriter to the gurus, is an outstanding PLR provider (PLR means basically done-for-you content that you have the rights to use as your own). And now she has gone into the affiliate pre-sell market as well.

She mostly focuses on content, and hers comes in two different formats:

Either just the pre-sell report, OR a whole funnel. She also has a complete store full of articles, reports, autoresponder sequences, Tiff’s Private Label Rights Store, so you may be able to find more materials to create additional pieces of the puzzle.

This is the kind of done-for-you system that gives you maximum leeway. But you also will have to do some more work.

It’s easiest to use if you already have a blog and plan to create extra pages for the various products. On the other hand, as you create special reports that are really quite unique to you, you can easily promote them without running into duplicate content issues (provided you customize the material that is).

How much? The prices vary, but they’re very reasonable – and generally about a dollar a page. However, sometimes, Tiff also runs a special 1 buck sale, where EVERYTHING in her store (with one exception) is just ONE BUCK! Including packs that normally cost $50 and more! She is doing one right now, and you can get in on it here if you find this in time:

Check out Tiffany’s 1 buck sale

Which option is best for you?

So… which should you get? I’d take a look at ALL of them. They’re such steals that you can easily create an extra few streams of income with minimal work. Set them up, send some traffic, and repeat…

Should YOU get them?

What if you’re a newbie?

Yes. If you’re a newbie, you’ll love Kevin’s packages and you might like mine too.

Tiffany’s require a bit more know-how, but it’s really not rocket science. In fact, if you get either Kevin’s packs, mine, or both, you can see how it’s put together, and you’ll be able to get TONS of mileage out of Tiff’s materials.

What if you’re advanced?

Why not add a few streams of income to your collection? Chances are you’re already in some of the niches you’ll find in those packages, and so you can easily add some more offers… and pick up more subscribers too.

What about CB Pirate?

Aaaaahhhh. You may have come across CB Pirate. I have to admit that it looks pretty darn tempting, and in fact, it looks like it’s even MORE comprehensive and done-for-you than Kevin’s product. In fact, a few years back I actually subscribed to it myself.


1) It’s way more expensive – you get started with a few packages for $67 and then you get one more each month for $37.

2) You can’t really customize the packages, which means, everyone’s look the same.

3) The products that are promoted may not have the same quality you’d like – you won’t be able to find out until you get them, one at a time.

4) Mostly, you’ll be encouraged to promote THEIR program.

5) You may or may not get access to your own leads (depending on how you set things up). They SAY they’re promoting things FOR you and you’ll earn commissions. I couldn’t say either way. I never made a penny.

Now they could have completely overhauled their system and added new products which are all excellent, and I certainly hope they did. However, when I subscribed to it several years back, the products were less than stellar with very high refund rates.

I also never made a dime, though that may have been because I never really set things up properly.

So I’ll leave the decision up to you. You COULD choose to give CB Pirate a try and see what you think.

Personally, I would recommend you go with one (or more) of the other options…

Here’s one last option:

Your Own Custom Pre-Sell Report And System

Yes, if you want to be SURE you’ll get your own, exclusive package, you can order your very own done-for-you custom package. I offer this service on a limited basis… Find out more about how you can get your very own exclusive promo packs.

The key to success, of course, is to take ACTION. If you do, you’ll succeed no matter which of the recommended options you select, and you’re likely to make your investment back many times over.

To Your Affiliate Success!


Affiliate Marketing Made Easy… And Effective

make money with affiliate marketingAre you doing affiliate marketing? Are you making things too difficult for yourself? Here are a few tips on how to make affiliate marketing EASY… and effective.

The thing is that EASY alone won’t do it. You also have to approach it effectively, or else you won’t be earning any commissions. So how can you do that?

Start by following the five tips you find right below, starting with taking action (because without action nothing will be happening), using effective affiliate marketing strategies involving presell reports and listbuilding, and finally protecting your links and your affiliate sites. Let’s get started…

1) Take Consistent Action

The first and most important step is to take action. Obviously, you’ll also want to take the RIGHT action. But still… the best strategies aren’t going to work if you don’t actually apply them.

So whatever you do, come up with a plan that you can implement, and then do it.

Obviously, the easier the plan, the more likely you are to actually apply it – and the more likely you are to earn commissions. So I highly recommend some kind of “done-for-you” plan, at least as part of your affiliate marketing strategy.

You’ll see what I mean further down on the page. Click here to read more!

How To Protect Your Affiliate Commissions From Google Slaps

big eyeballDo you protect your affiliate links and commissions from the watchful eye of Google? I didn’t… and just kept wondering why my sites disappeared and stopped making sales.

Sure, I heard that Google hated affiliates and affiliate sites, but I never really thought about it too much. Not until the other day when I discovered that it has a tendency to reduce the rankings of otherwise high quality sites and send them to search engine rank hell.

So what can you do about that? Well, fortunately, with the discovery of the bad news, I also discovered the solution! There’s a very cool plugin that will basically remove your affiliate link from your website. Completely. That way, it cannot be found by the search engine spiders, Google’s or anyone else’s.

Discover how to protect your links

Does Google Hate Affiliate Sites?

I’m not sure I want to attribute feelings like “hate” to Google, though we’ve all been aiming for getting lots of Google LOVE. But here’s a factoid:

I used to have a site that ranked consistently at the top of the first page for its keyword. And suddenly, it dropped, not just a few pages, but it disappeared completely from search engine results. What the heck? Click here to read more!

Warning! A Scary Story About Expired Domains

A Shocking SurpriseDo you ever let domains expire? Especially domains that redirect to an affiliate link and that you have embedded in giveaway reports? Better check them…

I just got a really nasty surprise…

I was editing one of my most popular giveaway reports, and came across a domain I wasn’t sure I still owned. So I checked it.

And I was horrified to discover that what popped up was a rather icky Japanese porn site, with an animated explicit scene. Yikes!

Somehow, it had never occurred to me that anything like that could happen, but there it was. And now I have to figure out how to eliminate as many instances of that domain as possible, and/or replace it with my NEW redirect domain.

Expired Domains Can Turn Into Nasty Surprises!

I’ve been letting quite a lot of domains expire over the last year or two, and several of them are redirect domains, embedded in giveaway books. Fortunately, most of the expired ones are in books that hardly anyone ever downloaded.

But still…

I have business cards with domains I no longer own. Better check what happened to those.

Expired Domains Trouble Shooting: Damage Control

So the first thing is to fix the special report, replace the one with the “bad” link, and then alert all my list members who own that report and send them the new and improved version. Click here to read more!

Troubleshooting 1Shoppingcart’s New Web Forms

shopping-cart-clipart4Generally, I like my shoppingcart with integrated autoresponder, or is it the other way round?

One thing I particularly liked was that it had a nice and plain HTML code that you could customize to any website you wanted it for.

All you had to do was change the autoresponder code (so it would go to a new autoresponder) and the Thank You Page URL, and you were good to go.

Unfortunately, 1Shoppingcart decided to upgrade its Web Forms and no longer offers this simple form, at least not unless you request it from the tech team. Grrrr.

What to do?

How to Get The Old HTML Form Back

Well, I decided to save my old forms and continue using them. And to help someone who joined 1shoppingcart AFTER the new webforms came out, I decided to post a generic copy of the old form right here, so you can do the same thing if you want to.

In the form below, there are 3 places where you need to make adjustments, and I indicated them in all caps:

1) Your Merchant ID
2) Your Autoresponder ID
3) Your Thank You Page

Just replace those with YOUR info, and you’ll be good to go.

Please note that originally, all items called “input name” (with a < in front of it) started a new line, but because this causes spacing issues on my blog, I eliminated all line breaks, which is why these now appear at other places. It works though.

Here's the form:

The generic 1shoppingcart web form code

The generic 1shoppingcart web form code

Of course the “new” web forms look more spectacular than this one, but there are reasons why I like to keep things simple. Sure, I might use some of the flashier forms sometime, and I have used them once or twice already, but I’d like to have the option to insert JUST the fields without any of the fancy stuff.

I still like 1shoppingcart, in part because it still affords us the most flexibility when it comes to list building, plus of course it offers a perfect integration with the shoppingcart.

And if you want to try it out for 28 days – no charge and no credit cart required – you can do that by clicking here!

Questions? Would you like the form in text format? Just leave a comment requesting it and I’ll send it to you.

How To Build A Money-Making Funnel System Part 2 [Case Study]

sales funnelWelcome to Part 2 of my Money Making Funnel System mini tutorial. I hope you found the first part useful. If you haven’t read it yet, you may want to do so. You can either scroll down, or simply CLICK HERE to go to Part 1!

In the first part, we assembled some of the key ingredients. Now it’s time to start building a squeeze page – also known as opt-in page. That’s the VERY important page where you get your visitors to give up their email address (and probably their name as well) in exchange for an enticing gift!

What you need before you can build a squeeze page

Let’s just review what we need in order to create a squeeze page:

1) A domain name
2) A hosting account
3) An autoresponder
4) Either a blog or an HTML page
5) An ethical bribe (a special report or something else that your audience will find very enticing)
6) A very attention-getting and/or intriguing headline that promises something your audience will want
7) A few strong bullets

In addition, you may also want to write up some emails and add them to your autoresponder.

You could also add your (friendly) mug shot so people associate you with the report and will remember you better when they’re getting your emails.

And you might also want an appealing ecover, preferably 3-D.

That’s all! LOL. Click here to read more!

How To Build A Money Making Funnel System Easily And Quickly Part 1

sales funnelYou’d like to make a full-time income from your online work, and one of the key ingredients is building a money-making funnel system. And you want to build it easily and quickly. In this post, and few follow-up posts, I’ll show you how to make that happen!

This is part one, in which I will help you to get started by putting some of the basic ingredients in place.

In order to build a successful money making funnel, you need a few things in place. First of all, you need to decide on the niche you want to go after. Next, you’ll need a domain name that will attract your market – and a web host.

You’ll also need some kind of autoresponder so people can actually sign up for the list. And you’ll need something that will inspire them to do so. You’ll also have to add some messages into your autoresponder system. And that’s just the beginning. So let’s get started…

1) Decide On Your Niche

Before you get going on your funnel, you need to decide who you want inside your funnel. You need a niche – and preferably one that will bring you lots of prospects who are willing and able to buy the stuff you plan to promote later.

So don’t go after a market that has no money, and don’t go after a market that’s not in the habit of buying stuff. It also helps if you get into a market that you’re personally interested in because in order to make this work, you’ll need to really engage with your prospects, leads, or customers. Click here to read more!

Commission Stealth Bombs Update – Easy Commissions For Beginners And Advanced Marketers

Commission Stealth Bombs Review ImageIt’s been more than a year and a half since I first signed up for Kevin Riley’s Commission Stealth Bombs, and it’s time for an update…

What do you get – and does it work?

I noticed that after a year and a half, the special reports and the products that were plugged in them started to repeat. So I checked with Kevin, and he said, that yes, indeed, they did, and he suggested that it was time for me to drop my subscription.

I thought that was very fair. And it means that I now have the entire collection of his reports, so I’m definitely in a position to give a more complete review…

What Do You Get In Commission Stealth Bombs?

Twice monthly, you’ll get a special report that pre-sells a product. They’re nice looking and well-done. Some of them are a bit short, I think, but generally, they have great info and lead straight to the sales page. And the sales pages do all the selling for you, especially when people have been warmed up by the pre-sell report.

The recommended products are also generally excellent. I don’t have ALL of them, but I do have a lot of them, and those are indeed outstanding. That means that I can feel good about recommending any of those products, and of course the whole Commission Stealth Bombs membership site.

There are three levels of membership, basic, enhanced, and a third level that offers a coaching call as well.

With the basic membership, you get just the pre-sell reports. They’re brandable, so you can add your affiliate links and then give them away. When someone buys, you get a commission. As I mentioned above, you get two new ones each month.

With the enhanced membership, you also get a squeeze page, a thank you page/download page, and seven follow-up emails. This allows you to build lists in the various niches…

The web pages are basically completely done-for-you. All you have to do is add your opt-in form code, and upload them to your server. Easy peasy!

In fact, you can see an example right here on the opt-in page for the pre-sell report for Commissions Stealth Bombs:

CLICK HERE for your Special Report!

Personally, I had subscribed to the Enhanced Stealth version, and I highly recommend that you do the same. It’s an incredible value. For just $10 extra a month, you get not just several web pages (Opt-in page, Thank You page, and a Confirmation page too), but also the follow-up emails. And not just one set but TWO sets of all of these each month. That’s an excellent value!

The reports are also excellent, and easy enough to rebrand. You do need access to a PC to use the rebrander though. Since I use a Mac, that was a bit of a hassle, but eventually I had figured out a system where I would simply email myself the PDF reports, rebrand them on a PC I have use of, and then email them back.

I have to admit that I didn’t always set the reports up right away because of this hassle factor. Sometimes I’d wait until I have several reports that I would brand together and then set up with their websites.

Do you need a new domain name for each of the reports? Not really. You can get a more generic domains and set them all up on that one.

And you also have a choice when it comes to redirects… You can brand your reports with your affiliate link, or you can purchase a domain name that you use to redirect to the affiliate links. Kevin has set up the rebrander to allow for both options.

The latter is more effective, but you may still get results with the basic redirect. Personally, however, I would highly recommend to go with the extra domain names, at least for the Clickbank products.

What Kind Of Products Are Being Promoted?

Since I just mentioned the redirect function and Clickbank, I should start by talking about which affiliate programs are being used. The majority of the programs go through Clickbank. And that’s where you would do well to redirect the link to a domain name. So instead of you have a domain name that says or whatever you pick.

There are also products that go through and, two other affiliate programs. Each of the packages always comes with a special document that provides detailed instructions on how to sign up for the respective affiliate program. Plus once you’re a member of all three, you’re covered, though you still have to apply to the individual vendors’ affiliate programs in the case of Digiresults and JVZoo.

As for the products…

About half of them are products that help you with making money online. The other half fall into several different niches, mostly the dating niche and the weight loss niche. A few products fall into the health niche or the parenting niche.

Overall, it’s a good mix of niches. Kevin also does a great job with picking out excellent products that you can feel good about promoting. A few of the products are Kevin’s own products, by the way, and they are excellent. I have them all and love them.

What Else Is In The Membership Site

So what else do you get? You also get everything you need to actually put the pre-sell reports to use:

1) Detailed instructions on the rebranding and distribution of the reports.
2) Detailed instructions on how to sign up for the affiliate programs
3) Detailed instructions on how to set up your own web pages and autoresponders (important if you have signed up for Enhanced Stealth)

Detailed Traffic Getting Mini Courses Included

And then, you need traffic. So Kevin includes detailed mini courses on how to use some of the key traffic generating sites, which includes Pinterest, Facebook groups, forum marketing, making videos, and more. And since Kevin is a master teacher, these mini courses are really good. In fact, they’re better than some I have bought as traffic courses!

So if you follow the instructions and put each report to use as soon as you get it, and if you follow my advice and get the Enhanced Stealth version so you get the opt-in pages (or squeeze pages) and build a list, you’ll be able to set up well over thirty streams of income that can make you money all year long.

If you’re a beginner, this is a great way to get started. And if you’re an advanced marketer, this is a super easy extra income stream you can add to your line-up of money makers.

So if you’re ready to check it out, simply get your no-cost special report:

CLICK HERE for Easy Commissions

If you want to check out Kevin’s product directly, you can do that here:

CLICK HERE for Commission Stealth Bombs

Blogging For Money – Special Deal For Christmas

money treeHave you been reading about blogging for money and are wondering how to go about it? Sure, you can set up a blog very quickly, and spend some time typing up your posts, maybe even daily. But blogging for money involves a lot more than that.

If you just do the basics, very little is likely to happen. Depending on your subject and whether you tell people about your blog, you may get a few visitors, or you may not get any.

But even IF you get visitors, you may not make money, unless you know how to properly monetize your blog.

How To Build A Blog That Makes Money

So how DO you build a blog that makes money. And I mean not just any money, but a solid passive income that keeps arriving in your PayPal or bank account for years to come?

That’s quite a bit harder. In fact, you need to spend quite a bit of quality time planning and researching your blog before you even buy the domain name for it. Didn’t expect that now, did you?

But it’s the truth. And that’s why I love Kevin Riley’s BlogPreneur Training. He lays it all out for you. And not only that, he also teaches you how to do the actual blogging so you’ll earn a real passive income.

Free Special Report On Blogging For A Passive Income

I have two things for you today. A Special Report by Kevin on how to blog for a passive income. He lays out the principles, and has a cool illustration about what exactly passive income really means…

You can get it right here:

blogging for passive income

Inside the special report, you’ll find not just helpful information but also a link to a deeply discounted special deal for Kevin’s blogging course. But don’t use it just yet…

Kevin’s Special Christmas Deal

That’s because Kevin has a yearly Holiday Deal where he discounts one of his products to a totally crazy level. And this year, he has decided to create a totally crazy deal for his BlogPreneur Training.

It’s on a dime sale though, which means that the investment will keep going up with every sale. But if you act quickly, you’ll get it for an amazing price and save more than 85% on it.

CLICK HERE for your BlogPreneur Training Christmas Special

This deal is only good for a very limited time, obviously. After it’s over, you can use the link inside your special report…

So why not make 2014 the year you’ll finally build a blog that earns YOU money?

Happy Holidays!