Affiliate Marketing Tips: Clickbank Reviews

Affiliate Marketing tips: Clickbank reviewsAre you interested in affiliate marketing? That’s a good choice! You have an opportunity to earn money from other people’s products, just by recommending them – as long as your recommendations result in sales. So I’m going to start my series of Affiliate Marketing Tips with Clickbank Product Reviews!

And there’s a reason for that! Clickbank is one of the premier marketplaces for digital products – and when people make buying decisions anywhere, especially when it comes to Clickbank products, they’re looking for reviews…

Affiliate Marketing Tips on Clickbank Product Reviews

It’s easy to see where product reviews fit in within the general Affiliate Marketing Tips arena. One of the most popular keyword search term is “Product Name Review.” Of course, you need to replace the term “Product Name” with the name of the actual product.

For example, people might be looking for “Flat Belly Fast Review” or “Yoga Burn Review” or “Ted’s Woodworking Review.”

Yes, people really search for those reviews. Unfortunately, most reviews they find are pitiful, to say the least. They don’t give much information and are often written in horrendous English. Many of them have clearly been through several cycles of “spinning” as well, so that they barely make sense anymore.

How to stand out among the crowd? Set up a review site and actually offer great reviews! Of course that’s a lot of work. But it could well be worth it. Fortunately, it’s just gotten a whole lot easier!

Clickbank Product Reviews PLR To The Rescue

To help overextended affiliate marketers, Internet Marketing Expert and PLR creator Arun Chandran has done the work for them: He created product reviews of the top 15 Clickbank products, along with more product reviews for the next 25 products in the OTO, and yet another set of reviews in the second OTO.

And yes, they all come with PLR, i.e., Private Label Rights, so buyers can edit them and personalize them as they please.

Arun first offered these early in 2016, but since the most popular products keep changing, he has just updated his entire bundle of product reviews, and now offers the new and improved version.

My Review Of Arun’s NEW Clickbank Product Reviews

I already own his original set, which I had acquired somewhat belatedly, so when I saw that he came out with an updated set, I immediately bought it.

I also immediately read some of his reviews of the Clickbank products I’m personally particularly interested in, and they were very good – as I had expected (since I’m now quite familiar with Arun and his work). The reviews are thorough and in-depth, and very well-written.

Some of them are as long as 1,000 words. And all of them include pros and cons, although the cons are generally a bit on the thin side. Then again, he was focusing on the best-selling products, and they are selling so well for a reason – they have been carefully tweaked and optimized and generally are very good. They also tend to convert very well!

Looking for a list of the products he reviews? Here are the CB products that are included in the front end:

  • Ted’s Woodworking
  • The Big Diabetes Lie
  • EZ Battery Reconditioning
  • The Lost Ways
  • Lean belly Breakthrough
  • Paleo Hack Cookbooks
  • 3 Week Diet
  • Organifi Green Juice
  • Language of Desire
  • His Secret Obsession
  • Unlock Your Hip Flexors
  • Yoga Burn
  • Manifestation Miracle
  • Flat Belly Fast

And here’s what can you do with them:

  • Use them as content on your blog, website, or social media
  • Compile them into a report promoting the best CB products
  • Convert them into audios or videos
  • And more…

The only “problem” with Arun’s reviews is a somewhat odd one: these Clickbank reviews are so good that you may be tempted to simply copy and paste them into your website. And that, of course, is not a good idea because it will result in duplicate content… and you won’t stand out.

So my recommendation is this:

  1. Buy the reviews. They’re great and a fantastic deal!
  2. Resist the urge to copy and paste, and personalize your reviews instead.
  3. If at all feasible, actually go ahead and BUY your key CB products too. Then include some screenshots from inside the membership site, but without giving away insider information. This will add to the credibility of your reviews.

My Bonus:

Since I feel very comfortable recommending Arun’s Clickbank Product Reviews PLR, I’m also offering a special bonus…

As I will explain in an upcoming article, one way to enhance the effectiveness of your affiliate marketing campaign is to use a presell report to get people to sign up for your list. And then use a specially crafted series of autoresponder emails to follow up with your prospects.

Well, I have created such a presell report suitable for one of the top 10 most popular Clickbank products, and if you use THIS link to purchase your copy of Arun’s CB reviews, you’ll find my presell report and the autoresponder email series in the JVZoo download area.

New Facebook Group Helps Members Make Money Online

make money online Facebook groupInterested in making money online? Join my new Facebook group, Internet Marketing Success Strategies, where I’m sharing how to make money online.

The group offers mini tutorials as well as PDF trainings and more that will help members fill in gaps and start the New Year strong with their new revenue producing projects.

Speaking of starting the New Year strong…

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Chances are that they include making more money…  and there’s no better time to get started than right now! Especially, if you can get lots of training for free!

For many of us, the beginning of January is the moment of truth. As credit card bills are arriving in the mailbox (or your inbox), you’re faced with just how much you spent while Christmas shopping! What now?

Well, now you have a chance to create another source of income – or maybe more than one, but do start with one. It’s important to stay focused for this to work well!

What’s inside the Make Money Online Facebook Group

Well, first of all, it’s actually called Internet Marketing Success Strategies. Because we do want to go for success! Big success!

And here’s what’s inside so far:

Currently, the training includes information on List Building, Niche Marketing, and how to put all that PLR you may have on your hard drive to good use.

Coming up: training on effective affiliate marketing! And yes, there will also be training on how to create products, how to get traffic, and much, much more!

I also just added a cool WordPress plugin that will help you with your Facebook Ads Marketing, specifically “retargeting.”

Many more resources will follow.

Your Internet Marketing Questions Answered!

Plus I’ll stop by daily to answer questions and respond to requests… And you’re encouraged to join in the discussion. There’s just one rule: Every post must add value! Good questions do count towards that!

Get Help With Tech Challenges!

And that’s not all. On a first come first served basis, I even offer hands-on help! I don’t want you to get side-tracked by tech problems. So if you need help with getting a blog set up, or a squeeze page going, or other such things, you can let me know and if I have a spot available, you can get it at the special Members-Only rate.

Every once in a while, I even give a spot away for free – to someone who has contributed particularly helpful content.

How To Join The Internet Marketing Success Facebook Group

How to get in on the fun of my New Facebook Group that Helps Members Make Money Online? You can find it here:

Just click on it, ask to join, and wait a bit, and I’ll let you in!

Looking forward to having you be part of the group!

Facebook Group Traffic Profits Bonus

Facebook Group Traffic profitsWant to get more traffic to your website or affiliate products? Now, there’s a new way to get it – without breaking the bank. The secret sauce is… Facebook Group Traffic Profits.

Traffic is the key to online success! Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get. A lot of the methods are too complicated, too expensive, too much work, or they stopped working several years ago.

Facebook Groups have been popular for a while, but this new product, created by two Facebook experts, shows us exactly how to use them to get lots of traffic fast – and to profit from it too.

From Emails To Facebook Groups

Emails have become less and less effective lately, as opening rates have been going down… down… down. So we’ve been looking for other options, and surprisingly, a well-run Facebook group can get better results than an email list.

Not that this means you should skip the emails. Once you have people in your group, you can (and should) entice them more easily to join your list – and actually check your emails too.  It’s definitely not a matter of choosing between Email lists and Facebook Groups but of using both of them in sync.

In fact, once you build your Facebook group, you can easily persuade your members to also join your email list, so Facebook Group Profits also works as a powerful List Building strategy.

So what IS Facebook Group Traffic Profits?

It’s a course that shows you exactly how to set up a Facebook group, grow it fast, and profit from it. There’s a series of short videos that walk you through the process, step by step.

It starts with how to set up a group, and how to recruit members for it. Getting a group to grow isn’t always easy, but Brett & Mike have lots of strategies up their sleeves that they share with you.

And then, of course, they also share what you can do to keep the group active and engaged, and how to make money from it.

Why does Group Traffic Profits work so well?

Facebook Group Traffic Profits is a soup to nuts course, and it offers an alternative to other techniques that have become less and less effective.

It also offers a way to use Facebook ads in a way that gives you maximum benefits for very little money! Facebook LOVES to keep people ON Facebook and since you’re simply trying to direct people to your group, a lot of strategies work well that wouldn’t work nearly as well if you were trying to get people to your blog or your sales page.

The 3 Parts of the Facebook Group Traffic Profits System

1) Comprehensive Training

First, there’s the comprehensive training: a thorough step-by-step video course that guides the viewer through the entire process, from setting up and growing a Facebook group to getting traffic from the group to any site or product they wish to promote.

In addition to the training, the course also comes with two powerful pieces of software:

2) Image Maker Pro

  • Image Maker Pro can be used to easily create professional-quality viral images for Facebook.
  • It comes preloaded with hundreds of great images as well as templates
  • It’s drag and drop easy, so expensive designers are no longer needed

3) FB Link Post 2.0 Plugin

  • FB Link Post is an upgraded and as of yet unreleased version of a powerful FB link post software that makes people’s entire post graphic clickable instead of just the small text link.
  • This makes posts more likely to go viral, which brings even more traffic.
  • It also includes click statistics for all link posts so it’s easy to see what works.

This product is a total game changer, with the detailed training and those powerful plugins that are included,” Kuhn says. “Getting traffic doesn’t have to be expensive anymore, plus the traffic the system generates is super targeted!

In fact, I was so excited about the product that when I had the opportunity to getting a license to sell it, I immediately grabbed it! The best part is that I get to sell it at a bargain price, but all the customer service is provided by the creators, who will make sure the product and the plugins stay upgraded!

And yes, I tried out their customer service, and Brett is very friendly, and responds back personally very quickly. I know I can entrust you to his care with a good conscience!

Group Traffic Profits Bonus

If you decide to invest in Group Traffic Profits, I’m also going to give you a bonus: A special training on advanced video traffic strategies! It will help you make your group even more magnetic and send more traffic to all kinds of other landing pages that will help you build your business.

Click HERE and claim your bonus now!

How to claim your bonus? It’s easy. Once you have purchased Group Traffic Profits, you’ll receive an email automatically within 24 hours (though usually much sooner), with the subject line “Your Facebook Group Traffic Profits Bonus.” Even better, there will be more bonuses coming your way, with extra tricks and strategies, so be sure to keep an eye out for additional emails.

How to Write Great Content Fast

how to write great content fastAre you stressed about writing all that content for your websites, emails, social media, and other marketing materials? You’re not alone. These days, there’s more and more writing you need to do, and the quality standards are going up. So the question is: how to write great content fast?

How to write great content fast: 3 Options

You have 3 options when it comes to making content happen for your online presence, websites, blogs, and more. In fact, if you are doing ANYTHING online, you need quality content, and lots of it.

Every year, it’s becoming more and more important. Google loves high quality content – and it favors longer and longer articles and blog posts too! When you could write 300-word articles just a few years back, you now need a minimum of 500 words, but ideally more than 1,000 or even more. In fact, some people say that 2,000 is the best length, though others recommend even more, all the way up to 10,000!

It all boils down to the same question: how to create great content fast, especially when you’re expected to create so MUCH of it. It’s a challenging situation to be in, especially if you also have to service clients, network, create products and more.

So what are your options?

1) Pay someone to write great content for you!

Yes, paying for it is a valid option. This can be mighty expensive, of course, depending on what kind of content you’re looking for and whether you you want high quality content (the other kind really won’t do you much good).

2) Purchase and use PLR content

If paying for custom content is a bit out of your reach, you can also buy PLR content (yes, the kind I’ve been recommending for quite a while). I don’t necessarily mean you should use ONLY PLR content, but it makes for a very nice way to “pad” what content you have created (or created for you) in other ways. Just make sure you buy HIGH quality PLR!

In addition, you need to remember that others have access to the same PLR content (that’s what allows PLR to be so inexpensive). But that’s not too hard to deal with. Just do a bit of a rewrite and personalization, and you’ll be fine. And while lots of people have that same content, they’re not all going to use it! Sad but true, and in this situation it works in your favor.

3) Write it yourself

Writing it yourself is a perfect solution. It gives you the ultimate control over your content, and, depending on how fast you can write, it can make your content more affordable. Plus, yes, you can pad it with PLR 😉

So which option should you choose?

I recommend using all three of these strategies in combination. You should be able to write great content yourself if at all possible, unless you have really deep pockets. And if you decide to go for it, read on below for a way to get much better and faster at creating your own content!

Of course you should also take advantage of PLR – check out Tiff’s PLR for example (see below or at for high quality PLR on TONS of niches.

What about specialized content, i.e., sales letters and email series?

For certain purposes you may want to invest in custom content, especially when it comes to the more specialized types of writing, such as sales letters, opt-in pages, even pre-sell content, and email follow-up sequences. The same goes for scripts for video sales letters!

These types of writing require specialized training and expertise, and most writers, skilled as they may be, aren’t able to write effective sales letters and other marketing writing.

So where do you find someone who can help you out?  As it turns out, that’s what I do for my clients! If you would like to learn more about having your content created by ME, just send your phone number and some quick info to

The Secret to Writing Great Content FAST

Whether you would like to write SOME or ALL of your content yourself, if you like the DIY method, you’ve got to check out Tiffany’s newest Challenge, one that was heavily requested by her subscribers and fans. It is about… writing MORE and better, and on a daily basis.

In this course/workshop/challenge, Tiff will teach us solid action steps for churning out great content for ebooks, reports, sales copy, blog posts, and so on, and do it FAST. And yes, it includes plenty of hand holding and coaching! She’s there five days a week, answering questions and helping us out.

Even if you’re a great (and fast) writer (as am I), you’re sure to learn lots of useful stuff from Tiff. I always do – and I have a complete set of her challenges to date! I like them and Tiff’s work so much that I happily promote her as an affiliate – and give you a bonus to boot if you buy through my link.

Click here for more details about what you’ll get:

So if you want to know how to write great content fast, this will be a perfect Christmas present for yourself – and the perfect way to make sure 2017 will be your most productive and best year yet!

How To Write An eBook – Step-By-Step: New Course!

how to write an ebookI remember when I wrote my first ebook. It seemed like an overwhelming task. But the more I learned about how to write an ebook, the more I realized that it doesn’t have to be all that hard.

In fact, it could almost be kind of fun. After all, if you think about writing an ebook, it would be on a topic that interests you. At least that’s what I do. And so gathering and sorting the information you need to write it means you get to spend quality time with something you enjoy.

So how do you go about writing it? You approach it like any other complex task: one step at a time! There are different ways to do that, but it all comes down to the old principle: divide and conquer.

How to write an ebook: It’s easier than you think

Writing an ebook may sound intimidating, and a lot of that comes with thinking about those big tomes you’ve seen in the bookstore – or on your shelf. But the truth is, you don’t have to write War and Peace, or a book like the latest thrillers that seem to be sold by the pound.

There’s a time and place for those kinds of books, and if writing those books is something you’re interested in, you are unlikely to be reading this article. You’d be writing!

This article is meant for readers who are tackling their first (or maybe second) book and want to find a way to a) make it easier and b) get it done! That’s what I’d like to help you with.

The good news is that ebooks are NOT usually hundreds of pages long. In fact, most people would hate to read books that are that long. Instead, they tend to be short, maybe 20 to 50 pages or so.

Why eBooks are short

You may wonder… but aren’t people disappointed when they buy a book and it’s so short?

Not if the book is good and delivers what it promises!

The truth is that those huge manuals cover a lot of stuff, and they serve as reference books. But that’s not a good format for an ebook reader. If you have a big book on health, for example, you probably would want to put bookmarks and sticky notes inside so you can find the chapters that interest you, for example those on high blood pressure or diabetes.

But when you buy an ebook, you’re not going to buy a big reference book. You’ll buy a book that deals with the exact issue you want more information about – NOW.

So if you’re interested in diabetes, you’ll probably want to know something specific, like what you should eat and the effects it has on your blood sugar. Or you may want some recipes for a specific diet, such as a low carb diet.  You may even want very specific recipes, such as dessert recipes.

The key lies in specialization! Promise a book on yummy dessert recipes that won’t raise your blood sugar and deliver on that promise, and your readers will be very happy indeed.

Price your eBooks to reflect the amount of valuable content inside

If you’re writing a Kindle book, you should also price your eBook accordingly. If it’s short, it should probably be just 99 cents. And if it’s on the longer side, around 40 to 50 pages, you can sell it for $2.99.  The more valuable and specialized your content is, the more you can charge for it.

But this is not an article about pricing ebooks. I just included this information to reassure you that you don’t need to write a big, long book. Shorter is often better. Just be sure your content is valuable and delivers what it promises.

How to overcome writer’s block

If you’re having a bad case of writer’s block, all the tips on how to write an ebook may not help very much. You need to get over it first.

But there are quite a few highly effective strategies that can help. You can use any stress reduction strategies, from aromatherapy, deep breathing, meditation, going for a walk, or practicing EFT (emotional freedom technique). For an easy introduction to EFT, CLICK HERE!

You should also understand that your brain cannot write and edit at the same time. Those two parts of your brain simply do not work together and block each other’s activity. So when you write, focus on writing, and tell any thoughts about fixing anything to go away until you’re ready for them. Later, once you have a good portion of your work written, you can edit it if you like. Or you can wait until the whole book is done.

Find a detailed “How to write an ebook” guide

Don’t go it alone. When you’re ready to tackle your ebook, find a how-to guide (or even better, a course) and follow along with the lessons. If possible, find one where you can ask questions when you feel stuck and get supportive answers. You might even be able to get coaching to help you through the entire process.

Once you have your first ebook done, your confidence will grow, and of course you can use that same course to help you write your second (and third) ebook. You may not even need the coaching anymore.

So where can you find such a course? How about right here:

Click HERE for your How to write an eBook course!

And if you act fast, you can even get a big discount… Just use coupon code PLPS and you’ll get in at a big savings!

Pokemon Go For Fitness & Online Success

pokemon goWord is getting out: Pokemon Go is great to get people moving, and it’s also an amazing way to generate income, offline and online. Since I’m mostly interested in online marketing, which is also the theme of my blog., I’m going to focus on Pokemon Go for Fitness & Online Success!

As you know, Pokemon Go totally rocks and by now it has surpassed even Twitter and Facebook. And the coolest thing about it?

It’s a “sneaky” way to get former couch potatoes to move more! So it makes a lot of people healthier.

Oh, and an even better thing… It’s a fantastic way to grow an extra income stream (or three).

To help you make the most of it, I’ve decided to create a whole package that will help you to take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze and generate an income from it. In order to do this, you need suitable content – and a way to turn it into products. And I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you.

So I’ve assembled a few key Pokemon Go PLR packs that can help you reach and appeal to a LOT of people who are looking to have fun AND getting healthier at the same time! Plus I’ve added bonuses that will help make the process even easier.  You’ll find them further down in the email.

And once people work on getting fitter, they’re also interested in healthier eating, so I snuck in a brand new (and excellent) PLR package on eating plant based foods. Whether or not you or your audience are vegetarians or aspire to that lifestyle, getting more veggies in is always a good idea, and this pack certainly helps with that.

How does Pokemon Go Fitness work?

First, there’s Jenn’s guide… Pokemon Go 101 (Of course, it comes WITH PLR!):


It’s an excellent guide that will help you understand all the ins and outs of Pokemon Go, and you can use it to create your very own Pokemon Go guide products – or post articles on your website.

The Pokemon Go Fitness Factor

Pokemon Go gets us off our behinds and out and about – yes, it helps us get MOVING again!

And Casey has created an super cool package of PLR that goes into lots of detail about the Pokemon Go and exercise connection:

This package really builds on combining Pokemon Go with getting active. You can use the Pokemon Go Fitness Info for yourself, and you can create a lot of great content from it, and even products for sale.

Take a look. I’ll bet you’ll be impressed.

The Pokemon Go Healthy Eating Factor

Alright, so Pokemon doesn’t get people to eat more healthy all by itself, but once people notice they’re moving more, they want to speed up their results and look at what they’re eating too. So why not offer them something that’ll help them get more healthy food into their diet?

One of my other favorite PLR creators Ruth has her new pack on a special launch sale, and it’s all about plant based diet.

Personally, I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m always up to learning more about how to get more veggies into my diet, so this will provide value even for those who don’t want to be strict vegetarians or vegans. Still, there’s a HUGE market of people who want to eat green…  Check it out here:

CLICK HERE for Healthy Eating PLR


I have also added lots of bonuses (bribes):

a) Jenn’s Pokemon Go 101 PLR pack comes with a guide on the many ways you can use PLR to earn or grow your income.

b) Casey’s enormous Pokemon Go Exercise PLR pack comes with a guide that helps you personalize PLR (without the need for lots of rewriting). Very useful I think!

c) Ruth’s Plant Based Eating PLR pack comes with TWO bonuses: two ebooks with Master Resell Rights, so you can easily add them as a bonus to your own offerings. One of them is on Losing Belly Fat and the other one is a nice big guide on Motivation!  I think they go perfectly with all of the above, and especially with Ruth’s Plant Based PLR offer.

How to turn your PLR into a product fast

Since the key to benefiting most from this PLR is to create products from it, I wanted to point you to Jenn’s super guide to creating quick and easy mini products. It’s still VERY affordable:!


It can help you turn the info from the PokemonGo PLR into products you can sell in no time flat!

Even better, it’s just $7 (or was, last time I checked). And to go with the “Last minute” theme, I’ve added a cool bonus guide on how to overcome procrastination! It’ll be right underneath Jenn’s link in the download area!

BTW, if you LOVE PLR, you can get PLR rights to Jenn’s guide in her OTO, which will pop up after you bought her basic guide!

More soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your evening, and check out all the PokemonGo Goodies!


P.S.: Social Networking Mini Challenge Update

Now why add something about social networking?

To give you the complete package, I’m including this information in case you want to optimize your social networking to grow your audience for your products…

I’m in that challenge myself and I can’t believe how much I learned even just on Day ONE of Tiff’s Social Networking course! I already got enough ROI to pay for my entire “investment” (okay, it wasn’t that much of an investment actually).

She focuses the challenge mostly on Facebook, but she also shares some info on Twitter and Google Plus – and it was the Google Plus info that made a HUGE difference for me, in connection with Facebook and also by itself. I had had an account for years but never knew what to do with it. NOW I know.

I can’t wait what I’ll be learning on Day Two (and the additional 12 days)! I’m actually a bit behind, but that’s not a problem. I want to get as much as possible from that course. And Tiff answers questions whenever they come in, so this is super helpful. Here’s more info:


If you use social media for ANYTHING, you’ll find this course really helpful. I’ve also added a bonus: Advanced Video Marketing Strategies! Those will really help you maximize your results. And yes, it’s right in the download area, underneath Tiff’s link.

P.S.: Video Blogging Mini Challenge with Coaching… Yes, it’s STILL available…

It will really help you rock it in the social networking challenge if you can add some video blogging too:


And in case you’re nervous about creating videos for all the world to see, you have some options here:

  • You can do it all by yourself and just learn from Tiff, OR
  • You can send Tiff a secret link to your videos and get her feedback and suggestions OR
  • You can go all the way and share your videos with all the participants (and maybe all your followers etc.).

Also, the Overcoming Self Doubt Bundle (see above) will REALLY help!

I have signed up for it, and I have some special additional challenges… I’m pretty new to video and will have to work out the technical stuff first before I can even make the videos. BUT I realize that I will HAVE to get with the program, so signing up for this gave me an extra incentive to get my rear in gear and finally work on getting the tech stuff sorted out.

And I did sort it out – in time for the first day. There’s a link to my first video right there in the comments section!


it will go really well with the Advanced Video Strategies Bonus that comes with the Social Networking Mini Challenge!

And yes, I have added a bonus on blogging – specifically on using blogging to look like an expert online (one of my favorite subjects), and it’s right on the download page. If you already signed up for it and haven’t gotten it, just go back to the download page at JVZoo and it will be there!

P.S.: Questions? CLICK HERE to send me an email!

Meal Prep PLR Bundle Review With Bonuses

Meal Prep PLRWant to save time and money on meal prep? How about making sure your food is both tasty and healthy? Or are you just looking for PLR on a super hot topic? Check out Tiffany Lambert’s Meal Prep PLR Bundle!  Review with Bonuses coming up!


Right when we get busier and busier, we also come to value clean and/or healthier eating. Whether we’re into low carb (like me) or other ways of eating, it’s hard to find the time to prep everything from scratch. Yet eating out of cans is neither healthy nor as tasty as we would like. Enter the solution:

Meal Prep PLR Review With Bonuses

And here’s the coolest thing: whether or not you’re into PLR, this bundle is a sure winner because you can use it to grow your income online – or simply use them for your own personal meal prep ease. So here’s the scoop:

Tiffany has created a super bundle of 20 articles on various aspects of meal prep tips and resources. Here are just a few of the topics that are covered:

  • Meal prep lunchbox ideas
  • Meal prep dinner ideas
  • Preparing meals for the week ahead
  • Mapping out a meal prep calendar
  • Meal prep for fitness and health
  • 3 meal prep hacks to help make it easy on you
  • Meal prep for bulking
  • Meal prep for low carb dieters
  • Meal prep on a budget

Not only are they on SALE right now, but there’s even MORE. Bonuses, both from Tiff and from ME! Click on the link below for more info:


MY bonus? A special report on Brain Food! 

I’ve decided to add a special bonus report on Brain Food!  We all know that food and nutrition is important for keeping the brain in top shape, and this report will give you a great head start. Even better, it’s easy to incorporate the report’s info into your general meal prep plans, the kind you get from Tiffany’s kit! You’ll find my bonus report right on the download page, right underneath Tiff’s product delivery link.

Are there Meal Prep PLR Upgrade Offers?

Just to let you know… The answer is Yes!  Tiff also has two “one time offer” upgrades for those who want them. The first is a $17 pack of six product review reports for six meal delivery services – for those who don’t want (or don’t have time) to meal prep but still want the cost effectiveness and the time savings.

And if you’re creating a Meal Prep site, you should know that each of the meal prep delivery services in those reports has an affiliate program, so you can earn a nice big extra income just for pointing your readers in their direction…

And there’s a bonus for that too – which includes Tiff’s step-by-step ideas on putting your PLR to good use in the Meal Prep niche.

Her second one-time offer is a Total PLR Membership, where you get access to ALL past, present, and future PLR in her store. This immediately opens a ton of additional content you can use on your meal prep site, and the bonus for THAT is a more in-depth tutorial on working with the additional PLR you now have access to.

All this is on sale for just the next few days! So don’t wait too long…

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Self Defense for Survival PLR Review & Bonuses

self defense for survivalThe headlines are getting scarier by the day, and I keep wondering what I would do when I found myself in a jam where I could use SERIOUS self defense information. Fortunately for us, Tiffany Lambert has created an amazing pack with just the information we need: Self Defense for Survival PLR. Review & Bonuses are added by me to add even more value to this package.

I am personally very interested in self defense, and in fact started taking a few years of karate back when I was still in college. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept up with it, so now I really have to start from scratch. Fortunately, Tiffany’s self defense for survival moves don’t really require karate or other heavy martial arts skills. It’s all about smart defense, not serious martial arts skills. Not that they would hurt, but you won’t need them.

What’s Inside Self Defense for Survival PLR

This package is especially designed for “Preppers” – people who want to be prepared when the shit hits the fan. And it’s also great for anyone else who is worried about what could happen. The pack includes 20 articles, and here are just some of the topics that are covered:

  • How to use the Run, Hide, Fight System correctly
  • Learn the laws before engaging in self defense tactics [Very important!]
  • Martial arts options for hand to hand combat [yes, martial arts help, but most of the other strategies don’t involve martial arts]
  • Protecting your home from intruders
  • Psychological measures to keep you safe as a captive
  • Safe ways to escape a riot in civil unrest
  • Self defense for senior citizens
  • Stealth tactical defense equipment
  • Teaching your kids self defense survival

Want to see all the rest of the covered topics? CLICK HERE to check them out!

What are the articles like?

The topics certainly give you a pretty good idea of what’s covered inside. And Tiff’s articles definitely deliver on the promise – in spades! My jaw literally dropped when I started reading.

Whoa! This is serious (and some scary) stuff, and just what you want to know BEFORE you need it.

What about the quality of the writing and information? In case you don’t know yet, Tiffany used to be Ghostwriter to the online marketing stars, and wrote many of the bestselling product that were (and in some cases still are) sold on Clickbank! She provides outstanding information, and she is an excellent writer. And Self Defense for Survival is no exception.

What about PLR?

Yes, you get PLR (Private Label Rights) with these articles. This means you can use them for blogs, emails, and articles, and you can even create ebooks from them. And you KNOW this is a hot topic, so you can see how useful all this material is.

But what if you don’t really want to use the PLR? Well, the info inside these articles is so valuable (and low-priced during this launch period) that it’s more than worth it just to buy these articles for your information. You can read it yourself and share it with friends and family. Tiff had no problem with that.

Is there an OTO (i.e., a one-time offer after you purchase the main offer)?

Yes, there is. It offers MORE in-depth reports on various aspects of the subject: self defense for survival. Some of the topics include self-defense, protecting your supplies from thieves, protecting your home from invasion, and much more. Also at a steep discount. Personally, I think they’re a no-brainer.

What about the Self Defense for Survival Bonuses

Yes, there is a bonus, actually, there are two bonuses, and you’ll be able to benefit especially if you want to take advantage of your PLR rights. One of the bonuses teaches you how to customize your PLR for best effects.

And the OTHER bonus is a complete tutorial on how to find and use images without getting in trouble with the law. You need images if you want to attract and keep an audience, and you also need them even if you just want to post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or whatever. And this report shows you where to find them either for free or for cheap, easily, without having to hunt down rights and follow complicated instructions for giving credit etc.

In addition, you’ll also find out how to resize, reformat, and even add writing to your images. This is highly useful for just about anyone at this time. And yes, no Photoshop required, and the tools are all free.

Oh, and you’ll find the bonuses right on your download page, underneath the product access link.

Get Self Defense for Survival (& Bonuses) Now!

So go ahead and get your self defense for survival articles now, while they’re still on sale – and get those bonuses before they run out!

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Tiffany Lambert Video Blogging Challenge Review And Bonus

Tiffany Lambert Video Blogging Challenge Review BonusTiffany Lambert just started her new Video Blogging Challenge. Actually, it’s a “mini challenge” – unlike her normal challenges it will only continue for 2 weeks, and the price tag is “mini” too! In this Video Blogging Challenge Review and Bonus article I’d like to tell you more about what it’s like to be inside of the challenge and how I have already benefitted.

And, of course, I’m going to give you a bonus if you sign up through my link. More about the bonus later though. Let’s get started with the Blogging Challenge.

Why I signed up for Tiffany Lambert’s Video Blogging Challenge

I signed up for the challenge because I am kind of a video virgin. I’m intimidated by all things video, both the part about having my face out there and the technical part.

But I’ve decided to change all that. I realized that I’m losing out in a big way by not doing video. Just the other week, I was participating in a Facebook Engagement Challenge, and wouldn’t you know it… it included a task involving video, and I couldn’t even do it because I didn’t have the technology lined up.

And then, I bought an outstanding training on affiliate marketing, and, well, that too was focused around video. And as I watched the whole thing, I learned so much that I felt really upset about not being able to do it.

So when Tiffany announced that she’d do the video blogging challenge, I decided to sign up. Yes, I would have to figure out how to deal with the tech stuff, but I was willing to do what I had to to make it work.

By the way, I asked Tiff before I signed up whether she would help us with our technical challenges, and she said NO. There were just too many variables with all of our different equipment that this was not going to be part of the training. So I knew I was going to be on my own.

But since I decided to do it anyway, I had made a commitment to do what it took.  And so…

What happened on Day One of Tiffany’s Video Blogging Challenge

I was in, and kind of excited and nervous. But I also had a weekend, plus I had bought a web cam that I hadn’t even hooked up yet. So I realized I just had to bite the bullet and connected it. Then I followed some instructions I found online, and, gosh, darn it, it worked!

The next thing I knew, I was happily recording videos!

So let’s just say, Tiff managed to do something that a lot of others have failed to do. Got me motivated enough to actually get over this HUGE stumbling block.

I then sent her my video, and she gave me very encouraging feedback, plus a couple of great tips that will help me make my next one even better. Woo Hoo!

Come and join me! Just click here to find out more!

I’m now ready for day two!

What’s inside Tiffany’s Video Blogging Challenge

Basically, you’ll find a protected blog post for each day. You will need a password to access it (and also need to enter it for the video). So yes, there’s some text and a video, plus lots and lots of comments.

Tiff goes through all the comments and provides detailed answers and feedback.

She does that on all her challenges, and I’ve done a bunch of them with her, so I know how the routine works. It’s like a coaching program, but without the big price tag.

The Video Blogging Challenge Bonus

Here’s what I as a bonus: Since Tiff is placing most of the focus on the video part, I decided to provide a special additional training on the blogging portion, including how to get it set up and with lots of tips on how to get the most mileage from it.

Just Click HERE to get your Video Blogging Challenge AND Bonus!

You’ll get the link for the download page right on the same page where you can access Tiffany’s training.

Tiffany Lambert 1 Buck PLR Sale Bonuses Review – LAST CHANCE!

Tiffany Lambert PLR Sale BonusesTiffany Lambert, the former ghostwriter to the stars, is doing her 1 buck sale again, and there are BONUSES and a REVIEW! Here’s the link, in case you’re in a hurry:


And you should be! It’s an incredible deal, and it will CLOSE DOWN TONIGHT (Sunday)!.

Tiffany Lambert is a fabulous writer who has created a HUGE amount of outstanding Private Label Rights products, more than 800 “packages” at last count. This includes articles, ebooks, entire funnels, and mega packages.

Right now, she is doing her annual sale, where she offers every product for just 1 buck! That’s 1 buck per product, some of which normally sell for $50 or more, up to more than $100! Normally, they are $1 per PAGE!

The smallest option is $5, which buys you 5 of her packages, and depending on what you choose, you could get hundreds of dollars’ worth of PLR!



And not only that, but there are bonuses: One of them courtesy of Tiffany – a special package on DRONES, including special report and product reviews! That’s a very hot topic right now as you surely know, and she provides some very cool must-know info for anyone interested in drones!

Plus there are BIG BONUSES from ME:

I love Tiff’s materials and find them so valuable (both personally and professionally) that I decided to go all out in my bonus offers to introduce you to her work.

  1. The first bonus you will get no matter which package you get:  a tutorial on how to find legit images (i.e., ones that won’t get you in trouble) that you can use with your PLR (or on Facebook etc). It also shows you how to edit them for free so they’re the right size/format, and even how to add writing to them so you can make those cool quotes images. If you’ve been paying someone to do that for you, you can save quite a bit by doing it yourself in minutes.
  2. FOUR additional Guides: on Getting More Website Traffic, on Getting Affiliates, on Customizing Your PLR, and on Email Marketing.
  3. And there’s Tiff’s bonus too: a free 21-page bonus, whether you get a $5 voucher or $50 – all amounts get it. It’s an 11 page drone buyer’s guide with 10 drone product reviews.

Yes, you get all that even if you just invest in a $5 pack (and if you choose well, you can get a few hundred dollar’s worth of material for your investment! Just go for the mega packs if the topic interests you. Check the catalogue:


And if you’d like more details, you can check them out on her site (but don’t order there – unless you like to pay full price:


Instead, go to the following link for the BIG Sale:


My BIG Tiffany Lambert PLR Sale Bonuses:

And if you invest in bigger packages…

With $50 or more you also get coaching, a “Turn Your PLR Into Income Fast” coaching call (though I can be flexible on the topic).

AND with $100 OR the Total PLR Membership OR if you get all five of the Full Funnels (each of them a literal business in a box) that pop up after you purchase anything, you’ll also get a custom-written Pre-Sell report and follow-up emails for the product of your choice. If you prefer to buy the Full Funnels offered as a One-Time-Offer after you get your pack, you can also get the BIG Bonus IF you get at least 5 of them.

If you qualify for those extra bonuses, just forward your receipt to me at and we’ll make the arrangements!

Here’s how this PLR Deal works:

1) Get Tiff’s catalog with all her products:


2) Find all the products that interest you and make a list. And then go to Tiff’s big Sale:


Then click on the appropriate order button for the number of products you want, i.e., 10 products = $10, 50 products, $50, etc.  Everything in the catalog is included EXCEPT her full funnels. They’re normally $65 a piece, and right now you can get them for a LOT less in the offer that pops up AFTER you’ve made a purchase! Those are basically products in a box and outstanding.

You can even get a deal on ALL her products, past, present, and future! Yes, that includes the Full Funnels too! She’ll give you $200 off her Lifetime Membership!

I can tell you from experience what a deal that is – I’m a Lifetime Member and I LOVE it! Whenever I need some PLR, I go “shopping” in her store, and it’s all free to me! The first thing I did after joining is download all her Full Funnels 😉  And every few days, Tiff sends me updates with new products she’s just added!

3) Follow the instructions you get on the dowload page (and don’t forget to download my bonus, which is on the same page!

This means, send her an email to the address on the file inside and include a list of the exact titles of the products you want. She will send them to you within 24 hours, but usually sooner. Still, she gets swamped sometimes, so please be patient.

And then, enjoy your goodies.

A Question: What is PLR, and why do you want it? 

PLR means it’s Private Label, meaning you can use it as your own. You can post it on your blog, or turn it into emails or even products that you can sell to your customers.

AND even if you have no interest in using it for those purposes, you’ll get huge benefits just from the info inside. I know of quite a few people who get Tiff’s ebooks and articles just for the information she packs inside.  In fact, I get a lot of them just for the info, though I also use them for PLR purposes.


Important: The sale ends in late morning EST (give and take an hour or two).

So if you want an insane deal on Tiffany Lambert’s PLR Sale, with BONUSES, better act fast!