Pokemon Go For Fitness & Online Success

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pokemon goWord is getting out: Pokemon Go is great to get people moving, and it’s also an amazing way to generate income, offline and online. Since I’m mostly interested in online marketing, which is also the theme of my blog., I’m going to focus on Pokemon Go for Fitness & Online Success!

As you know, Pokemon Go totally rocks and by now it has surpassed even Twitter and Facebook. And the coolest thing about it?

It’s a “sneaky” way to get former couch potatoes to move more! So it makes a lot of people healthier.

Oh, and an even better thing… It’s a fantastic way to grow an extra income stream (or three).

To help you make the most of it, I’ve decided to create a whole package that will help you to take advantage of the Pokemon Go craze and generate an income from it. In order to do this, you need suitable content – and a way to turn it into products. And I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you.

So I’ve assembled a few key¬†Pokemon¬†Go¬†PLR packs that can help you reach and appeal to a LOT of people who are looking to have fun AND getting healthier at the same time! Plus I’ve added bonuses that will help make the process even easier. ¬†You’ll find them further down in the email.

And once people work on getting fitter, they’re also interested in healthier eating, so I snuck in a brand new (and excellent) PLR package on eating plant based foods. Whether or not you or your audience are vegetarians or aspire to that lifestyle, getting more veggies in is always a good idea, and this pack certainly helps with that.

How does Pokemon Go Fitness work?

First, there’s Jenn’s guide…¬†Pokemon¬†Go¬†101 (Of course, it comes WITH PLR!):

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/pokemongo101

It’s an excellent guide that will help you understand all the ins and outs of¬†Pokemon¬†Go, and you can use it to create your very own¬†Pokemon¬†Go¬†guide products – or post articles on your website.

The Pokemon Go Fitness Factor

Pokemon Go gets us off our behinds and out and about Рyes, it helps us get MOVING again!

And Casey has created an super cool package of PLR that goes into lots of detail about the Pokemon Go and exercise connection:


This package really builds on combining Pokemon Go with getting active. You can use the Pokemon Go Fitness Info for yourself, and you can create a lot of great content from it, and even products for sale.

Take a look. I’ll bet you’ll be impressed.

The Pokemon Go Healthy Eating Factor

Alright, so¬†Pokemon¬†doesn’t get people to eat more healthy all by itself, but once people notice they’re moving more, they want to speed up their results and look at what they’re eating too. So why not offer them something that’ll help them get more healthy food into their diet?

One of my other favorite PLR creators Ruth has her new pack on a special launch sale, and it’s all about plant based diet.

Personally, I’m not a vegetarian, but I’m always up to learning more about how to get more veggies into my diet, so this will provide value even for those who don’t want to be strict vegetarians or vegans. Still, there’s a HUGE market of people who want to eat green… ¬†Check it out here:

CLICK HERE for Healthy Eating PLR


I have also added lots of bonuses (bribes):

a)¬†Jenn’s¬†Pokemon¬†Go¬†101 PLR¬†pack comes with a guide on the many ways you can use PLR to earn or grow your income.

b)¬†Casey’s enormous¬†Pokemon¬†Go¬†Exercise PLR¬†pack comes with a guide that helps you personalize PLR (without the need for lots of rewriting). Very useful I think!

c)¬†Ruth’s Plant Based Eating PLR¬†pack comes with TWO bonuses: two ebooks with Master Resell Rights, so you can easily add them as a bonus to your own offerings. One of them is on Losing Belly Fat and the other one is a nice big guide on Motivation! ¬†I think they¬†go¬†perfectly with all of the above, and especially with Ruth’s Plant Based PLR offer.

How to turn your PLR into a product fast

Since the key to benefiting most from this PLR is to create products from it, I wanted to point you to Jenn’s super guide to creating quick and easy mini products. It’s still VERY affordable:!

==> http://ezlinks.info/60minutes

It can help you turn the info from the PokemonGo PLR into products you can sell in no time flat!

Even better, it’s just $7 (or was, last time I checked). And to¬†go¬†with the “Last minute” theme, I’ve added a cool¬†bonus guide on how to overcome procrastination!¬†It’ll be right underneath Jenn’s link in the download area!

BTW, if you LOVE PLR, you can get PLR rights to Jenn’s guide in her OTO, which will pop up after you bought her basic guide!

More soon.

In the meantime, enjoy your evening, and check out all the PokemonGo Goodies!


P.S.: Social Networking Mini Challenge Update

Now why add something about social networking?

To give you the complete package, I’m including this information in case you want to optimize your social networking to grow your audience for your products…

I’m in that challenge myself and I can’t believe how much I learned even just on Day ONE of Tiff’s Social Networking course! I already got enough ROI to pay for my entire “investment” (okay, it wasn’t that much of an investment actually).

She focuses the challenge mostly on Facebook, but she also shares some info on Twitter and Google Plus – and it was the Google Plus info that made a HUGE difference for me, in connection with Facebook and also by itself. I had had an account for years but never knew what to do with it. NOW I know.

I can’t wait what I’ll be learning on Day Two (and the additional 12 days)! I’m actually a bit behind, but that’s not a problem. I want to get as much as possible from that course. And Tiff answers questions whenever they come in, so this is super helpful. Here’s more info:

==> http://ezlinks.info/social

If you use social media for ANYTHING, you’ll find this course really helpful. I’ve also added a bonus: Advanced Video Marketing Strategies! Those will really help you maximize your results. And yes, it’s right in the download area, underneath Tiff’s link.

P.S.: Video Blogging Mini Challenge with Coaching… Yes, it’s STILL available…

It will really help you rock it in the social networking challenge if you can add some video blogging too:

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/videoblogging

And in case you’re nervous about creating videos for all the world to see, you have some options here:

  • You can do it all by yourself and just learn from Tiff, OR
  • You can send Tiff a secret link to your videos and get her feedback and suggestions OR
  • You can¬†go¬†all the way and share your videos with all the participants (and maybe all your followers etc.).

Also, the Overcoming Self Doubt Bundle (see above) will REALLY help!

I have signed up for it, and I have some special additional challenges… I’m pretty new to video and will have to work out the technical stuff first before I can even make the videos. BUT I realize that I will HAVE to get with the program, so signing up for this gave me an extra incentive to get my rear in gear and finally work on getting the tech stuff sorted out.

And I did sort it out – in time for the first day. There’s a link to my first video right there in the comments section!

==> http://checkoutthislink.com/videoblogging

it will go really well with the Advanced Video Strategies Bonus that comes with the Social Networking Mini Challenge!

And yes, I have added a¬†bonus on blogging – specifically on using blogging to look like an expert online¬†(one of my favorite subjects), and it’s right on the download page. If you already signed up for it and haven’t gotten it, just¬†go¬†back to the download page at JVZoo and it will be there!

P.S.: Questions? CLICK HERE to send me an email!