Review Of Tiffany Dow’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome, Part 1

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Do you have shiny new object syndrome? In the unlikely event that you don’t know what this is, do you get excited about one product after another, and buy way too many of them? Me too. Which is why I bought Tiff’s guide and well…

This is going to be a review with a twist. I’ll explain in a minute. The object of my review is Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome. It’s also the subject, of sorts. I’m reviewing it, and I’m letting the very product guide my review.

Sounds a bit circular? It is. Okay, here’s the deal…

What is Tiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome all about?

Tiffany, generally known as Tiff, wrote this book to help all of us who are plagued by Shiny New Object syndrome. Some of it call it Bright Shiny Object syndrome. No matter. The affliction means that we’re mesmerized by all those cool things appearing in our inbox, and we can’t resist…

We’re all excited, but before we have the chance to even begin making use of that new shiny object, another one captures our attention, and whooosh! Off we go, after the new one. And so it goes. Wash, rinse, repeat.

The Twist on the Review Concept

Tiff shows us how to actually make money with our Shiny New Object syndrome – by using it to create painstakingly detailed and brutally honest reviews, going on over multiple posts, sharing our opinion about anything from the sales page to the customer service. Most importantly, we investigate the question: Does it work?

Sneaky, huh? Because in order to find out if it works, we have to actually USE it! We have to implement the shiny new object, or else the whole system won’t work.

Now I’m supposed to postpone judgment until way later, but I have to admit that the concept is simply brilliant!

Which is why I immediately decided to review Tiff’s guide. After reading it. Even though I was excited from the get-go, I am not making commitments without knowing what I’m getting into here.

So here it is, My review of Tiffany Dow’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome, Part 1.

How Will this Review Work?

In this part, I’ll tell you how it’s going to work. In the next installment (tomorrow) I will start by reviewing the sales letter (per Tiff’s instructions).

For starters, I won’t just tell you what’s in the product, but I’m going to apply the information in the product to another product. This means, I get to pick ANOTHER bright shiny new object and review that as well.

So I’ll be flipping back and forth, reviewing Tiff’s guide, and reviewing another new acquisition! And in the process you’ll find out whether this is something you should check out.

So I will start with Tiff’s guide, working my way through the whole guide.

And parallel to it, I’ll also write a series of reviews of Kevin Riley’s Affiliate Stealth Bombs. I know and like both Tiff and Kevin, though I haven’t met Tiff in person (yet). And I like their products, including the ones under review here.

BUT… Will they work as advertised? THAT remains to be seen.

Stay tuned!

Want to Follow Along?

CLICK HERE for Tiff’s SNO Guide

CLICK HERE for Kevin’s Commission Stealth Bombs

There’s also a free report available for Kevin’s product, which you can find here:

CLICK HERE for Kevin’s FREE Report

Please note that these are my affiliate links. After all, I’m an affiliate marketer, as are Tiff and Kevin, and we’ll judge these products by how much money they will bring. However, I’m not YET endorsing these products yes, though I do hope (and in these cases, expect, based on previous evidence) that they live up to my expectations!


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