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Teleseminar Success Strategies – Five Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Make Money With Teleseminars

Make Money with Teleseminars

Make Money with Teleseminars

You know that some people make a lot of money with teleseminars. Maybe you’re one of them. But did you know how to go beyond the obvious to increase your bottom line with teleseminar? Read on and discover three out-of-the-box ways to turn your teleseminars into cash.

How to make money with Teleseminars

You’re probably familiar with the three regular ways to make money with teleseminars:

  • Charge for your teleseminars
  • Use teleseminars to promote a paid product of some kind (which could include your own paid teleseminar series or an affiliate product)
  • Turn your teleseminar into a product and sell it, usually bundled with transcripts and a worksheet

But that’s just the start.

Five MORE ways to make money with Teleseminars

There are quite a few more possibilities. Let’s look at five out-of-the-box ways to make more money with teleseminars:

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Teleseminar Challenges — Getting Used to Your Voice

woman on teleseminarHow do you feel about the way your voice sounds on teleseminars? If you’re relatively new to teleseminars, listening to the replay may make you cringe. And that might keep you from scheduling more. Don’t let it stop you.

The thing is that most people dislike their voice when they first hear it on tape, that is, the way others hear it. Way back, during the last century, when answering machines first became commonplace, the moment of truth used to arrive when someone inadvertently listened to themselves on either their own or someone else’s answering machine.

I remember that distinctly. “I sound like that?” I asked my boyfriend. He assured me that I had a nice voice. I was not convinced (at the time).

Meanwhile, we have gotten used to answering machines, or at least have learned to accept them as unavoidable, but teleseminars are an entirely different matter.

So how to get over it? It helps to understand just why we dislike the sound of our voice when we first hear it the way other people hear it.

The thing is, when we hear ourselves speak, the sound waves travel not just through the air to our ears, but also through our skull, which makes for a much more sonorant sounding voice.

And when we suddenly hear our voice without the portion that travels right through our skull to our ears, we’re missing something and our voice sounds very anemic to us. Of course, that’s just the way it is. There’s nothing you can do about that.

However, there are quite a few things you can do to make your voice sound more melodic, starting with learning how to breathe properly.

Another thing is to just get used to it. Getting used to your voice is indeed the big secret. And it’s not that hard. The fact is that the more often we listen to ourselves talk on tape, the more familiar our “other” voice becomes, and the more comfortable we get with it. In fact, we might come to really enjoy the sound of our own voice.

Other people already know our voice, and the more often they hear it, the more familiar they become with it too, and familiarity breeds liking.

And that’s why you need to get over your discomfort with your voice and just do it. Start by doing a teleseminar on a regular basis.

Your voice is a very powerful tool for building connections with people. Your teleseminar participants come to know, like, and trust you, and before you know it, you’ll have built a following for yourself.

Isn’t that worth getting over a bit of discomfort? Especially if you think about how much money you can make with those teleseminars and webinars.

Of course there is more to creating lucrative teleseminars than getting used to your voice. And I wrote a special report with 9 additional teleseminar success secrets as additional inspiration to give it a try.

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One thing that also helps with getting over your voice is choosing a teleseminar service that uses some kind of volume adjuster so everyone’s voice has pretty much the same volume. My favorite teleseminar service does that, and they also allow you to do webinars by adding a slideshow. To try them out for one dollar, just Click Here!