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New Facebook Group Helps Members Make Money Online

make money online Facebook groupInterested in making money online? Join my new Facebook group, Internet Marketing Success Strategies, where I’m sharing how to make money online.

The group offers mini tutorials as well as PDF trainings and more that will help members fill in gaps and start the New Year strong with their new revenue producing projects.

Speaking of starting the New Year strong…

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Chances are that they include making more money…  and there’s no better time to get started than right now! Especially, if you can get lots of training for free!

For many of us, the beginning of January is the moment of truth. As credit card bills are arriving in the mailbox (or your inbox), you’re faced with just how much you spent while Christmas shopping! What now?

Well, now you have a chance to create another source of income – or maybe more than one, but do start with one. It’s important to stay focused for this to work well!

What’s inside the Make Money Online Facebook Group

Well, first of all, it’s actually called Internet Marketing Success Strategies. Because we do want to go for success! Big success!

And here’s what’s inside so far:

Currently, the training includes information on List Building, Niche Marketing, and how to put all that PLR you may have on your hard drive to good use.

Coming up: training on effective affiliate marketing! And yes, there will also be training on how to create products, how to get traffic, and much, much more!

I also just added a cool WordPress plugin that will help you with your Facebook Ads Marketing, specifically “retargeting.”

Many more resources will follow.

Your Internet Marketing Questions Answered!

Plus I’ll stop by daily to answer questions and respond to requests… And you’re encouraged to join in the discussion. There’s just one rule: Every post must add value! Good questions do count towards that!

Get Help With Tech Challenges!

And that’s not all. On a first come first served basis, I even offer hands-on help! I don’t want you to get side-tracked by tech problems. So if you need help with getting a blog set up, or a squeeze page going, or other such things, you can let me know and if I have a spot available, you can get it at the special Members-Only rate.

Every once in a while, I even give a spot away for free – to someone who has contributed particularly helpful content.

How To Join The Internet Marketing Success Facebook Group

How to get in on the fun of my New Facebook Group that Helps Members Make Money Online? You can find it here:


Just click on it, ask to join, and wait a bit, and I’ll let you in!

Looking forward to having you be part of the group!

An Online Marketing Business Strategy That Works! . . . . . . . Special Deal Expires TODAY!

growing your businessAre you ready to grow an online marketing business that really works! If you’re looking for bright, shiny objects, click away now. But if you’re looking for step-by-step instructions that guide you through an online marketing business strategy that works, read on!

It’s not that there is just ONE strategy, but the most reliable approaches all combine list building and product creation, possibly with some affiliate marketing thrown in. And so does this almost kind of boring but highly effective system: The Rinse & Repeat System.

Normally about $100, it’s currently on SALE (more than 70% off!), though only for a few more hours! So now is the time to check it out:


Don’t Miss Out! Expires TONIGHT!

Marlon Sanders Book Of Secrets Review – Part 1

marlon sanders book of secretsFull disclosure! I love Marlon Sanders. He’s my favorite online marketing expert and has been for years. I’ve learned a ton from him (and his products) and have an almost complete set of his famous dashboards! They all totally rock.

I also believe I received my very first affiliate commissions from Marlon way back when I first started. That was after his very patient assistant Tim had helped me figure out how to set up the promo pages. In fact, these pages were just about my very first web pages on my own domain names. I was so excited!

The best part was when I got to meet Marlon in person at a conference in San Antonio. He was not on the schedule, and I didn’t realize he lived nearby, so it was a total surprise to run into him there. I was especially surprised that he actually knew who I was! Wow!

Here’s a photo of Marlon and me at that conference:

Marlon Sanders and Me

We’ve even had several phone conversations since then, and he’s given me some excellent tips on how to make more money as an affiliate and with my own products. So I’m biased and I thought I’d mention that right up front.

Then again, I’m not the only one. Marlon has a stellar reputation for the quality of his products and for his integrity – and for being a top notch expert in sales, copywriting, and marketing, and more. Oh, and for being a really nice guy too.

Marlon Sanders’ Book Of Secrets

So whenever a new product appears, I buy it immediately, check it out, and tell all my friends about it. Obviously, I did the same when his newest product came out, his Book of Secrets.

Discover Marlon’s Money Making Secrets

I bought it immediately! And I’m still devouring it and can’t put it down. I’m about two-thirds through, and it’s getting better and better by the page. Marlon definitely knew how to arrange all his secrets. The first ones were interesting and had some pretty good stuff, but now – they’re blowing my socks off. And I can’t wait what else he has in store. No peeking!

I make myself read things in order. So do I recommend that you get it too? You betcha! Or more seriously… Only if you plan to make money in your business, now or in the future.

What’s in Marlon’s Book of Secrets?

The book is divided into sections – with the secrets. First, there’s the teaser blurb (and he has quite a few of them on his sales page)!. Then, he has three sections for each secret:

a) Why is this important?
b) What’s the secret?
c) Application

Brilliant! He teases us, and then he tells us why we MUST know what the secret is.

Then he tells us the secret, in detail. And finally he tells us how we can apply it in our business. And by the way, these secrets are not all about internet marketing either, and can be used by lots of different people, from business owners of various kinds to insurance sales people and many more.

There are lots of insider secrets in there about people I actually know – or in some cases know of. How cool is that. But the best parts are all about how I could make WAY more money. I started getting really excited about 50 pages into the book (the other stuff was good too, but it didn’t feel quite as applicable to me personally, at least not during the first reading – so this could change).

Should You Buy Marlon’s Book of Secrets?

Well duh! Of course, you should buy it…

Discover Marlon’s Money Making Secrets

But seriously, only if you want to make MUCH more money in your business, online or offline. This stuff is pure gold!

And I realize I need to tell you more about it, and I will. Right now, though, it’s way past my bedtime…

In the meantime, you’ll find out a WHOLE lot just by checking out this page:

Book of Secrets


There are some majorly cool bonuses available from Marlon too right now. You’ll find the info on the sales page…

For now, just go check it out. And get the competitive edge by getting your hands on that priceless info first!

To Your Success!

Elisabeth Kuhn

Review of Tiffany Dow’s Guide To Cashing In On Shiny New Object Syndrome, Part 2 (Skid Marks)

shiny objects ebookTiffany Dow’s Guide to Cashing in on Shiny New Object Syndrome may change how we make purchasing decisions – or at least help us make less guilty about what we buy.

Reviewing the sales page

Just looking at the sales page made me kind of giddy. You see, I’m a bona fide example of someone with Shiny New Object Syndrome. And so when I was reading the sales page, I went, Woo Hoo! And I could hardly make my way through the page fast enough to hit the “BUY” button!
Click here to read more!

Another Twitter Tip Post: How To Manage All Those Followers…

Another Twitter Tips Post…  this time on followers and what to do if you need to “manage” them.

The key to Twitter success is to get lots of followers – and interact with them. But first things first…

How do you GET all those followers? Mostly by following the people you want to follow you back. Some do, and some don’t. And here’s the thing… Twitter lets you only follow so many more than follow you.  So you need to be able to unfollow some of the people you followed who don’t follow you back so that you can follow others who WILL follow you back.

It’s all about reciprocity after all.

So how do you know?

Easy.  Just go to the section with the people you’re following — and everyone who has the “private message” sign next to their name is following you.  Anyone who doesn’t have that sign is not following you back.

Now don’t go and unfollow them all right then and there. You usually start looking in the newest area, and so they may not have had time to follow you back yet.  But if it’s been a couple of weeks, you may want to unfollow them.

There’s also a cool tool that makes the whole managing followers thing even easier:


You can see at a glance who is NOT following you back, and then you can decide for each one whether to unfollow them.

There is also a way to find out who is inactive and who is tweeting in a foreign language, and you can unfollow those too.

And all this is available completely free of charge.

If you’re willing to pay a bit, you can get a whole bunch of extra features, including finding targeted people to follow.

About unfollowing all those who are not following you back. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Give them some time to follow you. The tool sorts them in the order you followed them, so start unfollowing them from the oldest to the newest.

Also, if you want to be able to “refollow” them, here’s what I do:

I create a (secret) list that says something like “Follow later” and add them to that list. So when I’m ready and I can afford a few non-followers, I follow them again.

I find it quite effective in managing my Twitter followers.

And if you’d like to learn more power tricks to grow your Twitter account and use it for growing your business too, you may want to check out my favorite Twitter Success resource!

Marlon Sanders’ Promo Dashboard Preview: Promo Tips That Work

Marlon Sanders and MeToday, I have a guest post/article (reprinted with permission from Marlon Sanders’ blog). Marlon is probably my all-time favorite internet marketing guru. For starters, it’s mostly because of his amazing product creation dashboard (where he led me through the product creation process in baby steps and provided all the tools I needed to actually do them) that I now have an actual product and am working on more!

UPDATE: And right now, I’m working my way through his newest dashboard, the BIG TICKET Dashboard! By the way, I’m doing an “implementation review” on it, starting with the first installment right here!

And guess what! I actually got to meet Marlon (that’s him on the photo above) and talk with him in person at UnSeminar5, where he wasn’t even scheduled to speak or anything. He just showed up to hang out! And he gave me some GREAT advice on how to fix a very frustrating problem I’ve been having.

Now I like him even more. Not only is Marlon brilliant and has fantastic products, and not only does he stand out because he’s so refreshingly unpretentious and down-to-earth in a field (internet marketing) that’s so filled with hype, but he’s also REALLY nice (and fun!).

So here’s now his article, which I think is excellent and very useful, and I’m publishing it here in hopes that you’ll find it as helpful as I did. Enjoy!

Marlon’s article:

7 Steps To Promos That Work!
How To Find Your Target Folks, Get ‘em On Your Email
List, Then Send Out Emails That Get ‘em To ACT! …

And What You Can Do Starting Today!

By Marlon Sanders

The formula for making sales online isn’t particularly complex.

1. You find out where your people hang out
2. You find ways to reach ‘em with your message
3. You offer ‘em somethin’ free to get ‘em on your list
4. Capture their name and email on your Squeeze page
5. You send emails
6. From emails you send ‘em to multiple conversion processes
7. Follow the 3 laws

Let’s break this down.

1. Find out where people hang out.

This means you find the forums they hang out in, the blogs they read, the sites they go to.

That way, you can do your surveys, run banner ads, and find the folks who have the lists.

2. Find ways to reach ‘em with your message.

a. Find out where you can buy banner ads

How about the forums? The blogs? The web sites?

b. Look for text links too

If you can’t buy banner ads, look for Google Adsense on pages.

c. Who owns lists and sell products?

You’ll know these people because in their sig line on their forum posts they’re offering something FREE. In the article directories you’ll see their articles. And at the end in the resource box, they offer somethin’ free — JUST like you wanna do.

3. Offer ‘em something free to get ‘em on your list

Give people something so enticing they HAVE to join your list. That can be a free audio, ebook, PDF, video or newsletter. Or anything else that’ll get ‘em on your list.

Run banner ads or Adwords ads offering something free. Come up with a freebie the folks with lists can send out via an affiliate link, so a cookie gets set.

Write articles with your freebie in the resource box and submit those articles to the article directories.

4. Capture their name and email on your Squeeze page

My friend Jonathan Mizel coined the term Name Squeeze page. To PROVE he invented the term, he trademarked it. In case you’ve mistakenly read someone else invented it.

Anyway, you offer a freebie on a page where folks get the freebie if they join your email list. Not so complicated here.

5. Send emails

This means firing up your autoresponder and loading up emails.

It means learning to write subject lines, format your emails and write bullet points that arouse curiousity and get people to click.
You gotta become a master bullet-point writer.

It also helps if you can spin a good story, just like you do with your friends over the phone or at the coffee shop.

You mix in value with or between your pitches so your open rate remains high. A lot of people make the mistake of watching their unsubscribes alone.

You gotta monitor your OPEN rate. That is crucial. It tells you if you’re getting or losing attention. This is an attention economy.

6. From emails, send ‘em to multiple conversion processes.

In other words, you send an email offering a free video. The free video gives a pitch for something.

Or you send ‘em to a podcast.

Or you send ‘em to a free report or a sales letter.

Or you send ‘em to live streaming video.

Now, WHAT do you sell?

Initially, sell affiliate products. Make Camtasia or CamStudio videos that do your pitches.

Or write pre-sell pages that give a little pitch before you send people to an affiliate link. You know, warm ‘em up first!

WHICH part of this process is the HARDEST for you? Which part do you need the most help with?

Hit me back on my blog by clicking the COMMENTS at the end of this article.

Do you buy into this process? Or are you following some other system? If so, what?

Is this so “old hat” you don’t wanna hear about it anymore?

Or are you STUCK somewhere?

7. Make an irresistible offer.

So now the person has gone to your audio, video, blog, or sales letter.

Now you gotta sell ‘em something.

With first time prospects, give ‘em your best offer.
Probably something cheap or free. Although it depends on your market.

One of my friends offers a free book then sells a $4,000 software package. When 3% of the people buy it from the book, the numbers add up.

Others offer a $1 membership offer that goes into recurring billing after 14 days. That is, after 14 days they’re charged for the membership site unless they cancel.

And they get charged every month. When you have 2900 people getting charged $37 a month, it adds up.

8. Follow the 3 cardinal laws

a. Protect your business number one

Follow the law. Pay your taxes.

b. Maintain the goodwill of your list

Don’t milk your cow so much he/she dries up. Offer value to your list. Keep that relationship up.

c. Make sales

What you can do TODAY: You start with step one. Go find out where you target market hangs out at. What blogs do they read? What ezines do they subscribe to? What web sites do they go to? What forums do they frequent?

Then, when you find that out, look for banner ads you can buy, blogs you can run ads on, text links you can buy, pages with Google ads on ‘em.

And start looking for the folks who have the lists.

Marlon Sanders

P.S. Here’s what I want you to do: Go to my blog and tell me if there’s a step here that hangs you up or you have problems with. Be as specific as possible:

Just hit COMMENTS below this post.

Is this all old hat to you? Too common sense? Do you want something newer or sexier? Or what’s STOPPING you from following this formula today?

Here’s the thing: My new Promo Dashboard will walk you through most of these steps and much more.

But I NEED to hear from YOU because I need to know WHAT to put in it to help YOU the most. I need to hear your feedback on my blog.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Info Product Dashboard.”
If you want to create your own info products, go to:

Note by me: Do check out his Info Dashboard. The motivational video alone is worth clicking on that link — it changed my life!