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5 Bucks A Day – A VERY Cool Business Model ;-)

I bet you’re wondering. How can 5 bucks a day be a very cool business model. Math hasn’t ever been my strongest point, but even I know that 5 bucks a day, every day, comes to $150 a month if a month has 30 days, and $155 a month for those 31-day months. And, well, less than that in February.

So how can that be a good business model?

Well, if you know Dennis Becker, you know. But if you don’t… here goes:

Dennis Becker used it to build himself a thriving business.

For a long time, he tried and tried to make it big in internet marketing, and had nothing much to show for it. He was in the situation that’s all to familiar to many of us. Our friends and family are pleading with us to give up already since we’re spending tons of time and money online and the benefits aren’t exactly obvious to them. Nor are the results in most cases, or haven’t been for a long time, until they finally started trickling in.

Check out what Dennis did…

He was in a huge jam. His wife had lost faith in him. He couldn’t give his son a loan he badly needed, and when he went to cosign for a loan, they were BOTH turned down.

Talk about embarrassing.

Anyway, you see that Dennis was all too familiar with failure and the frustration that comes from trying and trying and trying.

But he didn’t give up. And his luck changed when he came up with the 5 bucks a day model! Why?

Because 5 bucks a day seemed doable. And, of course, it was just the start.

You see, he decided to set up a stream of income that would make him 5 bucks a day – and he would to so EVERY WEEK.

Not every one of those 5 buck streams worked. But some of them brought in more than 5 bucks a day, so it all evened out.

So keeping in mind the averaging effect, after a month, he had set up income streams that were making him 20 bucks a day, and after a year, it was around, well, you do the math.

Actually, I just did the math. Considering that a year has 52 weeks, and if he had set up a new 5 buck a day income stream each week, he’d now average 260 bucks a day. Which brings him to $7,800 a month on average.

Now here’s the clincher. To make 6 figures a year, you need about $8, 334 a month, and that’s $278 a day. Divide that by 5 and you have the number of weeks you need to set up a 5 dollar stream of income:
56 weeks.


So After a year and one month, if you’ve worked the program and set up just one 5 buck income stream, you’re at 6 figures a year. Not too shabby, is it!

But of course, it gets even better. It’s been 5 years since Dennis first wrote the book on how he did it. And he’s learned a ton in the meantime.

So now he basically rewrote the whole book. It still has a few of the original gems in it, but it’s really a whole new book, worth its (virtual) weight in gold and then some.

And how much for this miracle book? Right now, in honor of his 5 bucks principle, Dennis is letting it go for just…

5 bucks!

And how can you get it?


And once you get it, don’t just let it sit on your hard drive. Read it, and take action. July 4th is coming up, independence day, and you have the chance to take your first step towards your own financial independence right now.

If you go for it, I’ll even throw in a bonus:

A quick guide for getting instant cash to your paypal account…

Just send me an email at

ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com

and I’ll send you the report.



Best New Affiliate Program with Instant Commissions!

I just set up my new affiliate program with a NEW provider! And yes, you can earn instant commissions if you help me promote it!

I’ve been investigating a number of affiliate programs and signed up with several, and I think I have found a REAL winner at last!

PaySpree Affiliate Program

PaySpree! I love the way it’s set up, and their support is outstanding too, as is the way they handle fees.

I’ve tried several other programs, and while I like some of the others, there are always some disadvantages….

I’ll keep my products set up there, especially those that get promoted, but as of immediately, PaySpree is going to be my preferred provider 😉

And here’s the coolest part: They pay instant commissions, directly into your PayPal account. Of course that was one of my most important criteria! I love instant commissions, and I bet you do too.

As with RapBank, the instant payments will be paid in an alternating way. The first payment goes to me, the second one to you, and so on.

If the commission is 50%, then it will be paid out like this:

First sale: me
Second sale: you
Third sale: me
Fourth sale: you

If the commission is 75%, then here’s the payout schedule:

First sale: me
Second sale: you
Third sale: you
Fourth sale: you

And if the sale pays 100%, then you get ALL the payments.

Here’s why I like PaySpree over Rapbank:

Rapbank only allows 50% commission. If I wanted to get more flexibility, I would have to get their Rapid Action Profits software and install it on my server. It’s expensive, and I understand that it’s also kind of challenging from a technical perspective. So I don’t have that software and don’t plan on getting it.

And so my products on RapBank pay just 50%.

PaySpree allows me to set the commissions any way I like, and I plan to add a 100% commission product soon.

It also uses a credit system for fees, which is great in part because it allows us to purchase credits in advance at a hugely discounted price.

This makes it much cheaper than almost any other provider.

How does it compare to Clickbank?

With Clickbank, you have to wait for your checks! And when you first get started, you have to wait for, well, it seems like forever, until you get your first check.

That’s because you have to wait until people have paid with five different credit cards. And I there have to be at least two different types too, i.e., Mastercard and Visa. Or something like that. And with most people paying through PayPal, that can take a WHILE.

And once you get your checks, you still have to wait at least two weeks for each of them, and you only get paid when you reach a certain threshold. Plus they take out fees from your earnings AND charge you another $2.50 for each check! Even if you get direct deposit, which I recommend.

So I’m going with PaySpree now, at least when it comes to my main affiliate program. And here’s how you can get involved and earn affiliate commissions just for recommending any products you like:

Affiliate Program Sign-Up

Signing up is a two-step process:

First, you need to sign up for my affiliate program so I can send you my promotional materials and contest information. Look for your welcome email in your inbox.

Next, you also need to sign up for the PaySpree program. You’ll be redirected to THEIR sign-up page immediately after you sign up below (to get back to the current page after you’ve signed up, just hit the back button a couple of times).

Okay, start here:


As I said, once you’ve signed up for my program, you’ll be redirected to the PaySpree sign-up page, and you’ll need to sign up there as well.

And then, you’ll be ready to promote 😉

I am in the process of creating promotional materials for you so you can post them on your website and/or send them to your list and friends.

In the meantime, I’ll also report back on how well this system works, in case you too want to set up your own affiliate program.

Have a fantastic day!