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9 FREE Internet Marketing Success Gifts

Hi there,

How would you like some cool gifts that will help you make more money online or market your business online more effectively?

I have assembled a whole list of them right here, with commentary.

There are insider special reports for you, and some e-courses as well. How many can you grab? All of them, if you like! Just dig in!

1) Get rid of your money blocks:

Do you find that something is holding you back when it comes to making money? You may have money blocks. Don’t feel bad. Almost all of us do to some extend or another, so consider grabbing this special report that tells you about the five biggest ones and what you can do about them:

CLICK HERE to Get Rid of Your Money Blocks!

If you want to take this to the next level and want to get my favorite interview series that combines managing your mindset with proven internet marketing techniques, you can find it here:

eMoney Magic

It’s a series of interviews with experts on upgrading your money mindset and on making money really fast online, and I grilled them on what they knew best. The result was really amazing if I may say so myself.

2) How to get rid of Bad Habits that are holding you back

Do you have bad habits that are sabotaging your success? You’re not alone. Some people struggle with procrastination. Others have trouble making decisions, or maybe it just takes too long… What are yours?

No, you won’t have to tell me, but I would like you to have this powerful e-course on how to eliminate those pesky habits — and FAST:

CLICK HERE for your “Bad Habits” eCourse!

3) Internet Marketing Basics eCourse

Are you just getting started with online marketing and want some info on how to do article marketing and affiliate marketing? I’ll show you in my free e-course. By the way, it combines nicely with the traffic dashboard above.

Each “lesson” is very brief and gives you just one tip or assignment, but if you follow them, you’ll find yourself with a nice solid start. You can also speed things up, and there are tips in there that will help you do that. Get it here:

Your Internet Marketing Step-By-Step Course

4) How to Make Your First Few Bucks Online — The Easy Way!

If you’re new, you may sometimes feel like you’re jinxed. Like it’s just not working. Maybe you need to boost your expectations, and the easiest way to do that is by actually bringing in some money.

That’s why I created a special report on a really easy and low-tech way to make money online, and I’d like to give it to you for free:

CLICK HERE for an Easy Way to Make Money that WORKS

6) Where to Sell your “Old” Stuff?

Are you wondering whether you should sell your stuff on Amazon Marketplace or on eBay? Which of these places will give you more money for less effort. Oh, and where will your stuff sell more quickly?

I have been selling things in both places and want to give you some answers in this special free report:

Amazon Marketplace vs eBay


7) How to Make More Sales with Less Efforts?

So you’re trying to sell stuff, and it’s not working. Why not? It can be maddening. Well, my friend Jason wrote up a cool little report on some EASY tricks that will help you ramp up your sales. You can use this for traditional sales letter and even for product descriptions on eBay.

The method isn’t new. Copywriters constantly talk about Split Testing, but they make it sooooo complicated. You don’t have to if you follow Jason’s suggestions here:

The “Sell More Stuff” Report

8.) How to make money with teleseminars (and webinars)

Now we’re getting into slightly fancier territory, and I wasn’t sure I should include this report here, but then again, this is such a powerful method to increase your income, I couldn’t keep it from you.

It’s teleseminars (and webinars). They’re majorly cool. Sure, they’re also a bit intimidating at first, but that’s GOOD! Why in the world is that good, you may wonder.

Well, here’s why:

If it were easy, EVERYBODY and their little brother would do it, and it wouldn’t be special anymore. But since it takes a bit of effort and especially guts, doing it will give you a HUGE competitive advantage.

It helps you get the word out, opens up more free advertising venues, and it helps you bond with your leads and turn them into clients. And that’s just for starters.

CLICK HERE to Get the Insider Info!

I’d also like you to know that there’s a special deal on a phenomenal yet very reasonably priced resource that helps you out with the toughest bit: How to pitch your product and close the sale while doing teleseminars and webinars.

I love that guide. At the very least, you should read the sales page because it already gives you a ton of info. Of course, there’s lots more where that came from.


9) Get FREE Coaching

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the things you need to do start making money online, why not get some help.

If you take advantage of any or all of the above free gifts, you’re eligible for a FREE “Rapid Action” Coaching Session!

Just send me an email to ElisabethHelp AT Gmail Dot Com and put FREE COACHING in the subject line.

Of course, there are only a limited number of spots available each week and month, and so if you don’t act fast, you may have to wait a while to get your coaching.

I’d love to help you though, so go ahead and grab that chance while you can.

And get your goodies above!

To Your Massive Online Marketing Success!