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Merry Christmas & Web Stuff Gifts & Freebies

Merry Christmas, or, if you prefer, Happy Holidays.

We’re just in the process of getting a White Christmas, right here in Central Virginia, though now it’s getting dark, so it’s not that easy to see anymore.

Still, it’s kind of cool, and a bit of a rarity around here.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and enjoying your eggnog, fruitcake, cranberries, cookies, and whatever else you like to enjoy on Christmas Day.

And to add to your enjoyment, I’d like to give you some gifts!

First, here’s a FREE iinstantly downloadable book with recipes for edible gifts. Just click on the image below:

Next, there’s a whole set of really cool reports from my friends over at Earn1KaDay.com, many of them on some cool marketing or internet business secrets, such as “5 Easy Ways to Instantly Make $500 in a Weekend.”

There are also some more generally useful reports including “Using Affirmations For Positive Change” and “Developing Peak Productivity!”

Also something on time management if I remember correctly.

So go grab them before they start charging for them:

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And here’s a free report written by yours truly:

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And Happy Holidays & a Phenomenal 2011!