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Merry Christmas & Web Stuff Gifts & Freebies

Merry Christmas, or, if you prefer, Happy Holidays.

We’re just in the process of getting a White Christmas, right here in Central Virginia, though now it’s getting dark, so it’s not that easy to see anymore.

Still, it’s kind of cool, and a bit of a rarity around here.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and enjoying your eggnog, fruitcake, cranberries, cookies, and whatever else you like to enjoy on Christmas Day.

And to add to your enjoyment, I’d like to give you some gifts!

First, here’s a FREE iinstantly downloadable book with recipes for edible gifts. Just click on the image below:

Next, there’s a whole set of really cool reports from my friends over at Earn1KaDay.com, many of them on some cool marketing or internet business secrets, such as “5 Easy Ways to Instantly Make $500 in a Weekend.”

There are also some more generally useful reports including “Using Affirmations For Positive Change” and “Developing Peak Productivity!”

Also something on time management if I remember correctly.

So go grab them before they start charging for them:

CLICK HERE For your FREE Reports!

And here’s a free report written by yours truly:

CLICK HERE for Teleseminar Bucks!


And Happy Holidays & a Phenomenal 2011!


Free Stuff! Internet Marketing Freebies

Well, I just did a big post with 10 Freebies over on my self help blog, and thought I’ll create a similar post here, with a focus on my internet marketing free stuff.

There will be a bit of overlap, but I have more internet marketing stuff that I didn’t add to the other site.

And if you want the self help stuff (or personal growth stuff), go on over to my self help blog and get them.

In the meantime, here are quite a few complimentary special reports and e-courses, so please feel free to help yourself to as many as you like:

1) How to eliminate your money blocks:


2) Which bad habits are sabotaging YOUR success?

Procrastination? Having trouble making decisions? Here’s a powerful e-course on how to get rid of bad habits faster and more easily than you ever thought possible:


3) How to make money with teleseminars (and webinars)



Are you thinking about doing teleseminars but feel intimidated? Don’t. It’s not as hard as you think.

Plus the rewards can be phenomenal. Get some great tips in this free report!

When you sign up for it, you’ll also get a link to a phenomenal yet very reasonably priced resource that helps you out with the toughest bit: How to pitch the product and close the sale.

This guide is amazing. The sales page alone will teach you a LOT, so this is really a must-see.

4) Business success guide

A free report on 10 specific things you absolutely MUST do to get your business off the ground.

I don’t think I need to add much to this. Unless you’re a really old hand at running your business, you’re likely to find some useful nuggets in here.


5) Affiliate Marketer? Here’s a FREE Reports for you to use

Grab this FREE special report and use it. It’s designed to help you promote a weight loss information product (and gives some cool info on 7 can do keys to weight loss success). It can be customized so you can promote a weight loss product of your choice (or even supplements).

This report is available here:


If you’re not interested in weight loss but want a report anyway, I also have a free report on making money with Amazon.com (this one cannot be customized but it has some great info inside):


These reports are actually show & tell marketing pieces, designed to show off my own report writing skills 😉

And, guess what! It’s working! I got several new clients just in the last few days, since I started giving them away! Yay!

And… I’ll be happy to help you too with creating similar marketing pieces for you too, along with autoresponder emails, sales pages, and articles that promote your products or services.

Interested? Send me an email to:

ElisabethHelp AT Gmail DOT Com

Note the “s” in ElisabethHelp!

6) Wish you could write faster?

If you need to write a lot and wish you were able to write faster, here’s a free report (written by yours truly) on how to do just that and overcome writer’s block:


And… finally:

7) Are you tired of being broke?

Check out this special report that tells you how you can claim control over your own destiny (in internet marketing):


8.) Easy Split-testing for doubling your sales

Split Testing Genius FREE Report

9) FREE Internet Marketing e-course

This is an ongoing e-course on article marketing and affiliate marketing!


10) The Easiest Way to Make Money


11) Amazon vs eBay?

Amazon Marketplace or eBay? Where to sell your stuff for better results. The answer is a resounding “It depends!”

Claim this FREE report and find out:

Amazon Marketplace vs eBay

12) Blogging Tips

Here are a bunch of blogging tips:

Blogging tips report


Well, here’s one that’s not entirely free, though it’s ridiculously cheap. I’m still working on setting up the matching freebie. If you want that, just come back in a couple of days and it’ll be here.

Meanwhile, check this out:

InstaCash System Charter Member Info

Okay, tha’t it for the moment (except for the P.S.).

So go ahead and help yourself to some or all of these free reports and/or the ecourses. And please, let your friends know about it too 😉



P.S.: Bonus Freebie:

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by getting your business off the ground? How about getting some help?

Sign up for one (or more) of the above freebies and send me a return email to claim one of 10 FREE “Rapid Action” Coaching Sessions!